A PMP Exam Simulator Assesses Your Readiness For The PMP Exam


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A PMP Exam Simulator Assesses Your Readiness For The PMP Exam

  1. 1. A PMP® Exam SimulatorAssesses Your Readinessfor the PMP® ExamPMI, PMP, CAPM, PgMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP and PMBOK are trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI has not endorsed anddid not participate in the development of this publication. PMI does not sponsor this publication and makes no warranty, guarantee orrepresentation, expressed or implied as to the accuracy or content. Every attempt has been made by OSP International LLC to ensure that theinformation presented in this publication is accurate and can serve as preparation for the PMP certification exam. However, OSP International LLCaccepts no legal responsibility for the content herein. This document should be used only as a reference and not as a replacement for officiallypublished material. Using the information from this document does not guarantee that the reader will pass the PMP certification exam. No suchguarantees or warranties are implied or expressed by OSP International LLC.
  2. 2. A PMP exam simulator can help youassess your readiness for the PMP®certification.• It is a piece of software that mimicsthe environment of the exam, downto the way the questions arepresented.• It will give you an idea of whetheryou are ready to apply to take thereal PMP® exam.
  3. 3. So how will asimulator give youthat feedback?
  4. 4. 1. Exam simulators test likethe exam will• A PMP® exam simulator mimics the set up of the exam.• Simulators will also display questions in the sameproportions to how they will appear to you during theexam.• It will include questions that come from concepts notfound in the PMBOK® Guide.• A simulator will ensure that you have a comprehensiveunderstanding of all the material that will be covered inthe exam.• Simulators will also give you experience of answeringthe types of question that you will face on the test day.
  5. 5. 2. Exam simulators areprofessionally designed• An exam simulator will havebeen professionally designedto simulate not only thetesting environment, butalso the questions style anddifficulty.• Taking sample exam papersthrough an exam simulatorwill give you an idea of howready you are to take thereal thing.
  6. 6. 3. Exam simulators help you gaugereadiness with the 85% rule• The 85% rule is simple: if you are able to correctlyanswer at least 85% or more of the practice questionson your first try, then you are ready for the PMP®certification exam.• A simulator with 1,800 questions will give you 1,800‘first tries’.• Answering a question correctly on your second trydoesn’t count.• Remember, you will only have one chance when itcomes to the real exam.
  7. 7. The 85% rule is just a rule ofthumb, but if you need toknow how you are doing it is auseful benchmark againstwhich to assess your abilities.
  8. 8. 4. Exam simulators prepareyou for the exam day• A PMP® Exam simulator willforce you to find time andpractice your ability to focus ontaking the exam.• You also have to preparementally for the rigors of takingthe test.• A simulator will help you practiceapplying this information toexam questions in a realisticenvironment, against the clock.
  9. 9. These four points show you how a PMPexam simulator can help assess yourreadiness for the PMP® certification exam.• You should make use of everyavailable tool to prepare yourself fullyfor taking the test.• a PMP exam simulator will help youdecide when you are ready, by givingyou the chance to review theconcepts, types of questions and toprepare in a realistic environment.
  10. 10. When you feel confidentin your abilities – andyour sample PMP® examtest scores reflect thelevel you need to passthe real thing – thenput together yourapplication and apply totake the PMP® exam.