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Film scripts

  1. 1. A Miracle What would life be without a little mistery? Without things that you don`t know why and how happened but they just did? Everybody has experienced something really unusual and now I would like to tell you one of my different stories It was winter .My family and I were in Burgas for the Christmas holiday. It had been snowing for three days and the ground was covered with a blanket of snow so we decided to go outside and make a snowman .Everything was just perfect. I was playing with my parents, the snowflakes were falling gently on my head and hands. The December sun was caressing my frostbitten cheeks. Suddenly I realised I’d lost my ring - a very special gift from my grandmother. I started looking for it but my search was in vain, the ring seemed to have disappeared. When I was completely miserable my mom said to me! Don`t worry, it`s Christmas, miracles happen! Soon, on 25th December something absolutely unbelievable happened. I couldn`t believe such thing was possible. I found my ring on the balcony. My parents’ explanation was that Santa Claus had given it to me as a Christmas present. Years after I asked my mother if she had found the ring and then put it on the balcony floor saying this was a present from Santa Claus! Her answer was no. Now I know three things - the first one is that this is the story of my childhood I`ll always remember. The second, Santa Claus is not a real person and the last - miracles really happen if you believe in them. Denitsa – 7th grade 1
  2. 2. Secrets - After school today I want to go somewhere - Eleanor said while looking at something in Twitter. - That will be good, just to get rid of our parents – added Dayana. - Hey, hey – congratulated them Nataliya. – I heard we were going away for the weekend, I guess to the old Eleanor’s ranch. I hope it isn’t a problem. - No, it isn’t. Nobody has gone there for years. But who will tell Daniel and Alison? – asked Eleanor - I will tell them. – said Nataliya – So at 6 pm in the grove, and then from there we will go together, okay? - Okay. – added Dayana, closed her locker and went out. The grove was their place. There they studied and had fun. Nobody else knew about this place. Daniel was in the swimming team and had a friend. She lived with her mother and father. The latter was in the army and traveled a lot. Dayana had a younger brother – Mike. She lived with her mother and her father. She loved reading and also writing. Eleanor had an older sister – Melissa. She didn’t like her much, she was always smarter , clever, but didn’t make a big impression. She lived with her family, though two steps from the house in the old barn, which she herself had furnished. 2
  3. 3. Nataliya lived only with her mother, because her parents were divorced. She liked eating, especially while watching a scary movie. And Alison. Alison was their sister. She was the big boss in the game. She cared of each of them, giving them clothes and doing her best to be sure they were in good hands. She didn’t let anyone insult them, hurt or embarrass them. She was well-known throughout the school. Everyone knew her, and if there were any problems, they would always address her. It was five to six. In front of the grove were Daniel, Dayana, Eleanor and Nataliya. Only Alison wasn’t there. They had large backpacks with food and their sleeping bags. - Where is Ali? – asked Eleanor. - She should have been – added Daniel. - Hey, hey. I’m here – Ali cried and closer to them – See what I have bought. They all gathered around her. She opened her bag – it was alcohol. The girls never drank except at parties where Alison took them. They went into the grove. It was dark. They were by themselves in the woods at night. Only Ali wasn’t afraid. It was difficult to scare her. They came to the ranch. They entered and left the heavy bags on the floor. Eleanor lit the fire place. Then all ran around it. - Wow, very funny – said Daniel smiling - Do you want to play a game – said Ali, who got up and walked to the bag with alcohol. She poured some beer into a big cup and started. - Each of you sips and tells a secret, and then transfers it to the next. Come on, girls, it would be fun – she said when she saw that the girls had a great desire – And, you know, our secrets will make us closer. 3
  4. 4. - Come on, girls, let’s try. We won’t go home this night and nobody will know what we did – said Nataliya - Okay, but just a little bit – agreed the others. Not long after the girls were drunk, everyone of them wouldn’t remember what they did tonight, except for Ali. They went to bed. It was early morning, but was not yet dawn. There was a cry. Eleanor woke up and saw that Ali wasn’t there. Something was wrong. - What will we do if something has happened – she thought . She wasn’t anywere. El went back and woke the others up. - Ali has gone! - Stop, El, lie down, maybe it is some of her tricks. – said Dayana -No girls, no kidding, come and look for her. Alison was really gone and this was no lie. They announced she was missing. Since then the girls didn’t gather anymore. They weren’t the friends they had been before. Dayana had gone for a year to another city. Natliya had become the star of the high school, wearing brand new clothes and the strange was that she had become friends with Mona – the girl Alison used to put down. Eleanor was well dressed , casual, still beating records in high school. And Daniel also well- dressed, with her lovely smile and beautiful long hair. She was still the champion of the swimming team. 4
