Smart Web and Email Marketing in a Tough Economy


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Paul Mycroft Design and 49th Printers highlighted various ways to market your business to Vancouver Island and beyond using the best and most affordable ways!

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Smart Web and Email Marketing in a Tough Economy

  1. 1. Smart Web Marketing in a Tough Economy June 22, 2011 By Paul Mycroft Design
  2. 2. What are my options? Every business does not need a website Social media is not for everyone Email marketing might not be the best solution All options do not fit all business modelsBut if you do go online, choose your weapon(s)carefully then use and improve. What is your goal?
  3. 3. What is smart marketing?“Utilizing your available business budget to maximum effect.” Be up-to-date More tra c sources Connect in yourBe an authority What is your goal? customers’ world Know and beat yourGenerate a following competition Saturate the SERPs
  4. 4. Google page 1 search results for “paul mycroft design” June 21, 2011 in “professional web designer”: #4 out of 46,400,000
  5. 5. A little local talent.1. Join the Ladysmith (or Nanaimo or Chemainus) Chamber of Commerce for $12/month.2. Join the Ladysmith Downtown Business Association (Associate Membership available for out-of-town businesses) for $10/month.3. Write articles for LDBA.4. Republish your print articles online.5. Buy a domain name then point it (redirect it) to a profile page.6. Many domain registrars o er a free email address with every domain name.7. If you have a physical storefront, make sure your domain name is prominently displayed. What is your goal?8. Share window space! Promote each other.9.
  6. 6. Showcase the fighter, not the promoter!
  7. 7. “Glengarry Glen Ross” 1992 movie“Always be closing.”
  8. 8. The bigger picture.LinkedIn: freeFacebook Business: freeGoogle “Places”: freeGoogle AdWords (Pay-Per-Click) for any budgetGoogle profile: freeListings:,, all freeProfessionally-designed logoUpdate your online resumesSet Calendar reminders What is your goal?
  9. 9. Need a website? No problemo. WordPress:
  10. 10. Why WordPress?Download cost: $0 (includes free website)Thousands of “themes” availableeCommerce themesPluginsEasy updatesEmail delivery of postsEasy to use... or as easy as you make it!Search engine-friendlySyndicationMulti-site What is your goal?
  11. 11. Before the next round... Check domain name prices More than one domain name IIE Solutions - non-profits! 49th Parallel Printers - ideas! Forum marketing Get in
  12. 12. Smart Email Marketing in a Tough Economy June 22, 2011 By Paul Mycroft Design
  13. 13. The skinny. "93% of working journalists indicate they believe it is somewhat important (13%), important (30%), or very important (50%) for a company to provide breaking news and information online." "94% of working journalists prefer to receive news, information and story pitches from a company via e-mail alerts..."- Jan 2011 survey conducted by TEKGROUP International and Associate Professor Ken Payne of Western Kentucky University (
  14. 14. Time to knock Outlook out!1. Doesn’t cost a thing to send mass email campaigns.2. Open or click-through rates are just not useful.3. What does your email looks like in major email tools?4. Convenient and probably already open.5. Mobile smart WHAT?6. Why grow your database?7. You take care of the unsubscribe crowd.8. You can forward your own campaigns.9. That Facebook thingamajig is for teenagers.10.There is no a ordable alternative... ha!
  15. 15. What is smart email marketing?1. Using a professional tool.2. Naturally growing your customer database.3. Learn about customer behaviour.4. Targeted tra c to convert into paying customers.5. Software manages subscribes/unsubscribes.6. Deliver the campaign at the best time.7. See how many people actually read your email.8. Use a tested template for standards.9. Exploding mobile market.10. Reduce print advertising budget.“With every email you send, you are marketing yourself, good or bad.”
  16. 16. Imagine a new world... Forward to a Friend Subject line testing Worldview Segmentation Social Sharing Beat spam filters and firewalls Text versions for mobile phones Strong brand is powerful messaging Personalization“When you think of my service, is it me you think of?”
  17. 17. Times, they are a-changing.
  18. 18. Breaking it down...
  19. 19. Breakdown for this seminar’s campaign
  20. 20. The chameleon...
  21. 21. Knowing your opponent is key...
  22. 22. Some figures to sleep on... Your service or product is worth $100 You send: 1,000 emails = $35 40% open rate = 400 20% click-through rate = 8010% of CTR make a purchase (8) = $800 0.8% success $800 - $35 = $765 profit!
  23. 23. June 21, 2011 in“email newsletter designer”: #6 out of 78,700,000
  24. 24. The final bell... (250) 245-8777 622 1st Avenue, #202, Ladysmith
  25. 25. Be a smart marketer and knock that tough economy out! See you downstairs in the bar... Now THAT’S smart marketing!