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México-Presentación Fernando Kohrs


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México-Presentación Fernando Kohrs

  1. 1. ENERGY R&D OPPORTUNITIES IN MEXICO WITH THE EUROPEAN UNION Fernando Kohrs AldapeThe EC Energy Director of Planning, Strategy Management and NCP meeting Marketing ENERGY NCP OF MEXICO
  2. 2. CONTENT1. CONACYT PROGRAMS1 CONACYT PROGRAMS ‐ Sector Funds ‐ Research Topics Sector Funds ‐ ‐ Energy Sustainability Fund Energy Sustainability Fund2. COLLABORATIVE  EUROPEAN2. COLLABORATIVE  2 COLLABORATIVE EUROPEAN ‐ Technology Partners ‐ Collaborative Process Collaborative Process3. Business Opportunities Mexico ‐3. Business Opportunities Mexico ‐ European Union pp p - Mexican Wind Machine  ‐ Smard Grid 4. CALL FOR PROPOSALS ON HYDROCARBONS
  3. 3. 1. CONACYT PROGRAMS Objective: Creation of new businesses based on Objective: knowledge generation Attention demands and market failures. Objective: Technology Transfer New business Attention to regional and sectoral needs Technological AVANCE: Objective: Technology Transfer development and Technological Fundamental research at innovation packages, the frontier of knowledge Applied research entrepeneurs, Innovation funds venture capital Basic research and Sector funds, stimulation of research national capacities Balanced funds International funds Funds SEP- CONACYT SNI Scholarships S h l hi Products: • New technology-based companies •Business growth Products: •Creation of quality jobs • Development of new •Participation in new processes and products Products: markets •Increase business Products: •Strengthening of physical competitiveness •National and infrastructure and human i f t t dh •Incorporation of researchers international publications resources to industry •Highly skilled human •Intellectual property, patents, resource utility models, copyrights INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION PROGRAMMESSource: CONACYT, Incentives Program For Research, Technological Development And Innovation, 2010 - 2011
  4. 4. SECTOR FUNDS - Research Topics SECTOR FUNDS CONACYT SENER - hydrocarbons SENER – sustainability CFE ALIGNMENT TO THE ENERGY SECTOR PROGRAM 2007 - 2012I. Hydrocarbon Sector (oil & gas)II.II Power SectorIII. Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and BiofuelsIV. Environment and Climate ChangeV. Programme to improve the managementSource: CONACYT, CONACYT- SENER Fund Release, Workshop for clarification of doubts about the sustainability fund.
  5. 5. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FUND. CALL 2010‐ Research programs  a. Scientific and technological  research applied to National Strategy 1. Renewable Energy                Research Program of the  Research Program of the Sources Sector Fund: CONACYT‐ 2. Energy Efficiency SENER‐Energy Sustainability 3. Clean Energies xpressions of interest Expressions of interest 4. Diversifying Primary  Sources of Energy Inquiries to the Theme  Network of Energy b. The adoption, innovation,  Interest through the 2011  g assimilation and technological  g Call development of the indicated  subjects in the previous  subsectionSource: CONACYT, CONACYT SENER Fund Release, Workshop for clarification of doubts about the sustainability fund. CONACYT CONACYT- Release fund
  6. 6. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FUND CONACYT‐SENER‐ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY  Collaborating Companies 8 2009‐2010 Associations 2 • The call was open from May to July of 2009. • Called 14 specific demands and 2 open demands  in energy savings and alternative energies. in energy savings and alternative energies. Participating Institutions 31 17 Projects approved by the Committee 15 out of 17 formalized projects 14 out of 17 projects with application from the first Ministration Approved Requested  Requested Research Programs Proposals Projects millions (up to) Energy Efficiency 2 8,719,620 Renewable Energy Sources bl 5 164,647,836 119 Clean Technologies 0 0 Diversification of Primary  Energy Sources 10 56,522,401 Total $895 million $895 million 17 229,889,857 229 889 857Source: CONACYT, CONACYT- SENER Fund Release, Workshop for clarification of doubts about the sustainability fund.