  5. 5. One day Dayana came back and on the same day was at school. While she was walking, she remembered each of their meetings. All memories emerged in her mind. The same city, the same people, only Ali was gone. She met Daniel. - I didn’t recognize you without the pink streaks – Daniel said and laughed. - Hello Danny! – Dayana laughed and hugged her. - One year! - said Danny. - I can’t believe that one year has passed! Do you remember what Ali said that night? Secrets bring us closer. I think it’s just the opposite. – said Dayna - Let’s go. The bell is ringing – said Danny Eleanor came into the classroom, waved to them, then sat at her desk. Not long after came Nataliya. Dayana just could not believe it was her. So slim, with brand clothes , she was like a model. The teacher came and the news was announced on the radio. It was about Alison Dilaurentis. They had found her body. Girls looked at each other in an instant. After school they went home. They funeral was the same day. All were dressed in black. Each came at different times to the funeral hall. They had a special place at the front. They sat next to each other. They knew that nothing was over, they knew that there was always a mystery around Alison even if she was dead, the game would be played. After the funeral, the girls went outside, they didn’t know what to say. Suddenly all heard the sound of their phones. Each of them was sent the same message: 5
  6. 6. “I’m still here my dear, game isn’t over .. kisses – A - Could it be Ali? – asked Dayana - Nobody knows – added Eleanor, in a frightened voice. Dilyana, Eleonora, Nadezhda – 7th grade Forgotten A young tourist got lost near an old mountain village .The girl was walking through the forest when she saw some houses . She ran quickly to the first one but it was empty. There wasn`t anybody there. It seemed there weren`t any people in the village.Suddenly an old woman stepped out of an old house. -Good afternoon, said the girl scared. -Let it be good! Where do you come from? The girl explained how she got lost and asked about any trains or buses to town. -Trains ? Oh, there haven`t been any trains or buses for a long time.said the woman. -Then I will have ta stay here for the night and leave the next morning. -I have only one room but we can share it. The woman told the girl that all the other people died and she was the only one in the whole village. There was no shop, no transport. 6
  7. 7. -Are you hungry? - asked the old woman. I`ll give you some goat milk. I have just milked my goats. While knitting the woman told the girl that all the stars in the sky are the stars are the souls of our dead relatives and friends. They are the only ones I talk to during the long lonely nights. The girl got interested and asked: -So, what happens to one who died? -When someone dies, they go to their stars. This is why there are so many stars. The old woman lit lots of candles to light the road for the dead and started: -Come here,Jordana,we haven`t seen for a long time. -I`m coming. -Your star is really bright and makes me feel good. -My soul is bright-I helped so many people. -I know, I know.You know so much about people and their problems. The girl was stunned, she listened and couldn`t believe it. Lots of questions appeared in her head. -What is god - a human or something else ?- asked the girl looking puzzled. -Don`t hurry. You will know it. God has taken care of every thing. The sky is the home for all human souls.The Earth takes the bodies. 7
  8. 8. The old woman consoled the girl and made the bed for her.The girl couldn`t sleep. What came to her mind was that a man is really a tiny bit in the space but lives forever in the mind of the living. In the morning the girl thanked the woman and left. The woman knew that was the last guest she would have. -Be strong and sound!, said the girl. - Let the good be with you. The girl climbed up and walked along the mountain paths. When she got home, she told her parents what happened.They wanted to say thank you to the old woman but didn`t know how to get to the village, which was forgotten by everybody. The End!! Denitsa and Gabriela – 7th grade HORSE MONKEY HEROS: POLINA, NINA, HRISTINA AND ALEXANDRINA PRODUCERS:VASILENA VASILEVA AND VIKTORIA IVANOVA 8
