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  1. 1. Forgotten A young tourist got lost near an old mountain village .The girl was walking through the forest when she saw some houses . She ran quickly to the first one but it was empty. There wasn`t anybody there. It seemed there weren`t any people in the village.Suddenly an old woman stepped out of an old house. -Good afternoon, said the girl scared. -Let it be good! Where do you come from? The girl explained how she got lost and asked about any trains or buses to town. -Trains ? Oh, there haven`t been any trains or buses for a long time.said the woman. -Then I will have ta stay here for the night and leave the next morning. -I have only one room but we can share it. The woman told the girl that all the other people died and she was the only one in the whole village. There was no shop, no transport. -Are you hungry? - asked the old woman. I`ll give you some goat milk. I have just milked my goats. While knitting the woman told the girl that all the stars in the sky are the stars are the souls of our dead relatives and friends. They are the only ones I talk to during the long lonely nights. The girl got interested and asked: -So, what happens to one who died?
  2. 2. -When someone dies, they go to their stars. This is why there are so many stars. The old woman lit lots of candles to light the road for the dead and started: -Come here,Jordana,we haven`t seen for a long time. -I`m coming. -Your star is really bright and makes me feel good. -My soul is bright-I helped so many people. -I know, I know.You know so much about people and their problems. The girl was stunned, she listened and couldn`t believe it. Lots of questions appeared in her head. -What is god - a human or something else ?- asked the girl looking puzzled. -Don`t hurry. You will know it. God has taken care of every thing. The sky is the home for all human souls.The Earth takes the bodies. The old woman consoled the girl and made the bed for her.The girl couldn`t sleep. What came to her mind was that a man is really a tiny bit in the space but lives forever in the mind of the living. In the morning the girl thanked the woman and left. The woman knew that was the last guest she would have. -Be strong and sound!, said the girl. - Let the good be with you. The girl climbed up and walked along the mountain paths.
  3. 3. When she got home, she told her parents what happened.They wanted to say thank you to the old woman but didn`t know how to get to the village, which was forgotten by everybody. The End!! Denitsa and Gabriela – 7th grade