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Parent Overview for Family Access at LCM CISD

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Family access

  1. 1. FAMILY ACCESSParent OrientationPresented by:Peggy HaleInstructional Technology Specialist
  2. 2. What is Family Access?Family Access allows you tosee your child’s information . . .schedule, grades, attendance,discipline, vaccination records,emergency contact information,test scores, etc.
  3. 3. Family Access Use• Available for 2nd – 12th grades• PK-1st grades have access to information, but not all of the gradebook features.
  4. 4. Family Access Use• Access to this parent technology is a privilege, not a right.• Parents/guardians held responsible for proper use of accounts• Use may be monitored• Access may be revoked if rules are violated
  5. 5. What is Inappropriate Use?1. Using someone else’s account or accessing another individual’s records without permission.2. Downloading or using copyrighted information without permission from the copyright holder.3. Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to restricted information or resources.
  6. 6. Procedure for Family Access1. Parent Orientation Meeting2. Complete application form3. Return form in person to one of the campuses in which your child(ren) attends. A picture ID is required at that time.4. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail with your username and password.
  7. 7. Lists all assignments from all classes that are considered missing!
  8. 8. What does an * mean? The grade has not been posted in the gradebook!• An * does NOT affect the average• A “zero” DOES affect the average• Skyward makes an assignment missing 5 days after the due date.
  9. 9. An asterisk . . . what now?What to do if I see an * in the gradebook:1. Look at the due date!2. If the due date was 8/21/11 and today is 8/22/11, chances are the teacher hasn’t graded the assignment …check back.3. If the due date was 8/21/11 and today is 9/5/11, ask your child about the missing grade…was it completed, was it turned in?
  10. 10. An asterisk . . . what now?Always check with your child FIRST!• Please keep in the mind the length of time that may be needed to grade an assignment.• For example, a research paper will take longer to grade and record than a worksheet might!
  11. 11. An asterisk . . . what now?• Many teachers enter a 0 for a missing assignment rather than leaving it as an * so the resulting student average reflects the actual grade in the event the assignment is not completed and/or turned in!• Once the assignment is turned in and graded, the 0 will be changed to the actual grade if the work was made up within the time allowed by the teacher!
  12. 12. GPAs are posted for grades 11 & 12and will be calculated using the lastranking…it is not a daily GPA!
  13. 13. Comments written by teacher is for the six weeks grading period.
  14. 14. FAMILY ACCESS Family Access can serve as a tool tocommunicate grading and attendance concerns with your child. Having a discussion with your child may answer many of yourquestions and save a phone call.
  15. 15. CONTACT INFORMATIONContact Attendance Clerk for changes to demographic information or attendance. Contact Teacher for questions about grades.
  16. 16. How to Log On•Go to•Go to Access LCM link•Click Family Access link•Enter login and password
  17. 17. FAMILY ACCESS Thank you Parent Orientation 2011