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  • SoLoMo emerged as a result of the growing popularity of smartphones, and provides greater local precision to search engine results compared to what’s available via a PC.The widespread consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets has left this setup obsolete.References
  • To stay relevant, businesses need to get social, think local, and spend on mobile.Businesses must make it a priority to make use of this new platform to maximize its marketing potential and generate more revenue for the company, through engaging its target market through a relatively untapped means with significant potential.References
  • It arose as a result of smartphones and tablets that integrate geo-location technology, with apps that have tools to determine where users are.Consumers are empowered as never before. Businesses must contend with ever-increasing expectations and demands of sophisticated mobile users who want what they want when and where they want it.References
  • Montilla K32 - So-Lo-Mo

    1. 1. Mobilizing MARKETING
    2. 2. What is SoLoMo?  SoLoMo is an abbreviation for social-local-mobile, which is a growingly mobile-centric version of the addition of local entries to search engine results  Prior to SoLoMo, companies’ social, local, and mobile marketing efforts were not as integrated. They were generally composed of: - social media marketing campaigns - geo-centric marketing initiatives - mobile marketing, primarily comprised of SMS messaging
    3. 3. SoLoMo from a Business’ Perspective  SoLoMo represents an opportunity for businesses to target potential prospects and consumers wherever and whenever, with contextually-relevant content or information that is designed to be shared on social media  Social media is the platform utilized by businesses to promote their message, and engage with its target audience or target market  Local refers to the area of concentration or relevant proximity of the business, which can be either physical proximity or online proximity  Mobile is the medium of connection between the business and its prospects and customers
    4. 4. SoLoMo from a Consumer’s Perspective  SoLoMo is an acronym that applies to the integration of one’s social media platforms and physical location with one’s mobile device  The advanced functionality of smartphones and tablets provides on-the-go consumers with numerous options and capabilities  Mobile users now expect businesses to provide contextually relevant online resources that inform, entertain, and resolve.  SoLoMo has shifted the power to the consumers, and consumers are becoming more and more aware of it
    5. 5. Effects on E-Commerce  SoLoMo, through the advancement of technology, gives local businesses the tools and products to allow them to connect with their customers in ways that they previously couldn’t in the past  It makes E-Commerce more accessible and significantly more convenient – for both businesses and consumers  Businesses can now instantly deliver content to their customers, through their mobile devices, that is more locally-relevant, based on their customers’ current location
    6. 6. Effects on E-Commerce  SoLoMo makes social media marketing campaigns of businesses more dynamic and interactive  E-Commerce now has access to a previously untapped market in local search  Will lead to more effective marketing campaigns  Businesses will have a better idea on how to market their products online, what specific kinds of products to market online, and who to market to online  Delivery of information in E-Commerce also becomes faster and more efficient
    7. 7. SoLoMo in the next 2 years • The use of SoLoMo will continue to expand exponentially within the next 2 years and beyond • More and more companies will see the advantages of SoLoMo and adopt this platform • SoLoMo will be applicable on more devices and in more locations
    8. 8. SoLoMo in the next 2 years • SoLoMo will be a basic practice in all businesses, with some businesses will create departments or divisions that are dedicated specifically to the company’s SoLoMo operations • SoLoMo will continue to develop, and will eventually offer more advanced features (group geo-tagging, demographic profiling, etc.)