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Joint working the 7 step framework


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Joint working the 7 step framework

  1. 1. Joint Working The “7 Step Framework” Kevin Blakemore, National NHS Partnership Manager |ABPI
  2. 2. Our common goal Win:Win:Win:Win:Win Public NHS Academia Voluntary Sector Industry Social Care
  3. 3. Quick Start Guide – May 2012
  4. 4. Flow Chart
  5. 5. Promotion Joint Working MEGS Sponsorship For patient benefit Yes Yes Yes Yes NHS/Pharma company pool resources X Yes X X Pharma company investment Yes Yes Yes Yes NHS investment X Yes X O Detailed agreement in place X Yes X X Shared commitment to successful delivery X Yes Yes Yes Details of the agreement are made public X Yes O X Prospective ROI Yes Yes X X Outcomes must be measured X Yes O X
  6. 6. Joint Working Experience from Greater Manchester C&S Network Amanda Schofield, Quality Improvement Lead | Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria Strategic Clinical Network and Senate