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ABPI and our regional industry groups - andy riley


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ABPI and our regional industry groups - andy riley

  1. 1. ABPI and our RegionalIndustry GroupsAndy Riley, Partnerships Manager, Midlands and East
  2. 2. Real world data and e-healthABPI landscape and policy mapInnovation, Healthand WealthvaluebasedpricingPPRSCommissioningReputationUK CompetitivenessNHS PartnershipsDiscovery Development Approval Fair Price Access Uptake PatientsSupply ChainPartnerships for researchAnimal researchEU InfluenceClinical researchRegulatory framework and MHRAManufacturing and the environmentSchools, higher education and skillsIntellectual property and patentPharmacovigilancePatient Group ForumMedicines OptimisationHTA
  3. 3. Our partnerships for delivery•We have an MOU with the NHS Confederation, ABHI and Medilinks tosupport the implementation of Innovation, Health and Wealth•This strategic agreement aims to increase the adoption and diffusion ofproven technologies in areas of high clinical need to deliver high qualitypatient outcome and efficiency gains•It includes showcasing best practice for joint working, judged by anindependent panel – our first launch event was in February•We work on policy at a national level with a range of organisations,including the DoH, NHS England, NICE, Royal Colleges and others
  4. 4. Our visionNHS Partnerships Team established in 2012,led by Carol Blount, our director:– Kevin Blakemore, National Manager– Regional Managers:– Di Vegh (South)– Harriet Lewis (North)– Andy Riley (Mids and East)– Karen Thomas (London)– Mike Ringe, Therapy Group Manager– Terry Harrison, consultant– Industry secondeecurrently Farid Bidgoli from AZIndustry as an integral part of the NHS’s solutionto the delivery of better patient outcomes
  5. 5. NHS Partnership team prioritiesWe are:- Identifying and sharing local NHS issues, organisational and policy changes with membercompanies- Taking the lead on themes from the Innovation, Health and Wealth and other key priorities,e.g. medicines optimisation- Demonstrating the value of medicines as an opportunity to improve outcomes rather than asa cost pressure to commissioners and providers- Supporting companies in the development of Joint Working projectsWe aren’t:- Promoting a particular company/ therapy area or product- Trying to improve your market share- Replicating or ‘competing’ with member company field teams- The only way that the NHS can engage with pharma