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Step 7 Templates


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These are the templates for the action points in Step 7: Participatory Planning. Use these in accordance with the guidelines for this step.

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Step 7 Templates

  1. 1. Step 7: Participatory Planning ‘From consensus to coordinated action’ Templates 1Beta Version 1 – Aug 2012
  2. 2. Template for Action point B - Keeping track of mood changes Date Situation Actors Nature of changes Comments Ideas to use involved these changes 14/3/12 Eg. Eg. cheese Eg. Long running argument Eg. Quality of X Eg. Facilitate the Argument makers and changed course to a was main issue setting up of a working over prices wholesalers. discussion of how to group to tackle this [NB: We resolve - started seeing issue? recommend that each other’s point of view you identify Note: this column can actors by name be used after the whenever workshop. possible] 2Beta Version 1 – Aug 2012