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  1. 1. WSPH-HR 5th HR Learning EB: Achieving Goals for 2012 For the 5th time, HR practitioners, entrepreneurs, marketing and operations people met and this time they converged at Claret School of Quezon City . The usual participants were joined by the teaching and non teaching professionals of the host school, for the 5th HR Learning EB, with the theme Achieving Goals for 2012. Special thanks to personal and corporate friends who added value to the learning event: Co- Presentor: Claret School of Quezon City Resource Persons:o Randell Tiongson - RFP and Finance Management Coacho Jef Menquin - Chief Inspirero Pocholo Gonzales - The Voice Master and President of CreatiVoices Advertisers:o GW Cars North EDSAo Concentrix Institute-Manilao Maxicareo Business Sense Group of Companieso Ariva Events Management Token for Speakers:o Richmonde Hotel - Boxes of Pastrieso Focus Media Audio-Visuals Inc.- Executive Planners Donors:o Pinoy Smart Savers Learning Center 25 copies – “Kaya Mo Pinoy! 12 Steps to Build Wealth On Any Income”
  2. 2. o The Premiere Insurance and Surety Corp. 5- Planners; 7- Wall calendars; 2- Desk calendars; Ballpenso Great Wall Cars North EDSA 3- GWC travel Bagso Ariva Events Management GCs; 220- Tout Bags 6- Tumblers 2- umbrellas 2- Travel Bagso ExeQerv Corporation 2- Free Seats Voucher to No Frills Seminar; 2- Discount Vouchers to No Frills Seminaro UnliSolutions Manpower Services & Events- 1- 4g USB; 1- Plannero Prime Evolution 4 Neuro Technology Productso Japok’s Resto 3- Umbrellaso Victoria Court 50- Discount Cardso Imago Creative Channels 10- Gloria Maris WILSON Discount Cards/ ePostero FCF Minerals Corp 5- Company Face Towelso St. Therese of the Child Jesus Institue of Arts and Science 5- School Bags Below are some feedbacks I received from email and social networking sites: Pax 1 The seminar yesterday was very enlightening and full of informative ideas which I personally believed contributed a lot to participants.Thank you very much for organizing the said activity. Topic covers not only HR related issues but focused more on self evaluation and rethinking which I think will be an additional tool no matter what items or coverage it may on actual dealings especially HR practitioner…. I humbly request therefore some of the materials used which would help us (specially on the topic you discussed) to recall salient points for planning and later evaluation of the actions we applied…. Pax 2 Thank you for yesterday. Going back to basic is why I’m taking advantage of the free EB Learnings….It’s my loss that I missed the other EB learning opportunities. Pax 3 Congrats Sir Sonnie for the wonderful learning EB today! Pax 4 Congrats to the organizers and speakers! Pax 5 Worth attending/Value-adding… Thanks to WSPH, Officers, Staff and great Speakers Pax 6
  3. 3. Another successful event! Those who were able to attend agree that it was worth every minute of theirtime. To all the people behind this event, we thank you for another extraordinary seminar.Pax 7Thank you for the wonderful experience last Saturday. I agree that it was worth every minute of our time.Kudos to the organizers and the people who always share their time to make each EB Learning Session awonderful experience. Looking forward to…Pax 8It was fun learning experience.. Yeah it’s free…and thank you for the free motivational ideas in thislearning session. This was one of the events worth attending in 2012. regards to the speakers! continueinspiring people…As the new year starts, the objective of the first EB for 2012 is to aid hr and non hr practitioners on their[strategic] plans in relation to the 2012 business outlook, branding, execution and motivation.Randell Tiongson started the session by sharing business outlook for 2012.With the info he provided, HR should be able to align it’s plan according to the financial prospects of theindustries they are connected with. For example, some companies may face higher turn over rate becausetheir employees are enticed to look for greener pasture elsewhere. They should be able to create an “allin” plan that will keep good employees on their fold thru economic and non economic engagements, and agood succession plan in case resignation is unavoidable.Pocholo Gonzales ran out of time on his topic on his specialization on branding. But his achievementsis the best illustration of what branding can do.At a glance, it seems “branding” has nothing to do with a strategic plan. But it is important, let me sharewith you why.WSPH framework about Branding is [1] Communicating to the intended market what you or yourgroup wants to be recognized and known for, and [2] Making your self and your group accessible tothe target market, and positioning yourself or your group on strategic channels.Illustration: I heard one person said I “I don’t believe on [personal] branding” But the funny thing is,that person set-up a blog to showcase what she does, what she claims to be her expertise, where she has
  4. 4. been and groups that she has worked with [this is the 1st dimension of branding]. Likewise, the personused different social media channels to make her presence felt [the 2nd dimension of branding].So how does branding works for HR? Perception matters. Accessibility matters. By default, HR is thefavorite whipping boy of other departments for their non performance. They blame HR for lack of people[but in some cases, the bosses are the reason for the resignation], they can make HR look bad in aspects ofemployee discipline, salary administration and compensation. HR stands to lose in the public perceptionbattle if 1] it fails to communicate what they are doing and the scope of their role [1st dimension ofbranding] 2] If they are not accessible [2nd dimension] Branding therefore, needs to be included, in anHR plan.Jef Menquin , shared, on the other hand, his personal experience on how he achieved his present stature.According to him, passion and action is key to achieving work related and personal goals.Finally, I closed the session with my talk on Purpose Driven Goals and Self Motivation .External motivators works ”if we are trying to achieve somebody else’s goal” . We can be motivated bythe incentives dangled to us or by the fact that our survival depends on it . Now the question is, what ifwe or the people working with or under us don’t care anymore?Every strategic plan SHOULD be based from V-M-V [Values-Mission-Vision]. This is the purposeof existence of an organization and a person. A person’s V-M-V should not be based on what otherpeople or your school or your family said you should have. It should be heaven inspired and not human.As it is written, “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harmyou, to give you hope and a future” [Jeremiah 29:11].If a person figures out his purpose, this will not only be a steady source of self motivation, but selfconfidence and secured self image too . Circumstances, challenges and people cannot suck the life out ofthe passion and energy from people who are living their purpose.Every organization, I believe, has a V-M-V. because every business is a passion of the owner. HR justneed to extract this from the owner to articulate and communicate company V-M-Vs. If the culture andthe practice is not consistent with what is written, there needs to have a values-mission-vision alignmentworkshop. Values is the foundation- this defines the rule, and makes the character of the person or theorganization. You do not change the rule just to achieve your goals, but you respond to challenges based
  5. 5. on your values. The mission is where a company get it’s CSR programs. And the Vision is the basis ofthe goals where a strategic plan is applied.Per your request to get a copy of the video I shared about “choosing the right lion”, you can watch itbelow, share or embed.Source: