www.CapitalEDC.comBecause some answers aren’t found on Google or YahooI have no idea what impact they are making or if    ...
www.blueplanet.ca     You know what they say about Patrick Nelson Marshall                    “ Patrick gets it. Why do th...
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Capital EDC Economic Development Company Profile 2011


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This is the company profile for Patrick N Marshall, consulting Economic Developer.

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Capital EDC Economic Development Company Profile 2011

  1. 1. www.CapitalEDC.comBecause some answers aren’t found on Google or YahooI have no idea what impact they are making or if I Can’t afford another full time person.the investment is making sense. Retain Patrick Marshall on a monthly basis to complete specificSet up your operation so that your sales and marketing efforts assignments that are part of your strategy or to consult beforeare measurable and you are seen by your stakeholders as more you spend money or hit send. Business and Rural areas needthan accountable and also responsible. support too.Know when you have met your mark and it’s time to re-arm, Ask for Capital EDC’s Economic Developer White Paper.reposition and deploy. Ask for Capital EDC’s Sales Metrics White Paper. I Don’t think their economic development organization is doing the job we assigned them.We keep getting ranked at the bottom by those Patrick Marshall is the only economic developer willing to sharemagazines and I want to know what to do about his experience having been through a “Value for Money Audit”. Bring him into your organization to conduct an audit designed toit? assist you in filling the gaps without the fear of costing you yourPatrick Marshall has developed a “Value Management System” job.that provides your Place with an accurate measure of yoursuccess in achieving Values that your community has Ask for Capital EDC’s Economic Development Audit Whitedetermined. It’s the greatest response to these ranking that Paper.compare apples to oranges and rate you on you rainfall. Ask for Capital EDC’s BLUEPLANET Certification White I see the number of businesses in theirPaper. community is dropping and I don’t know where to start.I have been asked to help their business Patrick Marshall recommends that you start by interviewing yourcommunity expand its reach and I want to know business owners to find out what they need to grow.where to start? Ask for Capital EDC’s Synchronist White Paper.Defining new clusters of business, cross industry collaborationand export readiness are three areas that fit well together.Patrick Marshall has the experience to get you there and back, I know they need a brochure and want to hirechanging suspects, to prospects. locally. Ask for Capital EDC’s Business Expansion White Paper. You can hire a designer, but how will they know what the message must be and if it will get the results you want? Patrick Marshall has more than 25 national awards from his peers forI have too many community profiles on the net his efforts to help people understand the value and benefits ofto maintain and need to drive traffic to my site? community.There’s a new web platform that Capital EDC has helped Maybe it’s not a brochure, but start with Patrick’s assessmentdesign just for you. It brings multiple real estate listings together before you order digital, social, or print media.with a profile that you control. Ask for Capital EDC’s Marketing White Paper. Ask for Capital EDC’s Geohome White Paper. CALL PATRICK NOW AT +1 250 507-4500 Patrick Nelson Marshall BES SURP UWaterloo October 2010 Founder & Economic Developer Capital EDC Economic Development Company 4341 Shelbourne Street Canada’s Remembrance Road Victoria, British Columbia CANADA V8N3G4 mobile: www.PatrickMarshall.tel cellphone: +1 250 507-4500 email to: patrick.marshall@capitaledc.com
  2. 2. www.blueplanet.ca You know what they say about Patrick Nelson Marshall “ Patrick gets it. Why do the work without “ Patrick is extremely dedicated and taking the payout? passionate … Short-term gains (i.e. business retention program) are … in his role as Chair of Small Business BC. He goes great, but Patrick looks for the bigger picture and the above and beyond, is a consummate professional and true long-term potential. He asks the tough questions and gentleman. He is a keen supporter of those around him and isn’t afraid of taking a position or doing the work needed is always looking out for the needs of others. With histo change outcomes. As a result, he will always be ahead of his peers.” exceptional business and leadership experience and track— Eric Canada, Chief Strategist, Blane, Canada Ltd. record as a facilitator and problem-solver, any business orWheaton Illinois USA organization would be fortunate to have him as its leader.”ecanada@blanecanada.com — Cybele Negris, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Small Business BC, Co- Founder Webnames.ca Vancouver British Columbia CANADA cybele@webnames.ca “ Patrick is taking economic development to “ Patrick is a well organized, thoughtful and where the people are. respectful person… When he writes his book, I wanna write the forward.” … who is highly skilled at coordination of complex and time sensitive activities. His work as the Head of our mayors - Don Baxter, President and CEO Mohawk College delegation to Norway was superlative. His attention to the Enterprise Corporation, Hamilton Ontario tiniest of details combined with his ability to match needs former Commissioner of Economic Development and priorities up with the very best fit made this mission one to remember. I Metropolitan Toronto Ontario CANADA would not hesitate to recommend Patrick for this and many other tasks in the future.”dbaxter@mohawkcollegeenterprise.ca — MaryEllen Walling, CEO BC Salmon Farmer’s Association mwalling@telus.net “Patrick has certainly proven to be a superb “ Patrick has a great deal of knowledge in the leader, mentor and coach! area of economic development at strategic and I have had the privilege to serve with Patrick as his tactical levels. Vice Chair on the board of Small Business BC and He has applied this knowledge successfully in various have seen firsthand his passion, drive & commitment in endeavors and does a good job of setting objectives and genuinely making a difference to enhance and grow producing results. Patrick also excels at public Small Business in BC and beyond. I have personally presentations, building results oriented collaborative alliances and forming benefited from his leadership and look forward to meaningful networks. All in all a seasoned professional that delivers.” continue working with Patrick at every opportunity.” — Shelley McDade, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Community Credit Union,— Aly Karmali, former Vice Chair & Director, Small Business British Chair, Board of Directors, Campbell River Economic Development CorporationColumbia, Regional Manager RBC Vancouver British Columbia CANADA | Rivercorpaly.karmali@rbc.com smcdade@sunshineccu.net “ Patrick demonstrated the resourcefulness, “ Patrick is a committed individual who has a creativity and hard work. keen knack for identifying opportunities where others fail to. I would highly recommend Patrick for demanding projects like this, which involve leadership and He also has a very strong ability to bring disparate interests coordination of several different organizations who’s and individuals together for common purpose. And on top interests are not always aligned. Not only did the of all that, he is always a positive individual and a pleasureparticipating companies come to an agreement, they also came away with to work with.”very good business results.” – Byng Giraud, Senior Director, Policy & Communications, Association for— David Fissel, CEO ASL Environmental Sciences Ltd. Mineral Exploration British Columbia worked directly with Patrick at OCEANSidney British Columbia CANADA Industries BCdfissel@aslenv.com byng@imperialmetals.com www.CapitalEDC.com