  7. 7. TOPICS OF RESEARCH PROGRAMS Call in 2009 ENERGY RENEWABLE CLEAN DIVERSIFICATION EFFICIENCY ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES OF SOURCES Generation Information and Energy Sector Geothermal p processes Statistics 14 1 8 Solar Thermal 7 Byproducts of Byproducts of Transport production Production Solar Photovoltaic p processes 2 Processes 7 1 Rural Prospective 4 Wind Unconventional 6 2 Energy Maps and Industrial and Models Residential Bio-fuels CO2 Building 2 Diversification, 18 Planning and Bio-energy 18 Instruments -N l Nuclear- Tidal other modelsSource: CONACYT, CONACYT- SENER Fund Release, Workshop for clarification of doubts about the sustainability fund.
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH PROGRAMS Renewable Energies Energy Efficiency Develop technologies which take Develop technologies, products, advantage of the renewable energy devices, appliances, equipment, sources in the country through machinery, vehicles, instruments direct applications in the residential and/or systems for saving and using sectors, commercial, services, energy efficiently in the different agriculture and industry, among sectors of the nation. others. CONSORTIUM : At least 30% of the CompaniesSource: CONACYT, CONACYT- SENER Fund Release, Workshop for clarification of doubts about the sustainability fund.
  9. 9. PROCESS COLLABORATIONCompany - Plates of silicon - Leds It requires - MonitoringSolar street - Poles "technology mechanism lighting - Solar panels partner" -Etc . - Gas silane reagent Universities or R&D CentersSource: CONACYT, CONACYT- SENER Fund Release, Workshop for clarification of doubts about the sustainability fund.
  10. 10. PROCESS COLLABORATION - Technology Partners - It requires External Mexican Talent "technology Community Network partner" Universities Universities Universities Sustainability Universitiesor R&D Centers or R&D Centers or R&D Centers Fund support or R&D Centers and Company and Company requests PresentSubmit a Collaboration Technical- economic resultsproposal Agreement Contributes at assessment least 30% of • Commitments project cost • Technical, administrative and management employees • Defining participation Benefits to the Company, Universities or R&D Centers and society3rd Trimester 4th TrimesterOpen call Evaluation and results TIMELINE Source: CONACYT, CONACYT- SENER Fund Release, Workshop for clarification of doubts about the sustainability fund.
  11. 11. HOW TO USE THE FUNDSPersonnel expenses that are directly related to the project (man-hour costs), that arenot financed by public resources or through other funds or programs that areexpressly described in the proposal.Travel and per diem.Copyright.Studies and technological analysis.Advice and national technological consulting R&D&I.Prototypes, pilot models (up to 70%).Scaling to the level of pilot plant and prototype evaluation (up to 70%).Advice and foreign technological consulting R&D (up to 20%).Operational expenses related to the project.Other associated activities directly related to the execution of the project.
  12. 12. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYAny person that participates in the process of reception andproposal evaluation… is obliged to not disclose to third parties,reproduce and/or distribute through any means, the materialthat is submitted for their review.The copyright py g ( (intellectual property) associated with the p p y)project will belong to whomever gets the support from thefund.
  13. 13. Sustainable Energy Fund gy CONACYT-SENER We W are looking forward to engage with the EU l ki f dt ith ththrough a bilateral call for solicitations in renewable energies and energy efficiency for € 10 million p g g
  14. 14. 3. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES MEXICO - EUROPEAN UNION POTENTIAL BENEFITS 8 to 40 TWh/year of clean electricity TWh/ 100 Substitution of 14 to 60 million bl/year bl/ of oil 50 4 t 20 million t to illi tons of CO2 avoided f id d 30 6,000 to 18,000 million USD$ of 100 investment 50 700 100 400 ALSO: A market betwen   5,900 and 17,500 of  Opportunity to create a national 800 industry 600 high power wind  machines and an  Reactivation of about 200 small andMost t di dM t studied zones undefined number of  medium sized national companies Incipient studies 2000 small machines for  Creation of approximately 30,000 jobs the rural areas. Possibilities of exporting Source: Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas División de Energías Alternas Eléctricas, Alternas.
