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Get to Know the Voicemaster Pocholo Gonzales


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Get to Know the Voicemaster Pocholo Gonzales

  1. 1. May 17, 2011 CREATIVOICES PRODUCTIONS Get to Know the VoiceMaster, Pocholo Gonzales PROFESSIONAL CAREER ocholo THE VOICEMASTER Gonzales is a ve-P teran in the art of Filipino voice acting. He is the voice behind a thousand characters inanime, hundreds of local commercials in radio and Motivated to live his dream, Gonzales started his career at the age of 16 after winning a voice actingtelevision, and various children’s programs, films, competition in DZMM’s drama and singing contestforeign telenovelas, drama, and other TV shows. Radyo, Radyo where he later became its anchor (to- gether with Joey Galvez and May Valle), scriptwriter,As a voice director of HERO TV, a voice artist and and co-director. Eventually, he worked for ABS-CBNcoach, an event organizer of voice acting workshops Broadcasting Corporation as a dubber and translatorand seminars, the Father of Philippine Podcasting, for various cartoons and telenovelas.a voice talent producer and a talent agency (Crea-tivoices Productions) owner, Gonzales was able to At the same time, he was a first year student takingestablish a standout career. He is currently a board up BA Speech Communication in UP Diliman.member of Advertising Suppliers Association of thePhilippines and Animation Council of the Philip- On May 1998, Gonzales was chosen by the legen-pines, Inc. and an active member of the Philippine dary Rene O. Villanueva, creative director of Philip-Marketing Association. pine Children’s Television Foundation Inc., to be a voice-over talent for various voice-over characters,Aside from his professional career, he is a passionate puppets and mascots for the programs Batang Ba-advocate of the youth and is one of the founders of an tibot, Batibot and Koko Kwik Kwik. He was also theorganization, Tinig Kabataan or Voice of the Youth. voice director for the special programs of UNICEF.
  2. 2. In 2001, while harnessing his talent to become one He was one of the exhibitors at the Hongkong Inter-of the best and most experienced in the field of voice national Film and TV Market (FILMART) in 2006. Heacting, he managed to take his M.A. for Broadcast also imparted insights on different events such asCommunication in the University of the Philippines Art of Voice Acting, Putting Your Business Online,Diliman. In that year, he entered Manila Broadcas- et cetera.ting Company as a radio drama talent for dramaprograms such as Text Love, Kandila, Mr. Romantiko, He was hired by the Creative Programs Inc. as aMay Pangako ang Bukas and Radio Balintataw, and voice dubbing director for Cinema One and HEROSey Mo, Sey Ko. TV in 2006. He wrote and translated anime shows like “8 Man After”, “Demon Lord Dante”, “Offside”,Gonzales even became part of the dubbing team of “Bokura Ga Ita”, “Shura No Toki”, “Ursula’s Kiss”,the highly-rated Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden “Negima 2, “Negima Movies”, “Black Jack”, “Thein 2003 where he dubbed Shan Cai’s father. Grudge”, “My Brother’s Wife”, “Nishi no Yoki Majo” and “Black Jack”.He also won the Best Voice Actor title at the Ad-Congress 2003 in Baguio City through the radio Gonzales has dubbed voices for thousands of hourscommercial “Wikang Bansa” where he imitated of animation including Gundam Seed Destiny, Wed-the voice of Mike Enriquez. ding Peach, Soul Hunter, Negima, Cromartie High, Super Doll Licca, MegaMan, The Twins at St. Clare’s,In 2004, at DZME 1530 Khz, he became the host of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Digimon, Jumanji,Voice of the Youth, the only youth oriented radio pro- Detec- tive Conan, Wing Commander, and Cyborggram which aired for more than four years which Kuro- Chan, among others. He has also dubbedlater on, would turn into a big organization. Fur- voices for Latin and Taiwanese soap operasthermore, he founded and became the managing translated into Tagalog, such as Meteor Gardendirector of the Univoicesal Productions, the only and Chabelita.voice talent institute and voice talent agency. He has also voiced hundreds of local commercialsIn the same year, he became the judge in the Cartoon for varied and high-profile clients like PLDT, GlobeNetwork Awards of Excellence. Telecom, Smart Telecom, Level Up, Pepsi, National Bookstore, Coffeemate, Wendy’s, Insular Life,Gonzales believed that voice acting is an art that Oral B, Petron, RCBC Savings, Wow Magic Sing,needs to be heard, to be recognized and to be further