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The sst


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The sst

  1. 1. The SST – the secret society of trees Opening scene: radio turns on and the news start, the reporter is talking about quiet protests in the forest. A hand reaches to the radio and turns it off. The man gets up and yawns. He stands and goes to his kitchen and starts making coffee. The coffee machine dings that the coffee is done, the man takes it and sits down to drink it, while checking his phone for new messages. He gets up and leaves the half drunk coffee on the table and gets dressed for work and he leaves the house. He gets into his car, looks at his watch and sees that he is late, so he immediately leaves. After a long drive he arrives at his work place. A little shack in the forest. He gets in, sits down and opens a blueprint of a shopping Mall. After some corrections on the plan, he goes outside and gives it to the head builder, saying: “The plan is finished, you and your men can start working immediately”. The head builder replies: “OK”, and gives a signal to his men to start working. The workers get in their vehicles and start putting down trees to clear space for the boundaries of the Mall. The men work the whole day and tons of wood falls to the ground. A worker, who is smoking, throws his cigarette out through the window of the vehicle, but the cigarette somehow starts a little forest fire. They managed to put it out, before it could spread. They continue to litter the forest. The day finish and everyone heads home. Everyone is gone from the forest and it is very quiet. One of the trees opens its eyes and speaks: “It’s clear, they left, its safe to come out now”, and every single tree in that forest opens its eyes. The whole forest is awoken. The elder trees gather in a circle: “The secret society of trees can begin” says the father tree. They start talking about the humans and their destructive economy. The youngest tree in the elder circle start to defend the humans and says: “But they also have organizations that protect us and our rights”, “The humans cannot be trusted, they are a force of destruction” replies the father tree. A young tree speaks: “Why don’t we show ourselves to them?”, “Humans aren’t ready for us, don’t speak out of place, young one” says a tree from the elder circle. The young tree continues: “We have to show ourselves, we have to do to them, what they do to us now”, a lot of trees agree on that argument. “ENOUGH” yells the father tree. The trees continue arguing about this until the end of the meeting. The young tree gathers the trees that support his idea. The group of trees get up, pick up their roots and start walking towards the town. They enter the little nearby town, some humans can see them, others take their phones and film the incredible phenomenon. The group of trees iss shouting “RIOT, RIOT”,
  2. 2. “Stop destroying our home”, “Its time you face us, its time you PAY”. They rampage through the town, jumping on cars and kicking everything in there path. Left and right humans start screaming in fear and panic. The riots continue for several days, until the police and military show up. They open fire at the trees. No one stands to protect the trees and no tree has a chance against the humans’ fire power. Some fall and some manage to run back to the forest. “What happened, young one?” asks the father tree. “They attacked us and no one helped us” replies the young tree. “I saw so many of you leave the forest that night, where are they?” asks the father tree. “ We lost them in the struggle to get back here” answers the young tree. “I told you humans aren’t ready for us yet, be patient, young one, they will some day” the father tree wisely says. “I understand that now, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, father”. To conceal the riots, the government says, that it was a mass hallucination and they ban building anything in that forest. The trees fall asleep once more in peace, for now. Until we disturb them again. Iliyan – 11th grade