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Billy elliot discussion

  1. 1. Billy Elliot – film discussion /Bulgarian team/ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What type of film is it? It is a teen drama. What is the main idea of the film? The point of the movie is that you have to follow your dreams no matter how many obstacles you will meet along the way. You shouldn’t give up no matter what others think about them. It is very important not to give up in the difficult moment and then the result will be rewarding. Everyone knows at least one person who look strange to them. But behind the strangeness a talent might be hidden. We must give a chance to everyone. In this film the unusual boy is Billy, actually. He has a real talent. What are the scenes you liked best? a/ I really liked the scene in which Billy and Michael danced in the gym. They expressed themselves and enjoyed themselves. When Billy’ father came, Billy suddenly got confident and showed him he could dance. b/ The piano, that Billy’s father broke, was an important thing for Billy. I think that the piano reminded him of his mother. He loves to play on the piano but his father doesn’t like it. When his father broke the piano Billy had to get over it. However, it was difficult. He felt really sad. c/ I really liked the scene when Billy danced on the stairs of his house. It looks as if he fights an enemy. He expresses his anger through the dance. Then he runs along the street and reaches a wall. It stands for the obstacle he has on his road to success. He has to fight for the right to develop his talent. d/ The audition. At the beginning Billy says that he doesn’t know how he feels when he dances. But after he thinks for a while he says that through dance he forgets about everyone and everything. When he dances he feels free like a bird. This is his way to express himself and his nature. What is the role of the mother’s character? The fact that Billy’s mother is not near Billy in the real life doesn’t mean her spirit isn’t there. Even when he goes to the kitchen to get some milk, his desire makes him imagine she is there. In the letter which she left to him, she wrote that he should follow his dreams. He must believe in himself and have confidence. This mother’s support is very important for the boy. What is the role of Billy’s family and how their attitude changes? All parents influence the development of their children. Billy’s father doesn’t accept his son’s interest in ballet. He thinks Billy has to train boxing because it is a sport for men and his father and grandfather practiced it, too. This is a family tradition.
  2. 2. 6. 7. In the beginning they show their dislike towards ballet and Billy is forbidden to do so. But his dad gradually changes his mind. He is persuaded by Billy’s strong will to continue doing ballet. His father even gives up striking and starts a campaign to collect money for Billy’s audition. What is the role of the ballet teacher? A crucial moment in the film is when the ballet teacher starts helping Billy practice ballet. She is experienced enough to see the talent in the boy. She is like a mother for Billy. It is not surprising that he shares his mum’s letter with her. His teacher tells him about the Royal Ballet School and he starts his career. What is your overall impression? Will you recommend the film? We liked it. It had some funny moments as well as some dramatic ones. It has a good message.