  9. 9. STORY:Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Nina. Nina had a boyfriend. His name was Stiliyan but an evil witch from the forest whose name was Hristina liked Stiliyan too. Stiliyan and Nina decided to get married. At their wedding the evil witch transformed the bride and the groom into a horse and a monkey. Nina’s sister Polly sought for a solution to bring back her sister and her beloved into the normal state but in vain. After that Polly realized that there was another choice. She mounted her sister, took the horse and went to the castle where the ugly witch lived. When they arrived they started to fight for the magic love potion and almost killed the witch. Then she gave up and brought the hidden magic potion. She gave her little animal whose name was Alex. It was not a normal animal .Alex was a cross between ahorse and a monkey. They took the horsemonkey, came back home and lived happily long after. Imaginary Boyfriend Okay, this was getting downright ridiculous. Of all the annoying arguments she had with Kathie this was surely the worst. ,,Ugh, Kathie I told you already that I don’t need your help!” The red-haired,18-year-old girl groaned as she massaged the bridge of her nose. She gave her blonde best friend a death glare before turning her attention back to the principal, who was giving a speech. It was their first day of senior year and Jessica Smith was already having a bad day. How could she not? Her alarm clock broke and she had to finish her daily routine for less than five minutes. Yeah, that had to be a new record. Then her car just had to break, and she had to wait for the bus, and it had to rain today, and her 9
  10. 10. best friend Kathie Elbert just HAD to start her pestering on “the case”. Yup. Worst. DAY. EVER! ,,Come ON, Jess! You’re a senior now! You’re missing half of your life! So stop being such a bookworm and let me help you find a boyfriend!” Kathie said in a whisper. It wasn’t really that much of a surprise that they took a seat at the very back. That way they wouldn’t attract attention to themselves. ,,Hey! I’m not a bookworm!” Jess hissed back.”We’re seniors. We should be more focused on our studies!,, ,,At this rate you’ll grow up into a single old cat-lady. Come on, even Tom was able to get into a relationship before you did! And this is Tom we’re talking about! Tom! That guy wouldn’t recognize love even if it smacked him in the face!” Kathie reasoned, resisting the urge to throw her hands up in frustration. Jess sighed as she massaged her temples. “You’re wrong, Kat. How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t need any of the guys you plan to set-up for me because I already have a boyfriend?!,, The blonde blue-eyed girl snorted at this. “You’ve been saying that for two years, Jess. You should really change that excuse of yours because, this time, I’m not letting you off the hook.” “It’s not an excuse!,, Jess almost yelled due to irritation. Luckily, she had enough control to keep her voice down despite her short temper. “Yeah, sure….you’ve been saying that since freshman year but we still haven’t met this ‘imaginary boyfriend’ of yours.” Jess at that moment didn’t know which one to do: pull her own hair our pull Kat’s. The latter was very tempting. However, at that time, the 10
  11. 11. meeting ended and everyone stood up to go to their classrooms. Jess jumped to her feet and left her friend. Since the start of high school Kathie had been annoying her to get a guy already. She didn’t get why it was so important to be in a relationship so she always told Kathie that she didn’t want to be in one. But her lack of romantic relationships didn’t have to do anything with her appearance. In fact, with her smooth skin, sparkling emerald eyes and straight, waist-length red hair she was one of the prettiest girls in school. Despite this she still refused to be involved with anyone. However, sometime during freshman year, Kathie became persistent. Very persistent. So one day Jess just had enough and she blurted out that she had a boyfriend that’s studying in another school. She fooled Kathie for some time, but as time passed the blonde became convinced that she was just making up her ‘imaginary boyfriend’. Jess sighed in relief when lunch time came. She was starving and she needed to eat. Now. When she came and sat down by a lunch table she found her group of friends sitting there and already eating. Well let the introduction begin! First is Tom. He had brown hair and light brown eyes that shone with happiness. He was the loudest and most stupid of their group and absolutely adored sweet things. Next is Rika, Tom’s girlfriend. How did they get together was a wonder to everyone. Rika had waist-length midnight-blue hair and pale gray eyes, almost white. She was the most shy of the group. After that is Kathie’s boyfriend Eliot. Another wonder. He’s…well…there are only two things that describe him perfectly: LAZY and SMART. A strange combination don’t you think? If that guy did not have to eat and study he would ALWAYS sleep. 11
  12. 12. ALWAYS. Well until Kathie wakes him with a smack behind the head. They sat at the table and Kathie started to talk about a new transfer student. “Oh my god guys! He was so cool! Well not as cool as my Eliot, but still cool. He got half of the female population on his first day! Isn’t that amazing?” Kathie started again. The occupants of their table groaned.”Please make her stop!” Whined Tom as Rika agreed with him.”You know as much as I do that she won’t stop when she’s gushing about a supposed-cool guy. This is Kathie we’re talking about.” Jess pointed out. “What’s that supposed to mean, Jess?” Asked Kat. “It means what you want it to mean, Kat” “At least I show interest in guys. If I did not know any better, I’d say you swing that way.” Kat said. At this some of the people coughed in shock. “Holy’s not like that, is it Jess?” Asked Tom. “What?! Of course it’s not like that! I told you guys that I have a boyfriend!” Jess yelled. “And he’s not imaginary!” Confirmed Jess. The group calmed down after that, and of course Kat continued with her story about the new student. “Well also his name is-“ But before Kathie could finish her statement, several deafening screams interrupted her. All of the people looked at the café doors. There stood a handsome boy with black hair and very mesmerizing obsidian eyes. “Well that’s him alright. His name’s Alex Moon. So, what do you think, Jess?” Kat turned only to find an empty seat. “What the hell?” Kat asked. “ALEX!!!” Jess shouted as she hugged the surprised, but happy boy. 12
  13. 13. “Hey Jess! Long time, no see. So, how’s my beautiful girlfriend been doing?” Asked Alex. “GIRLFRIEND!!!!” Shouted the whole group. “Yeah, Alex’s my boyfriend! See! I told you he’s not imaginary!” Said a grinning Alex. Kathie was never going to doubt her best friend again. NEVER. End In the classroom The teacher is out because he received a call from a fireman, telling him that his house is on fire. Everyone in the classroom is doing anything else but studying. Cool Girl: Hey, super-star! Wanna go out with me this Sunday? Popular guy: Ew, NO! Why would I want such a thing?! C.G.: Well, maybe because I am the coolest person, er...… Dreamer girl: No, you’re not! If I were a guy, I’d better eat fried worms than go out with… you! C.G.: And why would you do that? Oh, of course! Because the only thing you have ever seen is your own tiny little pathetic world, and that’s why you can’t recognise coolness! Serious guy: Mind your own business, Cinderella! Or I’ll… C.G.: Or you’ll what? Nerd: Hey, shut up, guys! I can’t hear what the Alien spirit is chanting right now in front of the classroom! Tough guy: If you pollute my ears with one more word, you’ll sleep with the fish and… OMG! What is that weirdo doing?! 13
  14. 14. Popular Guy: Man, he’s walking in his hands and singing some kind of a… song… Weird: Teacher, teacher, please stay home And I won’t speak on the phone You think your house is burning ‘Cause I’ve sent you a false warning… Book worm: Ouch! Hey, mister “I-won’t-laugh-in-my-life”, if you don’t wanna watch the show, at least let me read! Serious: That’s not the reason! Look at Dreamy! She’s full of ink… nerd: Oh, my! You’re right… and Toughy is trying to clean her... and I tought they weren’t in love… Nerd and Weird: Toughy and Dreamy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G First comes LOVE They got married then Later comes Toughy with a BABY PRAM! * And they start dancing and acting like they were in love * T.: Stop fouling around or… C.G.: Or you’ll kiss your bride? Alien: Oh, young love! How… pityful… * And all the kids start laughing. Then, Toughy starts hitting the Nerd. In short time, the classroom turned into a disaster and all the kids had serious injuries from a BIG fight * Miss Angel: What the hell happened in here? I’ll talk to the Head Master and he’ll have you grounded in a minute! T.: Why you… you wanna fight? M.A.: Who, me? You’re welcome! * And he starts doing some super-ninja moves * T.: You won’t impress me with that crap! M.A.: We’ll see… * But the teacher comes in time to prevent the fight. All the kids are grounded including Miss Angel* - After the detention hours are over - 14
  15. 15. Book Worm: What a day! I’ve got grounded for the first time in my life and all my books are torn! Dreamer: Oh, shut up BOOK WORM! * And she hits him with a book and he falls to the ground uncouncious * Iulia Ghita,Elena Grecu,AlexandraTanase 7th grade students Lucas is a motorcyclist and earns his living by racing. Irina is his sister, she is involved in repairing motorcycles. Ben and Stefan are his best friends. Unfortunately during a race Lucas had an accident. Ben Stefan and Irina drove him to the hospital and after three surgeries Lucas's life was safe, but unfortunately he remains disabled. After he was released from the hospital, Lucas was broken. Irina Ben and Stefan explained that he had a chance to be healed and that if his underwent treatment would have a chance to regain his feet. The four went to New Orleans. There they met Ter who was a physioterapist. Three months after the treatment Lucas and Ter fell in love and Lucas started walking again. Lucas, Ben, Stefan and Irina returned to London and Ter went with them. After returning Lucas had another therapy because he was still not stable. When he became fully stable again he began to work with motorbikes. First he started training and then returned to racing. And he even became a champion in a championship. Elena, Velizar, Bozhidar – 7th grade 15
