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Step 4 Training Materials - Key Skills Handout


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A handout to be used with the step 4 training materials, which can be found here:

Print one copy per participant.

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Step 4 Training Materials - Key Skills Handout

  1. 1. TRAINING MATERIALS: MODULE 4Key Skills for Marginalised Actors MC PBs MMW RP Understanding a system and placing themselves in itCompetency 1: Seeing their influence on others Market Literacy Seeing themselves as knowledge sources and users Using business language Understanding the importance of interaction for changeCompetency 2: Seeing from others’ points of view Multi-actor Interaction Communicating clearly, concisely and confidently Articulating barriers and solutions Understanding the benefits of cooperation Competency 3: Representing common challenges Representationand Mobilisation Reporting back effectively Getting other actors excited about change Other: Other: