Disruptive digital map technology


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A conference talk on how technologies such as Waze and Foursquare have the potential to disrupt current operations in the freight industry

Disruptive digital map technology

  1. 1. Disruptive digital map technology Implications for freight transport? Per  Olof  Arnäs Chalmers per-­‐olof.arnas@chalmers.se about.me/perolofarnas @Dr_POCC-BY Per Olof Arnäs
  2. 2. CC-BY Per Olof Arnäs
  3. 3. CC-BY Per Olof Arnäs
  4. 4. http://hbr.org/2011/12/when-rivals-merge-think-before-you-follow-suit/ar/1CC-BY Per Olof Arnäs
  5. 5. http://hbr.org/2011/12/when-rivals-merge-think-before-you-follow-suit/ar/1CC-BY Per Olof Arnäs
  6. 6. [Teleatlas, Navteq, Tomtom and Garmin ] are facing new challenges from smart phones and free maps, some of which are being created by drivers themselves. MIT Technology ReviewCC-BY Per Olof Arnäs http://www.technologyreview.com/news/426716/the-online-map-wars/
  7. 7. [...] data could be used to help stores determine where their customers are really coming from so they know where to advertise, or to make predictions about how changes MIT Technology ReviewCC-BY Per Olof Arnäs http://www.technologyreview.com/news/427650/using-foursquare-data-to-redefine-a-neighborhood/
  8. 8. Waze is based on the fact that everybody running the appautomagically delivers data. No central ”traffic control”!Per Olof Arnäs, per-olof.arnas@chalmers.se
  9. 9. Man rced com y-to-m Cro wdsou ap af fic- and m mu nic any tr atio data n Exa mp sha le of for s ring dat ee er Fr um wo tha a rks t co nsPer Olof Arnäs, per-olof.arnas@chalmers.se
  10. 10. CC-BY Per Olof Arnäs
  11. 11. Data layers that could be applied in freight Mat acity radar chm Cap akin g ETA ne ck pro - tle s jec tio ot tu B ta ns sPer Olof Arnäs, per-olof.arnas@chalmers.se
  12. 12. Questions Is the transport industry ready to start being ”social”? Is the digital map industry ready to meet these new, much tougher, demands? sensitive noise / obvious 2 byCC-BY Per Olof ArnäsCC-BY Per Olof Arnäs Milos Milosevic on Flickr.com