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Byot mobile mania pnhale


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Overcoming the FEAR Factor: BYOT/BYOD-Bring it On!
Transform your learning environment by creating classroom strategies that work with BYOT/BYOD. Explore methods that will promote success and increase student engagement. Discover various web 2.0 tools and apps that will enhance productivity in a BYOT/BYOD classroom. Calm those fears!

Published in: Technology, Business
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Byot mobile mania pnhale

  1. 1. BYOT or BYOD – Bring it On!
  2. 2. Created by Jane Hart C4LPT
  3. 3. Marry your objectives with the technology tool or app Formula for Success
  4. 4. Edmodo Twitter # Blogs Evernote Diigo Today’s Meet
  5. 5. Google HO Twitter Chats Skype Diigo Groups Blogs FaceTime
  6. 6. Google Drive Mighty Meeting Google Pres. Yammer Prezi Padlet
  7. 7. Piktochart Haiku Deck Narrable Podcasts Educreations Animoto
  8. 8. Digital Learning Day Mapping Media
  9. 9.             About Me Tech Talk Blog School Website Digital Learning Day Lessons Bring Your Own Technology/D Haiku Deck by Chris Beyerle TeachThought-Focus on Content and Publication TeachThought-12 Principles of Mobile Learning 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology (infographic) NHJS BYOD Guidelines Mapping Media by Fryer Mobile Mania BYOT Padlet          Google Docs for Learning Google Spreadsheet Untangling the Web Delivr (QR codes) Poll Everywhere Evernote MMBYOT notebook Kathy Schrock’s Blooming Apps and Tools BYOD Toolkit (K-12 Blueprint) BYOD for HighSchool
  10. 10. Tech Talk Blog MM Padlet Hale & Hardy Blog Google Spreadsheet Evernote Shared Notebook Diigo Group