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Ticketing French Market


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ticketing French Market

  1. 1. ETT 2010 AMSTERDAM<br />Europe Talks Tickets Conference<br />10-12th February 2010<br />February 2010<br />Aldea – Information System & Organization management consulting<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Aldea - Conseil en Organisation et Systèmes d&apos;Information<br />2<br />Raw datas – Ticketing market in France<br />Cinemas :<br />&gt; 1300 cinemaswith total audience &gt; 200 million in 2009 <br />Ski :<br />197 stations with 58,5 million days skiers in 2008 / 2009<br />Museums:<br />&gt; 1200 museums, withtotal visitors of 26 millions in 2008<br />&gt; 65 Million Inhabitants<br />Stadium :<br />67 sport s stadiumswithcapacity &gt; 10000<br />Influx season 2008 / 2009 for the first 2 professional divisions , more 14 million (football and rugby)<br />Opera & theaters:<br />&lt; 100 professionaltheater<br />Attractions :<br />&gt; 200 parks in France, 15 sites with more 300 000 annual visits<br />Concert halls :<br />193 rooms<br />
  3. 3. The largestretailers are still the supermarkets or the Fnac<br />Quick rise of online retailers, generalists or dedicated<br />Recent Independent online retailers<br />Internet portalscreatedat the end of the 90’s<br />Online & outlet network<br />Retailermarket<br />Aldea - Conseil en Organisation et Systèmes d&apos;Information<br />3<br />And counting….<br />
  4. 4. Generalist classified and auction websites<br />Generalist classified and auction websites<br />Secondary market<br />Aldea - Conseil en Organisation et Systèmes d&apos;Information<br />4<br />The secondarymarketactor have to face the challenge of a big deal : Facebook, 25% of the french population, but itsmarketplaceis not wellknown (not yet)<br />Direct sales via social networks<br />In february 2010, 25% of the french population have a facebookaccount (15 millions) <br />
  5. 5. Ticketing management systemsmarket<br />A majority of french onlyvendors<br />Heritage of ticketing taxes regulation<br />Vendors are specialised on submarkets<br />Culture & spectacle<br />Sports et Entertainment<br />Licensing in France - software market<br />Major market: flat rate with maintenance subscription<br />Minority : variable costbased on usage<br />Aldea - Conseil en Organisation et Systèmes d&apos;Information<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Ticketing management systemsmarket<br />Yearly new system sales (more than 300 000 tickets per year)<br />2-4 for publics institutions (museum, theatres, opera)<br />5-10 in privatesector<br />Average life span of 8 years of an installedsystems<br />Actual call for tender purpose : Goingfromaccountancy software to CRM<br />The clients ask for business intelligence functionalities<br />The new solutions cost more by 30 to 50%<br />Aldea - Conseil en Organisation et Systèmes d&apos;Information<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Consultant point of view : Opportunities<br />Aldea - Conseil en Organisation et Systèmes d&apos;Information<br />7<br />Open It !<br />Open the Datas<br />Open the market<br />Makeitaffordable<br />The ticketing system must be in the heart of the informations systems<br /> Future is open to the systemswhich are natively able to exchange datas<br />France has a concentrated market, barely competitive<br />An average of 3 or 4 offers in call of tender « always the same guys »<br />A need for new vendors to dynamize the market<br />A few institutions are able to afford the actualscrm & ticketing solutions<br />
  8. 8. Pierre-Mary Thibault<br />Aldea – Information system & Organization management<br /><br />+33 155 389 939<br />The presentation will be free to download at<br />February 2010<br />Aldea - Conseil en Organisation et Systèmes d&apos;Information<br />8<br />