Review Zimbra 8.0 Opensource Edition


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It's just a white paper which is discussed very clearly during the workshop yesterday :)

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Review Zimbra 8.0 Opensource Edition

  1. 1. Review Zimbra 8.0 Opensource EditionWorkshop “Zimbra Mail Server Multi Server & Review Zimbra 8″ November 3th, 2012 – Komunitas Zimbra Indonesia
  2. 2. Quote from Zimbra Blog● Zimbra 8.0, the newest version of the messaging and collaboration suite built for the Post-PC era. Zimbra 8.0 includes simplified communications – via our partnerships with Cisco and Mitel – improved cloud manageability and an easier to use personal cloud of email, address book and calendar.● Zimbra 8.0 also introduces a new administration experience to make managing your deployment easier than ever before. The browser-based admin panel gives email administrators simple yet powerful access to their systems just like any other cloud app
  3. 3. Whats new?● Streamlined User Interface. – User interface yang didesain secara baru yang lebih sederhana bertujuan untuk mempermudah user dalam menggunakannya.● Conversation View – Secara default menampilkan coversation view sehingga mempermudah dalam melihat history percakapan dalam sebuah thread. – Terdapat fitur expand (+) untuk menampilkan semua pesan dalam sebuah thread.
  4. 4. Whats new● Dedicated Search Tab – Dengan fitur ini, kita dapat mencari email, address book, calendar, shared document dll dalam sebuah search tab.● Wizard external calendar – User dapat menambahkan external calendar seperti Google dan Yahoo secara mudah.
  5. 5. Whats new● Redesign administration console – Tampilan baru dengan menu “Home” yang mempunyai link ke semua menu dan dapat kembali ke home dengan mudah. – Dengan streamlined user interface-nya, administration console menjadi lebih sederhana.
  6. 6. Whats new● Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) – DKIM merupakan metode otentikasi pada level domain untuk memverifikasi identitas domain yang berhubungan dengan pesan melalui kriptografi. – Terintegrasi didalam Zimbra 8.0 dan semua domain didalamnya dapat menggunakan DKIM. – Signing pada email yang dikirimkan mampu mengurangi resiko email dianggap spam oleh penerima.
  7. 7. Operating Supported for Opensource Editions Zimbra 8.0 opensource edition hanya tersedia untuk arsitektur x86_64bit, dengan operating system dibawah ini:● Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6● SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11● Ubuntu 10.04 LTS● Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  8. 8. Knowing Issue● 75254: Multinode configuration with self-signed certificates will not function in a rolling upgrade. Commercial certificates are required in order to do rolling upgrades.● 75280 When using the new quick reply feature to reply to a message, the original message is not added as an attachment, even if the user’s preferences are set to include the original message. This is the correct behavior.● 74941 Wontfix. Sender missing in mime content (REST) for on-behalf-of messages when ZCS 7.2 user sends message on behalf of ZCS 8.0 user● 75386 Won’t Fix. LinkedIn and TwitterSearch Zimlets do not work for ZCS 8.0.
  9. 9. Knowing Issue● 75459 Make cross version sharing does not work. Users on ZCS 7.x cannot access shares on ZCS 8.0.● 75474 Make sure all users sending mail on behalf of (OBO) are on ZCS 8.0.● 75527 Make sure all Briefcase users that are sharing with each other are on the same version of ZCS.● 75553 Rolling Upgrade : Cross mailbox search returns ServiceException: unknown document: GetXMbxSearchesListRequest.● 50272 Harmless errors are reported by the zmdbintegrityreport.● 76803 Proxy does not honor zimbraReverseProxyMailMode. You must manually restart the server with zmcontrol restart.
  10. 10. Knowing Issue● 75523 Rolling Upgrade: Contact Group members not displayed when 7.x user shares AB with 8.x user● 77112 SLES 11 OS only. The upgrade to ZCS 8.0 will fail unless the following steps are taken before upgrading ZCS. To /etc/profile add the following: ulimit -v unlimited ulimit -m unlimited● 77310 Deleting and then recreating the GAL sync account can lead to inconsistent data for all clients. Those clients must resync the GAL.
  11. 11. Questions and Answers ?
  12. 12. Additional info● IIX mirror for Zimbra opensource binary packages: – –
  13. 13. Demo● For web client –● For administration console –
  14. 14. Thank you ./nobody