Coca-Co- la, Colt 45, Western Union Moneydeveloped. This led to the establishment of his own Transfer, Milo, Xenical, Purefoods, Mr. Clean,voice talent agency in 2005. Furthermore, he was McDonalds, Head & Shoulders, Bibo Hotdog, Touchinvited as a guest speaker on seminars about voice, Mobile, and Rebisco Crackers, among others.dubbing, career talks, and the like. He has done work for various TV and radio stations,His excellence was further recognized when he both major and minor, as a reporter, broadcaster,was nominated in the Ten Outstanding Young Men host, voice over, radio drama talent and voice direc-(TOYM), a widely recognized award giving body for tor. His programs included Lakas Kabataan, Voice ofyoung men and women. He also became a board the Youth Radio, Awit-Tawanan, Radyo Radyo, Seymember of Animation Council of the Philippines, Mo, Sey Ko (with Tiya Dely Magpayo and Eloisa CruzInc. during this year. Canlas), Text Love, Mr. Romantico, Ito ang Palad Ko, Hagupit ng Pagkakataon, Batibot, Batang Batibot,
  3. 3. Koko Kwik Kwak, Tatak Pinoy and Sineskwela. He who helped develop the dubbing industry of thewas mentored by no other than Bernard Factor Ca- Philippines.naberal and Salvador M. Royales during his stay inManila Broadcasting Company DZRH. In 2009, he became the speaker in the Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology held atHe worked as a freelance voice talent for local audio UP Diliman. Gonzales was acknowledged by theproduction houses such as Hit Productions, Sound President of the Republic of the Philippines, Pre-Design Productions, Liquid Post, Digitrax, Ignite sident Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Joey ConcepcionMedia, Ad Farm, Noisy Neighbors, Audio Media, of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship andRoadRunner Audio Post, Cutting Edge Productions, GO NEGOSYO, Hon. Enrique Garcia Jr., governor ofSoundWeavers and 101 Beat. the province of Bataan, Congressman Abet Garcia of Bataan and Mayor Joey Garcia of Balanga CityGonzales’ career was not only wedged in voice ac- when he was awarded as one of the Most Inspiringting. He became a member of the Philippine Marke- Bataenio MicroEntrepreneur. He was recognizedting Association, Business Processing Association of for establishing CreatiVoices Productions as a ve-the Philippines (BPAP) and a board member of the nue that provides inspiration and opportunities toPhilippine Association for Volunteer Effort in 2007. other voice talents and cultivates the voice actingDuring this year, he was given the title “Father of the industry in the country. This business was the re-Philippine Podcast” for his involvement in ELEK- sult of his commitment to his profession and hisSYON 2007 PODCAST where he podcasted all the voice-acting craft.senatoriables. Among his podcast works are DigitalFilipino Podcast, Titik Pilipino Podcast, Hackenslash Moreover, he co-organized the Metro Comic Con. Hethe Podcast, E Telecare Podcast, Ang Gara ng Buhay was also the youngest board member of AdvertisingPodcast, Tek Tok Podcast and many others. Suppliers Association of the Philippines in 2009.Furthermore, in this year, he organized the onlyChristmas Party of Voice Talents entitled Pasko ngmga Pinoy Super Hero. In January of 2010, Gonzales, together with the bloggers from, interviewed the no-He produced the Voice of the Youth TV in 2008. He minees for Presidents for the 2010 Philippine Na-also joined the Advertising Board of the Philippines tional Election. He partnered with the Inquirer.netand became a member of the research committee. to podcast and videocast the interviews with the Presidentiables, Vice Presidentiables and Senato-In the same year, he dubbed the characters of Toti riables in March 2010.and Hal An for his first digital full length animationmovie entitled Dayo The Movie. He was the only The premiere of his independent animation film wasprofessional voice artist among other TV persona- shown at Cinema 1 of SM Megamall on December 1,lities who did voice-overs for Dayo. 2010. He directed and supervised the voice acting of this animation and did the voice-overs for LoloBy organizing the SYVAP Award, an award-giving Apang and Nuno 1.body by the Society of Young Voice Artists of thePhilippines, Gonzales aspired to recognize people
