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Instructions for Self-Check Stations


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Instructions for using the Self-Check Stations to Check out your Library Materials

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Instructions for Self-Check Stations

  1. 1. 1.<br />Set items aside from pad.<br />2.<br />Scan barcode of library card vertically, directly under red light.<br />3.<br />Set items on pad.<br />Items will appear on screen.<br />*Make sure number of items onscreen is correct.<br />
  2. 2. 4.<br />Press logout to finish and receive receipt.<br />Press to view and pay fines <br />with debit/credit card. <br />Press to view status of requested items.<br />Press here to view items previously <br />checked out & still on your card. <br />If your items contain a slip saying “please scan manually” or <br />if one of your items will not read <br />scan barcode under the red light.<br />If you have any other questions please feel free to ask a staff member. Thank you.<br />