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This will give you a brief idea of my research work and my work experience and the projects I have worked on. With a keen eye on the details of each.

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Work Experience

  1. 1. Synopsis of my work experience<br />Prajwal Nimmagadda<br />Graduate Research Assistant<br />Dept of Mechanical Engg<br />University of North Carolina at Charlotte<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />About me<br />My individual projects since 2003<br />Undergrad intern project<br />Undergrad final year project<br />Work at Industry, in India<br />Research Work at UNC Charlotte,NC USA<br />August 2006<br />
  3. 3. Who am I ?<br />Master’s Research Student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte<br />Majoring in Mechanical Engineering (GPA:3.43)<br />Design and Analysis<br />Worked on Pro-E and ANSYS also on MSC Nastran from August 2004<br />Theoretical and working knowledge of Finite Element Methods/Analysis<br />Current Research<br />Haptic Feedback control: Haptic feedback system to reduce the probability of rollover in a heavy truck through induced steering wheel vibrations<br />
  4. 4. Undergraduate intern project<br />Developed a repositioning mechanism for a toppled hexapod (a six legged robot)<br />Involved use of rack and pinion mechanism on either <br /> ends to do the repositioning<br />Making 180o, to and fro motion from a 360o rotating motor using linkage mechanisms. <br />Used C to achieve this motion and simulated it in C<br />
  5. 5. Undergraduate final year project<br />STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF TRUCK CHASSIS FRAME USING FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS<br />Problem Definition : To perform structural analysis on a parametrically defined model of a truck frame, optimize the critical parameters.<br />Import to IGES format for exporting to MSC Patran<br />Imported to MSC Patran <br />Original 2-D drawings of truck chassis<br />3-D drawings and Assembly in Pro-E<br />Data Loss (missing surfaces) reconstructed in Patran<br />Meshing using Quad 4 elements and TRIA elements (Shell Elements) <br />Grouping of surfaces with similar thicknesses <br />Removal of holes reduces the stress concentration in regions of the frame <br />Applying Multi Point Constraints (to simulate the presence of Bolts)<br />Application of Loads and Boundary conditions<br />Solving using Nastran (Solver)<br />Post –Processing and Result analysis<br />
  6. 6. Work at Industry<br />TASK I <br />During the first month of the stay, I assisted a PhD student from The University of Malaysia, Sabah on “Simulation of Piezo-Resistive Metal Gauge on Rectangular Membrane for Low Pressure Application”.<br />I was given a problem of a stress state on a thin membrane.<br />This required me to create a membrane of the order of a few microns and the membrane consisted of multiple layers of different materials. And on top of the membrane was a resistance strain gage which was again of much lesser dimension compared to the original membrane.<br />This resistance strain gage was made of another material. So, eventually there were more than 2 materials involved. The relative motion (sliding) between the gage and the membrane needed to be stopped by gluing them together, as the gage was placed to check the strain in the membrane.<br />Then the low pressure that needed to be applied was applied on the top surface of the membrane which consisted of the resistance gage. The strain developed in the gage was compared with the strain on the membrane.<br />And the results were given to the PhD scholar.<br />
  7. 7. Schematic<br />
  8. 8. Task II(Modal Analysis of Turret of a Battle Tank using Finite Element Analysis)<br />Gun positioning accuracy is very much dependent on turret structure and its stiffness <br />Solid Model<br />Turret<br />Gun Barrel <br />Finite Element Model<br />Number of Elements in Gun Barrel = <br /> 74000<br />Number of Elements in Gun Barrel = <br /> 175000 <br />Number of Elements in Turret = <br /> 94000 <br />Element Type = Structural Solid Tetrahedral <br />
  9. 9. Task iii (Frequency Response of Gear Boxes)<br />Elevation Gear Box (For movement of Gun barrel vertically)<br /><ul><li>Traverse Gear Box (For swivel motion of the Turret in the Horizontal Plane)</li></li></ul><li>Parallel Plate Capacitance Based Displacement Sensor<br />Geometric Model in Pro-E Wildfire<br />Concept<br />Testing the Final Manufactured Part<br />Results<br />