  4. 4. YOUTH ADVOCACY nationwide that aspires in the expansion of a le- gislative-executive agenda for youth development. Gonzales became a delegate for the Medium-Term Youth Development Plan the following year and be- came a member of the National Youth Commission (NYC). He also became the coordinator of NYC for the province of Bataan. His yearning for youth development was evi- dent. Gonzales joined the 27th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program in 2000. In 2001, he was chosen by other youth leaders to represent his region for the 1st National Youth Summit or Pambansang Ugong Ng Kabataan (PUNK), a project of the National Youth Commission and Department of Social Welfare and Development. The topics and problems discussed were then documented and presented to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.Early in his career, Gonzales helped in foundingVoice of the Youth (VOTY). This radio program ai- Gonzales spread his advocacies for the youthred for two hours each Sunday for more than four through talks and seminars. In fact, he became ayears. Voice of the Youth opened opportunities for speaker in the ASEAN Student Leaders’ Summityoung people to voice their ideas and opinions on 2002: Strengthening Youth Leadership for Commu-an array of issues affecting their lives. VOTY turned nity Development. Likewise, he was one of the spea-into an organization after some time and even ex- kers and organizers of the 3rd International Youthpanded into a collaboration of youth organizations Conference held in the Philippine Normal Univeristyin nearly all provinces of the country, guided by its sponsored by the UNESCO ASPnet, UNAP, and of providing networks, tools, resources, andrecognition of the youth as harbingers of upbeat In addition, Gonzales helped in organizing the Phi-changes in their communities. lippine Celebration of Global Youth Service Day in Balara, Quezon City on April 11-15, 2003. He wasGonzales saw a great promise in the utilization of also the main reactor and discussant for the Fifthcommunication technology to strengthen youth National Social Science Congress (NSSC V) held onparticipation, networking, collaboration and lea- May 15–17. Moreover, he became one of the topdership. Moreover, he believed that media (which participants for the Young Leaders Program ofincludes the radio, TV, newspapers, mobile phones the National Defense College of the Philippinesand the Internet ) is a powerful tool in inspiring, Institute for Extramural and Continuing Studies.informing, involving and empowering the youth. He was an awardee and the youngest delegate du- ring the 8th Open Conference on Cooperation for theIn 1998, Gonzales became an active youth coordi- Responsible Citizenship and Corporate Governancenator and the youngest participant in the 2nd Natio- as well. On June 12, 2003, he received the Youthnal Parliament (NYP), an organization composed Action Net Award sponsored by the Internationalof young representatives from different groupings Youth Foundation.
  5. 5. He became one of the speakers and facilitators du- ring the 3rd International Youth Conference held at the PhilippineNormal University and Malacanang Palace. This conference was led by the United Nations Association of the Philippines(UNAP), the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization-Associated Schools Project (UNESCOASPNet), and Philippine Normal University (PNU).Gonzales also took part on events outside the country concerning youth development. In 2004, he was a participant in theWorld Youth Peace Summit in Bangkok, International Conference on Youth Empowerment in Hong Kong, and in the 2ndInternational Youth Parliament held in Sydney, Australia.His advocacy for the youth was even recognized abroad where he won the Youth in Action Award from the Global YouthAction Network in New York. In the same year, he was asked by the Office of the President to work with the Youth AffairsOffice under Marc Catrodes. After the 2004 election, he be- came part of the Commission on Higher Education.In 2005, he was one of the trainers in the 1st Sangguaniang Kabataan City Congress in Boracay, Aklan. Moreover, heorganized and became one of the speakers in the Youth Power 2005 Conference and Expo. Gonzales also established theSociety of Young Voice Artists of the Philippines, an organization that aims to promote the art of voice acting. During thisyear, he was appointed as one of the ten representatives of the Philippines for the Young Global Citizens of the BritishCouncil held in Jakarta, Indonesia.Moreover, he was the speaker in the Youth Leadership Congress and Teambuilding in Cagayan in2009. In October 10, 2010, he became the representative of the country to the ASEAN Young Leaders Training Program inBeijing and Nanning, China under the Guangxi International Youth Exchange Institute together with All-China YouthFederation.For more stories about the Voicemaster, visit