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The EU

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  1. 1. THE EU
  2. 2. NEWS
  3. 3. Teenagers Teenagers want to be different from the rest of people and to feel superior. This is shown by smoking or quarrels. The use of tobacco stars in the adolescence and it increases health problems. Although there are a lot of teenagers who smoke, all of them say that smoking is very bad to their health.
  4. 4. Another topic is and the quarrels at school. Teenagers who fight are those who have aggressive or shy conduct. Some teenagers hurts people in the street to have fun.
  6. 6. HISTORY
  7. 7. Several European leaders came to the conclusion that the only way of assuring a lasting peace between their countries was to join them. In 1950, in a speech, Robert Schuman, proposed to integrate the industries of the coal and West Europe’s steel.
  8. 8. The result from it arose in 1951 under the form of The European Community of the Coal and Steel, with six members: Belgium, West Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy and the Netherlands. In the period of a few years these six countries decided to integrate another sectors of their economies.
  9. 9. In 1957 they signed the Rome Agreement and the European Community of the Atomic power and the Economic European Community was created . The States wanted to eliminate the commercial barriers between them and to create a " common market ".
  10. 10. From then on there is a unique Commission and the Ministers' unique Council, and the European Parliament. In 1979 the first elections took place to allow the citizens of the member states to vote for their favourite candidates. Since then they have held elections every five years.
  11. 11. Later, the Agreement of Maastricht created the European Union (EU) .At the beginning the attention was centred on a common trade policy for the coal and the steel and on a common agricultural politic. With the years other policies were added, depending on the needs. The relation of the Union with the rest of the world also is important and the EU negotiates important commercial agreements and of help with other countries.
  12. 12. The euro
  13. 14. In 1992 the EU decided an economic and monetary union with the introduction of the European unique currency. The unique currency (the Euro) returned real on January , 2002, when the tickets and coins replaced to the national coins in 12 of 15 countries of the Union (Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Finland).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  14. 15. TRADITIONS
  15. 16. Halloween Halloween was born in USA, but now it´s a tradition here ( in Spain ) And in another countrys like England ... Halloween is celebrated the 1st day of October. Children wears monter´s clothes and goes to different homes to ask for candy . Althought Halloween was born in the USA it´s a very common tradition in the european union.
  16. 17. To kiss itself in Christmas under a plant of mistletoe to obtain eternal love and to adorn the houses is a constumbre that comes from the former Druids (clergyman Celts) those who were considering it to be a symbol of peace and a protective amulet against the physical evil. Mistetloe in Christmas
  17. 18. Christmas carols Everypeople in all the countries of the world sings christmas carols at Crhistmas. Christmas carols are very popular songs that were taught by the mothers during all the history. Every country in Europe has differents christmas carols . It´s a tradition very beautifull to celebrate Christmas.
  18. 19. Santos inocentes or April fool´s day ? Santos inocentes and April fool´s day is the same celebration but it´s celebrated in different countr ies and in differents days. Santos inocentes is celebrated the 28th of December in Spain and April fool´s day is celebrated the 1st April in differents countrys like England. Peopla hav e fun jocking and playing with people .
  19. 20. ECOLOGY
  20. 21. Animals in danger There are a lot of species in danger of extinction. When we talk about of species in dander we think in animals and we forget very important plants to the man. Actually, some people have worried and have created breeding places to protect this species in danger
  21. 22. The 22/03/06 it is celebrated the World Day of the water and the 21/03/06 a report of the United Nations was publicized in the one that is alerted of that the water shortage not only sympathetic on thousands of million persons. World day of the water
  22. 23. The commission Ospar has published a report in the one that is alert of the rapid increase of the acidification of the water of the sea due to increase of CO2 in the atmosphere . Commission ospar of 15 european nations
  23. 24. As the department of Environment reported today in a note, also this commission has elaborated another report dedicated to the technical aspects of the apprehension and storage of dioxide of carbon in the geological.
  24. 25. TRIVIAL
  25. 26. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  26. 27. by : María,Tania, Marián & Sara
  27. 28. THE END
  28. 29. When do the teenagers star smoking ? During the old age During the adolescence Whatever age
  29. 30. When was the world day of water ? 22 / April / 2006 17 / Mars / 2006 28 / February / 2006
  30. 31. What plant is the symbol of peace in the Eupopean union ? Mistetloe Pumpink Poppy
  31. 32. What is the bad lucky colour to the europeans actors ? Orange Yellow Pink
  32. 33. Where was Halloween born ? In USA In England In Spain
  33. 34. What do people ask for in Halloween ? Cakes Ice- creams Sweets
  34. 35. FALSE
  35. 36. TRUE
  36. 37. TRUE
  37. 38. FALSE
  38. 39. FALSE
  39. 40. TRUE
  40. 41. FALSE
  41. 42. TRUE
  42. 43. TRUE
  43. 44. FALSE
  44. 45. FALSE
  45. 46. TRUE