  15. 15. NATURAL RESOURCES - WIND Potential Areas for Wind‐Electric Generation Wind‐Electric Generation Main zones of wind  potential: • Istmo  of Tehuantepec • Tamaulipas • La Rumorosa and the  Central Coast Area of Baja  C lC f j California • Costa de Veracruz and  YucatanWind potential:       11 thousand MW,11 thousand MW,Capacity factors: +30%. Source: Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas, División de Energías Alternas.
  16. 16. SUSTAINABILITY FUND - IIE - INDUSTRY PROJECT DEVELOPMENT OF MEXICAN WIND MACHINE (MEM) AND PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT• To promote supply chain of wind energy technologies of local and international fabrication p pp y gy g industries SUPPLY CHAIN Raw material Part Compenent Wind turbine Raw material fabrication manufacture assembly • Gears ••Shafts Gears •Tower • Design • Design •Tower •Steel •Steel ••Castings Shafts •Blades • Engineering • Engineering •Blades •Copper •Copper ••Metal fabrication Castings •Gearboxes • Certification • Certification •Gearboxes •Fiberglass •Fiberglass ••Fasteners/hardwar Metal fabrication •Generators • Software • Software •Generators •Epoxy •eFasteners/hardware •Converters • Assembly • Assembly •Epoxy •Converters •Aluminum •Aluminum • Cable/ wiring/ •Cable/ wiring/ •Control System • Testing • Testing connectors •Control System • Erection •Plastics •Plastics connectors •Transformers Transformers • Erection •Transformers •Rubber •Rubber • Electrical •Electrical •Drives • Logistics • Logistics •Drives components components •Bearings • Commissioning • Commissioning •Bearings ••Subassemblies Subassemblies •Hydraulic units • Service • Service •Hydraulic units Source: 1) Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas, División de Energías Alternas. Commodity Critical to Quality Engineered Systems Custom Designed Solutions Source: Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas, División de Energías Alternas.
  17. 17. SMART GRID
  18. 18. 4. CALL SENER - CONACYT CALL FOR PROPOSALS ON HYDROCARBONSThe call for proposals shall be open from May 27th until August 31st, 2011, at 18:00 time ofMexico City.Foreign Participation:Non Mexican participants can participate in the project as members of Mexican consortia(indirect participation) and be entitled up to 50% of the eligible costs.Working language of the call is Spanish.íficas-2011-01.pdf20201101/Catalogo de Demandas Específicas 2011 01 pdf
  19. 19. SPECIFIC DEMAND AREA IN DEMAND TITLE PEMEX D1/CH2011-01 Improvement in the quality of heavy and extra-heavy oil in PEP off-shore platforms, and utilization of subproducts derived from the resulting process. D2/CH2011-01 Improvement in the fluidity of heavy and extra-heavy oil in PEP off-shore platforms. ff h l f D3/CH2011-01 Optimization of processes in installations of PEP through PEP the recovery of low-pressure hydrocarbon vapors in atmospheric tanks utilizing non-conventional technologies. D4/CH2011-01 Numerical simulation of reservoirs with the consideration of PEP multiple phases and the heterogeneity of the porous medium. D5/CG2011-01 Technology and methodology for the application of REF standard tests to catalysts. D6/CH2011-01 Technologies for the identification and mitigation of impacts REF in ducts and installations.Intellectual Property:Those interested in the project will transfer intellectual property rights in favor of the FUNDor PEMEX by signing the letter format of transfer of rights of the proponent institution bytheir legal representative.
  20. 20. THANK YOU Fernando Kohrs AldapeDirector of Planning, Strategy Management and Marketing Email: Email: fkohrs@iie org mx Reforma 113 Col. Palmira Cuernavaca, Morelos, México Telephones: (777) 3182424, (55) 52548437