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Step 5 Templates

These are the templates for the action points in Step 5: Engaging Key Actors. Use these in accordance with the guidelines for this step.

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Step 5 Templates

  1. 1. Step 5: Engaging Key Actors ‘The Market Actors are compelled to join the process’ Templates 1Beta Version 1 – Sep 2012
  2. 2. Template for Action point A - Key actors and systemic issues Key actors What are the systemic What are the systemic What are the systemic blockages that affect opportunities that risks that affect them them or that involve affect them or that or that involve them? them? involve them? Actor A Actor B Actor C Actor D […] Actor Z 2Beta Version 1 – Sep 2012
  3. 3. Template for Action point B - Understanding key actorsKey Actor Who is the market actor?AddressBackgroundSystemic issues Forward thinking / visionaryKey individuals Influence or relevance Shorter termNeeds and Medium terminterests Longer term Reasons to engageMotivations Reasons not to engage Positive influencesInfluentialactors Negative influences 3Beta Version 1 – Sep 2012
  4. 4. Template for Action point C - Identify hooksKey Actor Who is the market actor?The contentOpportunities to communicateOther contact methodsThe communicatorThe recipientPressure 4Beta Version 1 – Sep 2012