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The VoiceMaster strikes at pup san pedro


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The VoiceMaster strikes at pup san pedro

  1. 1. The VoiceMaster strikes at PUP San PedroMARCH 6, 2012Despite the distance and long travel, The VoiceMaster made it in front of more than 500 students ofthe Polytechnic University of the Philippines San Pedro Campus (PUPSP), March 5.The students, who were mostly from the Junior Executive Management and Marketing Association(JEMMA), were able to witness how the VoiceMaster owned the stage as he delivered his talk aboutpersonal branding.The said talk was a part of PUPSP JEMMA’s seminar entitled “PUPSP JEMMA Goes BeyondBoarders” and was very suitable for its power not just to break the common misconception thatbranding is not just about business but is also a very effective means of improving the self throughhaving a personal brand, something that could be very essential in putting up any career.No surprise, the students were not just inspired and informed through the talk but were also able tohave fun.