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Pedro Medina Reinón
Pedro Medina ReinónDirector de publicaciones at IED Madrid - Istituto Europeo di Design
Pedro Medina
Archiprix workshop
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IED Madrid Editorial
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Promote and disseminate services around the bike, creating efficient
services that encourage non-users and facilitate its use by current
Storage MobilityMaintenance
Citizen engagement
Bicycle storage in the city of Madrid
To create systems to improve the city-bike-user relationship, valuing
the storage aspect

To do this, we can build a parking service, implement the necessary
facilities to meet the different needs of the user
Name Ana

Age 20

Frequency Regular

Activities University,
shopping, visit friends

Storage Ground floor
I. Absence of
reserved spaces

II. Inefficiency of
existing facilities
I. Thefts

II. Pedestrian

III. Visual pollution
The opportunity to create a
service to respond to the needs
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Analysis: action area
Analysis: service areas
Analysis: services by area
Area: San Bernardo-Malasaña-Chueca
Area: Ópera-Callao-Puerta del Sol
Area: La Latina-Lavapiés-Atocha
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Name Marta

Age 29

Frequency Regular

Activities University, to
work, visit friends

Storage Courtyard of the
residents, office’s
reception and where she
can (lamppost, tree,
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Situation 1
Someone has stolen her bike
Situation 2
Marta has a flat tire 

... the chain is out

... the light doesn’t work

... broken pedals

... the brakes don’t work

Situation 3
Marta has an accident
- Insurance market

- High cost of repairs

- Repairs business hours

- Do it yourself

Survival Kit Cyclist
Medical kit
Survival Kit Cyclist
SURE your bike: Welcomebike with insurers. 3 types, customizable
Survival Kit Cyclist

Flange with identification number
Stay on wheels
Urban space to repair and supply material for bicycle in
vending format. Location: newsstand strategically located
in downtown Madrid. 24h service
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Information service for
bicycle mobility through
web and mobile application
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Current services
- Office Bike: Office Bike
Hall of Madrid. Outdated
website with information
about the use of bicycles.
It includes a map with the
current routes for bikes

- Different blogs with
information about routes
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Related services
Google Maps. It includes information for trips on foot, by car or public

EMT website or Metro with information on public transport routes

They include applications for smartphones
A website where you can get specific information on cycling
routes in the center of Madrid

Applications for smartphones 

You can personalize your routes
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How does it work?
You can customize your route 

You can log-in to save and share routes, then you can compare the
information with other users
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Encourage the use of bicycles as alternative transportation
by providing a support: Mobility, Storage and Maintenance
Pedro Medina
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