Math class


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Math class

  1. 1. Math class Maths teacher: Oh, lazy kids you make me crazy! Today, Jack has to come to the blackboard. So, come here,Jack, you are such an "intelligent" kid... Jack: Sorry teacher, but: I'm not a loser guy! I'm just a dreamer who dreams of a better day!! Maths teacher: I thought you were jerk. Jack: Who told you this, sir? Maths teacher: You! Jack: When did I say that?! Maths teacher: Yesterday! If you remember...I was trying to explain you the solution of the problem. Suddenly... somebody was singing. Jack:Seriously? Who was this jerk? Maths teacher: Guess who?! Jack: Who?! Maths teacher: You, loser! Jack: Oh, yes? What I was singing? Maths teacher: Something like: "you make me dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance." Don't you remember? Iulia Ghita,Elena Grecu,AlexandraTanase 7th grade students