  16. 16. Math class Maths teacher: Oh, lazy kids you make me crazy! Today, Jack has to come to the blackboard. So, come here,Jack, you are such an "intelligent" kid... Jack: Sorry teacher, but: I'm not a loser guy! I'm just a dreamer who dreams of a better day!! Maths teacher: I thought you were jerk. Jack: Who told you this, sir? Maths teacher: You! Jack: When did I say that?! Maths teacher: Yesterday! If you remember...I was trying to explain you the solution of the problem. Suddenly... somebody was singing. Jack:Seriously? Who was this jerk? Maths teacher: Guess who?! Jack: Who?! Maths teacher: You, loser! Jack: Oh, yes? What I was singing? Maths teacher: Something like: "you make me dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance." Don't you remember? Iulia Ghita,Elena Grecu,AlexandraTanase 7th grade students The SST – the secret society of trees Opening scene: radio turns on and the news start, the reporter is talking about quiet protests in the forest. A hand reaches to the radio and turns it off. The man gets up and yawns. He stands and goes to his kitchen and starts making coffee. The coffee machine dings that the coffee is done, the man takes it and sits down to drink it, while 16
  17. 17. checking his phone for new messages. He gets up and leaves the half drunk coffee on the table and gets dressed for work and he leaves the house. He gets into his car, looks at his watch and sees that he is late, so he immediately leaves. After a long drive he arrives at his work place. A little shack in the forest. He gets in, sits down and opens a blueprint of a shopping Mall. After some corrections on the plan, he goes outside and gives it to the head builder, saying: “The plan is finished, you and your men can start working immediately”. The head builder replies: “OK”, and gives a signal to his men to start working. The workers get in their vehicles and start putting down trees to clear space for the boundaries of the Mall. The men work the whole day and tons of wood falls to the ground. A worker, who is smoking, throws his cigarette out through the window of the vehicle, but the cigarette somehow starts a little forest fire. They managed to put it out, before it could spread. They continue to litter the forest. The day finish and everyone heads home. Everyone is gone from the forest and it is very quiet. One of the trees opens its eyes and speaks: “It’s clear, they left, its safe to come out now”, and every single tree in that forest opens its eyes. The whole forest is awoken. The elder trees gather in a circle: “The secret society of trees can begin” says the father tree. They start talking about the humans and their destructive economy. The youngest tree in the elder circle start to defend the humans and says: “But they also have organizations that protect us and our rights”, “The humans cannot be trusted, they are a force of destruction” replies the father tree. A young tree speaks: “Why don’t we show ourselves to them?”, “Humans aren’t ready for us, don’t speak out of place, young one” says a tree from the elder circle. The young tree continues: “We have to show ourselves, we have to do to them, what they do to us now”, a lot of trees agree on that argument. “ENOUGH” yells the father tree. The trees continue arguing about this until the end of the meeting. The young tree gathers the trees that support his idea. The group of trees get up, pick up their roots and start walking towards the town. They enter the little nearby town, some humans can see them, others take their phones and film the incredible phenomenon. The group of trees iss 17
  18. 18. shouting “RIOT, RIOT”, “Stop destroying our home”, “Its time you face us, its time you PAY”. They rampage through the town, jumping on cars and kicking everything in there path. Left and right humans start screaming in fear and panic. The riots continue for several days, until the police and military show up. They open fire at the trees. No one stands to protect the trees and no tree has a chance against the humans’ fire power. Some fall and some manage to run back to the forest. “What happened, young one?” asks the father tree. “They attacked us and no one helped us” replies the young tree. “I saw so many of you leave the forest that night, where are they?” asks the father tree. “ We lost them in the struggle to get back here” answers the young tree. “I told you humans aren’t ready for us yet, be patient, young one, they will some day” the father tree wisely says. “I understand that now, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, father”. To conceal the riots, the government says, that it was a mass hallucination and they ban building anything in that forest. The trees fall asleep once more in peace, for now. Until we disturb them again. Iliyan – 11th grade THE STUDENT'S RULES Weird: Let's write our own original student's rules! (she writes on a wall paper) The student is always right, even if he is wrong! All: Sustained! Weird: The student nevee copies, he just consults some sources! All: Sustained! Weird: The student never sleeps during the class, he just reflects to something! All: Sustained! 18
  19. 19. Weird: The student never talks, he just express his opinions! All: Sustained! Weird: The student never misses classes, he is solicitated somewhere else! All: Sustained! Weird: The student doesn't read magasines during classes, he just gets informed! All: Sustained! Weird: The student doesn't damage school, he just "decorates" it! All:Sustained! < span>Weird: The student doesn't throw chalk, he just studies the gravitation functions! All: Sustained! Weird: The student doesn't laugh during classes, he is just happy! All: Sustained! Weird: We are kind of genius people! All: Wow, Einstein would be happy to be our teacher!! Iulia Ghita,Elena Grecu,AlexandraTanase 7th grade students 19