Do + ldo for developers(full)


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Do + ldo for developers(full)

  1. 1. Community DO & LDO as developer workspaceGIT, sandbox, projects, documentation, patching
  2. 2. DO + LDO Profile = CV + DeveloperERP + Project Management + CRM
  3. 3. DO Profile tabs
  4. 4. LDO dashboard and tabs
  5. 5. LDO attribution1. Install l10n_client and l10n_update for every user site and connect it to L.D.O under own user ID2. Upload own translations into L.D.O translation queue3. Upload user translated strings under Multiple Contributors account4. Check in D.O. Profile an I contributed Drupal translations option.5. Join group at
  6. 6. DO Docs (saving work in user profile(count))Allowed for own site links (english only!)
  7. 7. projects (sandbox or full)
  8. 8. DO GIT Attribution ( console!!! )
  9. 9. GIT push for created projectmkdir example_git_project_creationcd example_git_project_creationgit initecho "name = Example GIT project creation" > example_git_project_creation.infogit add example_git_project_creation.infogit commit -m "Initial commit."git remote add origin push origin masterfrom After initial git push - project become as usual project page with full GIT instructions for pushing and patchingPS. And You can delete sandbox project despite full projectUsefull links
  10. 10. Creating patch for any project1. Clone the project into local directory git clone --recursive --branch master cd dfw2. Make changes in files with any type of editor3. Create .patch file for issue queue git diff > [description]-[issue-number]-[comment-number].patch4. Upload [description]-[issue-number]-[comment-number].patch file into previously created issue atDO for selected project every project there is a short cheat sheet for GIT instructionsFE. project Links ● Advanced patch contributor guide ● Troubleshooting git clone ● Identifying yourself to GIT ● Branching and tagging ● Coder module project
  11. 11. Fixing errors in Drupal code Search it at project issue queue2. Search it at and local Drupal community sites (FE and search engines3. Post an issue into issue queue with #123456 links to relative issues in issue description like "support request"4. Make patch if You can fix it.5. Make patch - You can fix it!6. Connect to other developers from community for help making patch
  12. 12. Andriy Podanenko @podarokQuestions?