PMP Five Sample Questions - 3


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This presentation will showcase free sample PMP® questions that will help and guide you in studying for your PMP® exam

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PMP Five Sample Questions - 3

  1. 1. PMP® Sample Questions PMI, PMP, CAPM, PgMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP and PMBOK are trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI has not endorsed and did not participate in the development of this publication. PMI does not sponsor this publication and makes no warranty, guarantee or representation, expressed or implied as to the accuracy or content. Every attempt has been made by OSP International LLC to ensure that the information presented in this publication is accurate and can serve as preparation for the PMP certification exam. However, OSP International LLC accepts no legal responsibility for the content herein. This document should be used only as a reference and not as a replacement for officially published material. Using the information from this document does not guarantee that the reader will pass the PMP certification exam. No such guarantees or warranties are implied or expressed by OSP International LLC.
  2. 2. This presentation will showcase free sample PMP® questions that will help and guide you in studying for your PMP® exam Find more free sample questions when you visit and
  3. 3. You have just been hired as the operations manager for a telecommunications company. You are tasked with improving the company's services and operations and a team of 20 engineers report to you. During your first week at this company, you found that the engineers spend at least 80% of their time responding to unexpected requests for information from different stakeholders. Because of this, your engineers cannot focus on the operations, which is resulting in frequent network outages. As the project manager, what should you do first to resolve this problem? a. Tell the engineers to stop responding to unexpected requests since they are not covered in the Communications Management Plan b. Push the engineers to respond to all the requests faster so that they are able to perform their regular duties c. Perform all project communications yourself and let the engineers focus on the operations d. Analyze the stakeholder requirements and review the Communications Management Plan Hint: You need to further investigate the problem. Sample PMP® Exam Question 1
  4. 4. The correct answer is D You are clearly having issues in your Control Communications process. Control Communications is the process used to make relevant information available to project stakeholders, as planned to ensure the information needs of the stakeholders are met. The focus here is mainly in the Controlling process group. However, since your team is spending 80% of their time handling unexpected information requests, clearly something is terribly wrong. You should further investigate the issue by analyzing stakeholder requirements and reviewing the Communications Management Plan. Answer and Explanation
  5. 5. You are managing a mega construction project. You conduct bi-weekly team meetings and distribute weekly targets. However, you are frequently finding that your team does not understand you properly and is not performing according to the guidelines which have been communicated. Which of the following is most likely missing in your team meetings? a. Verbal communication b.Non-verbal communication c. Paralingual communication d.Team's feedback Hint: What must be included in your team meetings to make sure that your team understands your targets? Sample PMP® Exam Question 2
  6. 6. The correct answer is D "Team meetings are all about ""verbal communication"", which makes this choice incorrect.“ "Non-verbal communication"" refers to your gestures, facial expressions, and physical appearance while you are communicating your message. ""Paralingual communication"" is the tone and pitch of your voice when you are talking to people. Both non- verbal communication and paralingual communication are automatically expressed by anyone using verbal communications. Therefore, we can safely assume that your team meetings contain these as well. Therefore, both of these choices are incorrect. The only answer left is ""Team's feedback"" because the scenario does not explicitly say if you are asking for it or if the team members are providing it. The scenario also explains that even though you have a lot of meetings and a lot of communication, there seems to be a disconnect. Getting the team's feedback during the meeting is the method that ensures that the audience is understanding what is being communicated." Answer and Explanation
  7. 7. You are managing a telecommunications project, and 10 telecom engineers report to you. Due to a change in scope requested by your customer, you need to add more team members, and you decide to hire two more engineers. How many communication channels will be added by hiring these engineers? a. 21 b.23 c. 66 d.78 Hint: What was the size of the project team before hiring the new engineers and what is it afterwards? Sample PMP® Exam Question 3
  8. 8. The correct answer is B As 10 engineers reported to you before the recruitment exercise, the total project team size was 11 and the number of communication channels was 11*10/2 = 55. After the recruitment of two engineers the new team size is 13 and the communications channels are now 13*12/2 = 78. The additional communication channels therefore total 78-55 = 23. Answer and Explanation
  9. 9. You are managing a factory setup project and it was decided earlier that you will outsource all the civil construction works to qualified vendors. Your project planning is complete and you are ready to invite, shortlist, and select a couple of vendors for this job. You have prepared the procurements scope of work document that will help all of the interested parties understand the scope in order to place an accurate bid. Which of the following procurement techniques should you use to make sure that all the vendors understand the scope of work properly before they place a bid? a. Proposal Evaluation Techniques b.Independent Estimates c. Advertising d.Bidder Conference Hint: Invite every shortlisted bidder for a gathering. Sample PMP® Exam Question 4
  10. 10. The correct answer is D Proposal evaluation techniques and independent estimates are techniques to evaluate bids and not to make sure the vendor understands the scope of work. Advertising is the technique used to invite vendors to obtain the scope of work and place their bids, but this also does not make sure that they properly understand the scope of work. The only way to make sure that the vendors understand the scope of work properly is to hold bidder conferences. Answer and Explanation
  11. 11. You are managing a complex project and some of the project work needs to be outsourced. You have prepared a Procurement Scope of Work document and you are about to advertise the job to obtain vendor proposals. However, you need to have a benchmark document against which you can later compare the vendor proposals. Your primary focus for this activity is to have control over the quoted prices. You will also need this document later to compare whether or not your vendors properly understood the scope of work. Which technique should you use to develop this control document? a. Expert Judgment b. Independent Estimates c. Internet Search d. Procurement Negotiations Hint: You need to have an estimate created for the work to serve as a benchmark against which to compare vendor proposals.. Sample PMP® Exam Question 5
  12. 12. The correct answer is B Independent estimates provide an organization with the ability to obtain an initial estimate of the cost of the work in question. This can serve as a benchmark for proposals submitted by vendors for the same work. Independent estimates can either be created using the organization's internal staff or can be solicited from an expert outside of the organization. Answer and Explanation