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Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions


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Take advantage of this free sample question sponsored by the PM Exam Simulator

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Free PMP® Exam Sample Questions

  1. 1. Free PMP® Exam Sample Question
  2. 2. PMP® Exam Sample Question Presented by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP PMI, PMP, CAPM, PgMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP and PMBOK are trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI has not endorsed and did not participate in the development of this publication. PMI does not sponsor this publication and makes no warranty, guarantee or representation, expressed or implied as to the accuracy or content. Every attempt has been made by OSP International LLC to ensure that the information presented in this publication is accurate and can serve as preparation for the PMP certification exam. However, OSP International LLC accepts no legal responsibility for the content herein. This document should be used only as a reference and not as a replacement for officially published material. Using the information from this document does not guarantee that the reader will pass the PMP certification exam. No such guarantees or warranties are implied or expressed by OSP International LLC.
  3. 3. Provided by This presentation showcases free sample questions to help you study for the PMP exam
  4. 4. Cost of Quality refers to the total cost of all efforts related to quality throughout the Product Life Cycle. Organizations should invest in product quality improvement to reduce which of the following?
  5. 5. A. Internal Cost of Quality B. Prevention Costs C. Appraisal Costs D. External Cost of Quality
  6. 6. If organizations don't invest in product quality improvements, the cost of product returns, warranty claims, and recall campaigns increases.
  7. 7. D. External Cost of Quality
  8. 8. Organizations should invest in reducing the External Cost of Quality by improving product quality. This will result in reduced product returns and warranty claims.
  9. 9. Program Evaluation and Review Technique depends on which of the following statistical distributions?
  10. 10. A. Binomial Distribution B. Log-Normal Distribution C. Uniform Distribution D. Triangular Distribution
  11. 11. Program Evaluation and Review Technique is the PERT technique and relies on three-point estimating.
  12. 12. D. Triangular Distribution
  13. 13. The PERT technique is based on the assumption that the underlying data can be represented by a triangular distribution. This is another way of saying that PERT is using a three-point (triangular) estimation. Note: This question is intentionally a bit obscure. However, it is a valid question because you must expect to find "obscure" questions that are taken from sources other than the PMBOK Guide on the real PMP Exam. If you come across a question on the exam where you ask yourself "How on earth could anyone know this?" then you need to make a selection and move on.
  14. 14. Joe is working as a project manager on a highway construction project. He wants to use a fixed price contract instead of cost-plus contract. The risk response strategy he is using in this case is an example of?
  15. 15. A. Risk Avoidance B. Risk Transfer C. Risk Mitigation D. Risk Acceptance
  16. 16. The project manager in this example is currently performing the Conduct Procurements process but the answer is in the Plan Risk Responses process.
  17. 17. B. Risk Transfer
  18. 18. Risk Transference requires shifting some or all of the negative impact of a threat, along with the ownership of the response. A fixed price contract may transfer risk to the seller, whereas a cost-plus contract may transfer cost risk to the buyer.
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