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The PMSD RoadmapFacilitating market systems
The PMSD Roadmap launched inFebruary 2012. We are very excited                                         Sharing with Others...
Markets are...                                       decades of learning about the best                                   ...
Visit the roadmap at: For further information Please contact: Lucho Osorio luis.osorio@p...
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The PMSD Roadmap flyer

A promotional flyer that outlines our approach to PMSD and the thinking behind the PMSD Roadmap.

If printing, make sure you print as a booklet, and print both sides.

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The PMSD Roadmap flyer

  1. 1. The PMSD RoadmapFacilitating market systems
  2. 2. The PMSD Roadmap launched inFebruary 2012. We are very excited Sharing with Othersabout the opportunities it will For organisations and agenciesprovide for Practical Action and wanting support in value chainother like-minded organisations and development and market systemsagencies to continue to improve the facilitation, Practical Action’sway we facilitate more efficient, consultancy arm Practical Actioninclusive and equitable markets Consulting are one mechanismthat work better for vulnerable and through which we share ourmarginalized women and men approaches and learning, and offeraround the world. tailored services to meet individuals’ specific needs. The ten steps of the PMSD Roadmap PMSD is featured as a “best practice” in the implementation of value chain development by USAID 2 and is also highly regarded by donors including DFID, SDC and the European Commission.
  3. 3. Markets are... decades of learning about the best ways to build sustainablevital to the rural poor – whether as enterprises in rural contexts.workers, producers or consumers.Transforming these market systemscan be extremely powerful at The PMSD Roadmaptackling rural poverty, and the The PMSD Roadmap is a structuredbenefits can be shared on a very sequence of steps designed tolarge scale. However all too often, guide and train field staff in how toweak relationships between market facilitate the PMSD process on theactors, a lack of access to critical ground. Practical Action isinputs and services and a disabling developing the in-depth resourcesinstitutional environment combine that will form each create market systems thatcompound the vulnerability andmarginalization of the poor.But markets can and do work for Practical Action / Olivia Combertithe poor. Market actors can worktogether to unblock constraints tomake entire sectors more efficientand competitive. When poor womenand men are empowered to be partof this collaboration, markettransformations can bringinclusiveness and equitability to An example of a step of the PMSD Roadmapthe system.Our Approach: The PMSD Roadmap offers three levels of capacity building:The Participatory Market System A series of detailed, step-by-stepDevelopment (PMSD) approach has guidelines, available online fordeveloped over 10 years, from anyone to use;Practical Action’s experience of theway poor women and men A set of training courses, that cansustainably generate an income. be downloaded and adapted toPMSD has evolved with the specific contexts by managersframeworks of value chain wanting to train their teams;development and Making Markets A mentoring programme1 to buildWork for the Poor (M4P). It is the skills and competencies ofbased on Practical Action’s field expert facilitators and PMSDexperience across Africa, South leaders.Asia and Latin America, and four
  4. 4. Visit the roadmap at: For further information Please contact: Lucho Osorio International Market Systems Specialist Or visit: In collaboration with CARE, CHF International, and Conservation International,with the support of USAID2 Microreport #149PRACTICAL ACTION T +44 (0)1926 634400The Schumacher Centre F +44 (0)1926 634401Bourton on Dunsmore E W www.practicalaction.orgWarwickshire, CV23 9QZ, UKFront Cover: Practical ActionPractical Action is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.Patron HRH The Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB | Registered Charity No 247257 | Comp RegNo871954, England