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  1. 1. Secrets - After school today I want to go somewhere - Eleanor said while looking at something in Twitter. - That will be good, just to get rid of our parents – added Dayana. - Hey, hey – congratulated them Nataliya. – I heard we were going away for the weekend, I guess to the old Eleanor’s ranch. I hope it isn’t a problem. - No, it isn’t. Nobody has gone there for years. But who will tell Daniel and Alison? – asked Eleanor - I will tell them. – said Nataliya – So at 6 pm in the grove, and then from there we will go together, okay? - Okay. – added Dayana, closed her locker and went out. The grove was their place. There they studied and had fun. Nobody else knew about this place. Daniel was in the swimming team and had a friend. She lived with her mother and father. The latter was in the army and traveled a lot. Dayana had a younger brother – Mike. She lived with her mother and her father. She loved reading and also writing. Eleanor had an older sister – Melissa. She didn’t like her much, she was always smarter , clever, but didn’t make a big impression. She lived with her family, though two steps from the house in the old barn, which she herself had furnished. Nataliya lived only with her mother, because her parents were divorced. She liked eating, especially while watching a scary movie. And Alison. Alison was their sister. She was the big boss in the game. She cared of each of them, giving them clothes and doing her best to be sure they were in good hands. She didn’t let anyone insult them, hurt or embarrass them. She was
  2. 2. well-known throughout the school. Everyone knew her, and if there were any problems, they would always address her. It was five to six. In front of the grove were Daniel, Dayana, Eleanor and Nataliya. Only Alison wasn’t there. They had large backpacks with food and their sleeping bags. - Where is Ali? – asked Eleanor. - She should have been – added Daniel. - Hey, hey. I’m here – Ali cried and closer to them – See what I have bought. They all gathered around her. She opened her bag – it was alcohol. The girls never drank except at parties where Alison took them. They went into the grove. It was dark. They were by themselves in the woods at night. Only Ali wasn’t afraid. It was difficult to scare her. They came to the ranch. They entered and left the heavy bags on the floor. Eleanor lit the fire place. Then all ran around it. - Wow, very funny – said Daniel smiling - Do you want to play a game – said Ali, who got up and walked to the bag with alcohol. She poured some beer into a big cup and started. - Each of you sips and tells a secret, and then transfers it to the next. Come on, girls, it would be fun – she said when she saw that the girls had a great desire – And, you know, our secrets will make us closer. - Come on, girls, let’s try. We won’t go home this night and nobody will know what we did – said Nataliya - Okay, but just a little bit – agreed the others. Not long after the girls were drunk, everyone of them wouldn’t remember what they did tonight, except for Ali. They went to bed.
  3. 3. It was early morning, but was not yet dawn. There was a cry. Eleanor woke up and saw that Ali wasn’t there. Something was wrong. - What will we do if something has happened – she thought . She wasn’t anywere. El went back and woke the others up. - Ali has gone! - Stop, El, lie down, maybe it is some of her tricks. – said Dayana -No girls, no kidding, come and look for her. Alison was really gone and this was no lie. They announced she was missing. Since then the girls didn’t gather anymore. They weren’t the friends they had been before. Dayana had gone for a year to another city. Natliya had become the star of the high school, wearing brand new clothes and the strange was that she had become friends with Mona – the girl Alison used to put down. Eleanor was well dressed , casual, still beating records in high school. And Daniel also welldressed, with her lovely smile and beautiful long hair. She was still the champion of the swimming team. One day Dayana came back and on the same day was at school. While she was walking, she remembered each of their meetings. All memories emerged in her mind. The same city, the same people, only Ali was gone. She met Daniel. - I didn’t recognize you without the pink streaks – Daniel said and laughed. - Hello Danny! – Dayana laughed and hugged her. - One year! - said Danny. - I can’t believe that one year has passed! Do you remember what Ali said that night? Secrets bring us closer. I think it’s just the opposite. – said Dayna - Let’s go. The bell is ringing – said Danny
  4. 4. Eleanor came into the classroom, waved to them, then sat at her desk. Not long after came Nataliya. Dayana just could not believe it was her. So slim, with brand clothes , she was like a model. The teacher came and the news was announced on the radio. It was about Alison Dilaurentis. They had found her body. Girls looked at each other in an instant. After school they went home. They funeral was the same day. All were dressed in black. Each came at different times to the funeral hall. They had a special place at the front. They sat next to each other. They knew that nothing was over, they knew that there was always a mystery around Alison even if she was dead, the game would be played. After the funeral, the girls went outside, they didn’t know what to say. Suddenly all heard the sound of their phones. Each of them was sent the same message: “I’m still here my dear, game isn’t over .. kisses – A - Could it be Ali? – asked Dayana - Nobody knows – added Eleanor, in a frightened voice. Dilyana, Eleonora, Nadezhda – 7th grade