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RODP NLNAC Accreditation


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presentation in support of NLNAC accreditation visit

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RODP NLNAC Accreditation

  1. 1. Virtual Library Services for RODP Nursing Program
  2. 2. Library Access• Inside student course• Access to instructor’s library & RODP Virtual Library• Log in course• Click on RODP Virtual Library link at left
  3. 3. Login Info within course only
  4. 4. CONTENTRODPdatabases bysubject page
  5. 5. Online Databases• CINAHL• Health & Wellness Resource Center• Health Reference Center Academic• Health Source Nursing Academic• Nursing & Allied Health Comprehensive• PsycArticle• Oxford Reference Online Premium• EBSCO full text eBooks• Content @ instructor’s campus library
  6. 6. Embedded Librarian• Request a Librarian: "Librarian" role enables participation in email,discussion groups, content development, but does notenable access to student grades or quizzes.
  7. 7. Librarian Comment• My experience has been that the nursing professors are heavy participants in the embedded program. Sharon Parente
  8. 8. Librarian commentI have a very positive view of the nursing RODP program and the students enrolled in the classes. Both the nursing instructors and the nursing students are great to work with and always appreciative of the help I give them. They ask very good questions and I always look forward to working with them. Karen Dearing
  9. 9. Librarian Comment• When I am asked to be embedded in a course, I first follow up with the instructor to find out what they want my role to be. In most instances, I have been with the instructors in the courses before, so they want me to do pretty much the same thing each semester: Christina Chester-Fangman - APSU
  10. 10. Librarian Comment• One of the first things that students ask me about is how to get to our library’s databases. Often they have trouble with using the RODP username and password. I am delighted that this semester I have been able to bypass the username /password problems because of our purchase of ezproxy. The nursing databases are now found in the content section of D2L under the “writing papers” heading. Now students can go to the databases directly. Barbara Vandooser - TSU
  11. 11. Course Design Librarian• Request a Librarian to assist with your course design• Able to assist with creating links inside your course, where relevant to content or assignment: Library Subject Guides Databases Articles, ebooks, images, streaming video, streaming audio
  12. 12. Library Links• Links inside of D2L will auto-authenticate• No prompting for password information• Proxy URL precedes database link: CINAHL Plus w fulltext,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=rzh
  13. 13. Library Services• Reference Assistance:• InterLibrary Loan• Library Card from home campus to nearest TBR or UT Library
  14. 14. Ask Librarian• Questions asked of the RODP Librarian• Faculty Requests for Embedded Librarians
  15. 15. Summary Some data Google Analytics Statcounter Weekly Stats Report: 7 Nov - 13 Nov 2011 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg Pageloads 346 250 336 257 358 314 518 2,379 340 Unique 192 141 184 146 162 132 186 1,143 163 Visits First Time 130 82 118 86 100 68 110 694 99 Visits Returning 62 59 66 60 62 64 76 449 64 Visits
  16. 16. Best Practices• We may be inventing them?• Are they really that different compared to analog world?• Student / Faculty / Librarians surveys• TBR / RODP Summer Academy – sharing experiences & trying out new things It’s all about student learning…
  17. 17. Questions, Observations? Contact RODP Librarian Peter Nerzak 865-694-6517