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The voice master voices for gma news tv


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The voice master voices for gma news tv

  1. 1. The VoiceMaster voices for GMA News TV’s ‘Reel Time’ againDECEMBER 19, 2011The VoiceMaster, once again, voiced for GMA News TV’s ‘Reel Time’ for their documentaryentitled “Siksik Liglig” which was aired last Sunday, December 18.The documentary talks about the increase of population in the urban areas due to factors suchas migration and rampant birth rate among families in which parents do not practice familyplanning.So far, this is the second time that the VoiceMaster was asked to do the voice for the said show.In fact, just July this year, the VoiceMaster also did the voice for the documentary which talkedabout the elderlies that are left in home for the aged.