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National Innovation Council's Experiments with Social media

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  • State Innovation Councils are expected to drive the innovation agenda in the States and to harness core competencies, local talent, resources and capabilities to create new opportunities with the objective of inclusive development.
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  • Experiments with social media

    1. 1. Moving with the Times Redefining GoI’s Communication Practices NATIONAL INNOVATION COUNCIL’s Experiments with Social Media @pitrodasam www.innovationcouncil.gov.in
    2. 2. National Innovation Council Government of India has declared 2010-2020 as the ‘Decade of Innovation’, with a focus on inclusive growth To help Implement National Strategy & Prepare Roadmap for the decade 2010-2020 the Prime Minister set up the National Innovation Council (NInC) NInC would create a cross cutting system to provide policies, recommendations and methodologies to boost innovation performance in the country with a focus on Indian Model of Innovation
    3. 3. Members, National Innovation Council
    4. 4. NInC State InC Sectoral InC Councils Inclusive Innovation Fund Industry Innovation Clusters National Innovation Scholarships Tod Fod Jod Centres Innovation Portal Courts of Tomorrow Grand Challenges One MP One Idea Science Museums Global Innovation Roundtable National Knowledge Network Open Gov Platform NInC Initiatives
    5. 5. Our Story of Going Social !
    6. 6. May 2011
    7. 7. May 2011
    8. 8. Dec 2011
    9. 9. http://twtrland.com/profile/pitrodasam
    10. 10. Engagement Crowdsourcing Ideas and Talent Institutionalisation Image Credit: http://www.captivate.ie Experiments!
    11. 11. Engagement • Twit Con #DoI • Twit Con #Innovation • Public Lecture on NKN • Hangout #12thplan Crowdsourcing Ideas and Talent •Hackathon on #12thplan Institutionalisation •NInC •Planning Commission •Prasar Bharti Experiments!
    12. 12. #DoI 1st ever! Twitter Press Conference in India Moving with the times
    13. 13. #DoI
    14. 14. Sep 24
    15. 15. 2000+ Tweets 800 Questions 45 minutes Answered: 50! Trending in India < 15 mins!
    16. 16. Sam Pitroda on Beautiful People On the 1st ever Twitter Press Conference in India
    17. 17. Our learnings: How 2 do - Twit Con! 1. Inform: atleast 2 weeks! 2. Communicate: via multiple formats, platforms, partners, media 3. A day/ or 2 before: release video(s) on subject; announce # Choose your # well Video: 2-3 mins; on subject of conference 4. On day: open Twit Con with 12-15 opening Tweets 5. Duration: 75-90 mins 6. Timing: very crucial; must be accordingly to target audience; evenings better for global audience; (Days?) 7. Tweet: Photos, audio, video; Links to your work, website 8. Answer: Focus on subject; club similar qns; RT Question - .@ answer 9. Analytics: very crucial for review, self-learning 10. Still need a process to ‘filter questions’ (?)
    18. 18. #innovation 1st ever, Global Twitter Press Conference Moving with the times
    19. 19. 2nd Twitter Conference | Nov 2, 2011 #Innovation
    20. 20. 10 mins to go live!
    21. 21. Tools fail you, while you are live!
    22. 22. Twitter says, you have crossed your limit! Can’t Tweet… while you got 15 more mins to go!
    23. 23. We are done! Conclusion of the 1st Global Twit Con
    24. 24.  Presence on various SM Platforms: Twitter (87,000+), Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, etc.  Regular dissemination of information, news, events, etc. via Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, Flickr and YouTube.  First ever (India, Global) Twitter Press Conferences  We have now standardized the use of Twitter (for taking questions) during webcasts, press conferences, events, etc. To summarise, our experience with ‘Engagement’
    25. 25. 1st ever and largest public lecture over the National Knowledge Network 4 Lakh+ students 10 locations: 2 way 100+ locations: 1 way Q&A: via @pitrodasam
    26. 26. #12thplan National Innovation Council and Planning Commission Moving with the times Jan 07 Jan 08 Jan 11 Idea ! Approval Execution
    27. 27. Communicating the 12th Plan to India
    28. 28. Why communicate the 12th Plan? To create a shared vision for a new India To create hope, enthusiasm and commitment towards the shared vision To engage stakeholders to realise our shared vision
    29. 29.  The Plan through stories  10-15 video stories  Videos of PM, DCH, PC Members  50 Slide Presentation on 12th Plan  25-30 Tweets to link all content  Chapter wise  7-10 Slide Presentation  Infographics  Tweets  All content on Planning Commission website  Launch: 15th March – Google Hangout! Plan for the Plan New Formats New Media #12thplan
    30. 30. Connecting the Dots Citizen Groups Chapters Major Flagship Schemes 12P Outlay Children 4 Sustainable Development Integrated Child Development Service 1,08,503 Farmers 5 Water National Health Mission 2,50,000 Entrepreneurs 6 Land Issues Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission1,01,917 Disabled 7 Environment, Forestry and Wildlife Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana 63,246 Women 8 Science and Technology National Rural Livelihood Mission 29,006 Northeast 9 Innovation Sarva Shiksah Abhiyan 1,92,726 Youth 10 Governance Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water and Sanitation Mission1,07,015 Business Owner 11 Regional Equality Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme 91,435 Urban 12 Agriculture Mid Day Meal 90,155 Rural 13 Industry Backward Region Grant Fund 76,678 Minority 14 Energy National Social Assistance Program 48,642 SC/ST 15 Transport Accelerated Power Development And Reform Programme10,830 Innovator 16 Communication Pradahan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana 1,24,013 17 Rural Development Indira Awas Yojana 63,585 18 Urban Development Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act1,65,500 19 Other Priority Sectors Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana 23,397 20 Health 21 Education 22 Employment and Skill Development 23 Women’s Agency and Child Rights 24 Social Inclusion Characters Kajri - Schoolgirl Tenzing - NE Entrep. Rahim - Farmer Chanda - ST Woman Raaman - Scientist CEO - Industry
    31. 31. The Plan 4 the Plan: Phases Overview 3 Themes ----- Limited Formats Priority Areas Priority Initiatives ----- Additional Formats Targeted Events All 24 Chapters ----- More Events 4 Weeks – Pre-budget (Feb 21 - 28th) 5-8 Weeks – March Google Hangout Launch: 15th March 8-12 Weeks – April
    32. 32. Hangout with the Planning Commission! In-house (NInC, PC, NIC, DD, AIR) < 10 days; Young team; ‘zero cost’ Social -> traditional 5+ live TV, AIR, Print
    33. 33. Behind-the-scenes: Google Hangout on #12thplan Watch the Hangout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4EnP2JvCMY
    34. 34. Crowdsourcing Ideas and Talent #12thplan Hackathon ‘Hack the plan’
    35. 35. 12th Plan Hackathon  1900+ registrations  200+ entries (team)  10 locations  Virtual participation  36 hours  Almost ‘zero’ cost  Prizes won by 82 teams Participating teams had to develop ‘communication material’ for the 12th Plan in the form of a) infographics b) short-films c) apps at the 36 hour long Hackathon
    36. 36. 1. IIT Delhi 2. Delhi University 3. IIT Kanpur 4. IIT Kharagpur 5. IIT Madras 6. IISc Bangalore 7. IIIT Hyderabad 8. University of Jammu 9. TISS, Mumbai 10.ALIGARH Muslim University 11. Online Participation NKN connected all locations
    37. 37. Facebook connected all participants
    38. 38. Address by Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission 1100 – 1115 IST Address by Mr Sam Pitroda Adviser to PM on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations 1115 – 1125 IST Presentation on the Hackathon 1125 – 1135 IST Address by Head of the Institution 1135 – 1140 IST Break: Participants start working on their entries Sector Specific Interactions (Parallel sessions) 1400 – 1700 IST Macroeconomic Framework 1400-1500 Urban Development; Education & Skill Development; Water & Environment 1500-1600 Agriculture & Rural Development; Health; Energy 1600-1700 Break: Participants work on their entries Hackathon Glimpses: Day 1
    39. 39. Hackathon Glimpses: Inaugural Session Watch the inaugural session at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyI38IMusOQ
    40. 40. See here: http://www.slideshare.net/PlanComIndia/12th-plan-hackathon-inaugration06-pril-2013 Hackathon Glimpses: Overview Presentation
    41. 41. Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrUn0gzmIWLEpdrbwiQVE2A-QioB5unZn Hackathon Glimpses: Sector Specific Presentation Advisers of Planning Commission conducted sessions on various aspects/sectors of the Plan to brief the Hackathon participants via Google Hangout on Day 1
    42. 42. Visit www.data.gov.in/hackathon Hackathon Glimpses: Resources
    43. 43. Visit www.data.gov.in/hackathon Hackathon Glimpses: Toolkit
    44. 44. Visit www.facebook.com/PlanComIndia Hackathon Glimpses: Interactions via FB
    45. 45. Winners! http://data.gov.in//hackathon/winners
    46. 46. Media on the Hackathon
    47. 47. BBC’s Coverage of the Event BBC had an exclusive Live Twitter Conference for Mr. Pitroda and Mr. Ahluwalia on the subject of the hackathon on 5th March, 2013
    48. 48. Many questions were received on the occasion via BBC, Planning Commission and Mr. Pitroda’s twitter handles as well as their facebook pages.
    49. 49. DD News Coverage  DD had an interview with Mr. Pitroda on the 12th plan Hackathon
    50. 50. @Plancomindia The Planning Commission’s twitter handle was abuzz with activity where participants and personalities both constantly tweeting update on the Event
    51. 51. @pitrodasam
    52. 52. Hackathon from our Participant’s view This was the hackathon story presented by one of our participants. For more on his coverage go to http://www.maktion.com/2013/04/12thplan-education-india-infographic.html
    53. 53.  2+ Years …  Young Team at NInC  Planning Commission  Many subject areas; DCH+Members+Sec+…  Social Media Cell (Comm. Protocols, Priorities, etc.)  Prasar Bharti  Sub-committee set up under Pitroda Committee, which is looking at how PB can leverage new media – and institutional mechanisms to do the same Towards Institutionalisation…
    54. 54. Loads of media coverage (traditional via social)  Twit Con; #12thplan – Hangout, Hackathon  India, Internationally Views: tens of thousands of views on YouTube, Slideshare Followers: tens of thousands on T, F (PC) @PlanComIndia – 35 Lakh Toilets case PC’s confidence in its young team (opening up of mindsets…) RoI?
    55. 55. Changing Information Formats, Communication Styles and New Media Moving with the times
    56. 56.  YESTERDAY: A Ministry makes an announcement (Scheme/Program/Policy) - which is 'X' pages long, gets translated into various languages and is then communicated via the Gazzette, letters, a press release and its website  TOMORROW: An announcement from the Ministry should probably come out in the following format: 1. Press Release – for print media and website 2. Infographic: Capturing essence of the communication in a snapshot 3. 3-4 minute Video to go on Youtube 4. 5-7 Tweets - Announcing policy and giving links for details 5. Post on Ministry’s Facebook Page  Institutionalisation: Social Media Team; Communication Protocols; etc. Way to go!
    57. 57. Connect with us… WEBSITES | PORTALS | REPORTS
    58. 58. Websites Adviser to PM on PIII: www.iii.gov.in National Innovation Council: www.innovationcouncil.gov.in National Knowledge Commission: www.knowledgecommission.gov.in Global Innovation roundtable: www.globalinnovationroundtable.gov.in National Knowledge Network: http://www.nkn.in/
    59. 59. Portals National Innovation Portal: www.innovation.gov.in India Biodiversity Portal: www.indiabiodiversity.org Teachers of India: www.teachersofindia.org India Environment Portal: www.indiaenvironmentportal.org.in India Energy Portal: www.indiaenergyportal.org India Water Portal: www.indiawaterportal.org
    60. 60. twitter.com/pitrodasam facebook.com/pitrodasam slideshare.net/pmpiii flickr.com/photos/71175052@N04/ youtube.com/iii Social Media
    61. 61. National Innovation Council’s Report to the People Visit www.innovationcouncil.gov.in to download the reports
    62. 62. Thank You www.innovationcouncil.gov.in