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App vs web preso from SXSW 2011. Pros and cons; examples of different strategies of players like Facebook, Yahoo! and Fandango

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  • Microsoft 8%
  • 34% of consumers now use apps more then 1 hour per day vs. 53% viewing TV for more then 1 hour per day (source: GetJar Feb 2011 research  1500 users)Keep in mind the size of apps. These can range from a few MB to over 100mb. Size is key as it takes valuable storage spaceAlso keep in mind load speeds. This can quickly kill user experience if it take longer then 2-3 seconds to load
  • CC = credit card (for iOS this includes IAB)Android = Google Checkout, Carrier Billing (limited to US only with AT&T / Tmobile)
  • 200M mobile users100M from GetJarWeb, high end smartphone, low end stripped Java version for emerging marketsGlobal distribution  app stores, carrier decks, pre-loads, d2c
  • Text messagesText message sign upIndividual OS pages on FBApp it!  drove 100M web site downloads
  • All major SF platforms including Symbian and Mobile Web. Also used GetJar and other app stores as well as App it! Solution for distributionImportant to note that more then 40% of downloads are web shortcuts though Android is growing strongly as of late (more then 30%) on GJ
  • Yahoo’s effort has been to focus on large, US heavy SF platforms like iPhone, Android and BB while the rest of their consumers have had the site. They have also used cross platform stores for distribution particularly for emerging markets and feature phone users
  • Everyone will go mobile! Don’t miss the boat!Keep in mind though US market still only about 1/3 smartphones – lots of other users out thereStay on top of changing landscape – use NPD, IDC, Comscore and other data sources to see where platforms are headingPlatforms only as strong as their content base  keep on top of which platforms have momentum
  • Sxsw app vs. web

    1. Apps VS. WEB<br />
    2. Putting apps into context….<br />Over 8billion downloads last year from zero a few years ago<br />Estimated to be 50 billion downloads by 2012 and 30$ billion in revenue by 2015 (Chetan Sharma, Juniper)<br />Over 600,000 apps between Apple, Android and GetJar<br />35.3% of US consumers used apps in Jan 2011 (Comscore)<br />An estimated 65.8M Americans now use smartphones (ComscoreJan 2011)<br />Top smartphone platforms: Rim 30.4%, Android 31.2%, Apple 24.7% (Jan 2011, Comscore)<br />2<br />Confidential<br />
    3. What is GetJar?<br />As the world’s largest, open app store GetJar’s technology, people and experience allows us to:<br /><ul><li>Host over 75,000 apps supporting nearly 2,500 different phones across all major mobile platforms
    4. Distribute these apps for more then 300,000 publishers in nearly 200 countries
    5. Acquire users for our clients across multiple inventory sources guaranteeing the lowest cost per download and the highest scale
    6. Track app downloads and usage leveraging in-house data analytics and conversion tracking</li></ul>3<br />Results: Over 1.6 billion downloads to date for clients<br />
    7. Apps vs. web – does the consumer care?<br />Blackberry Bold, Curve, Tour, Storm?<br />What version of Android do I have?<br />Is my phone a smartphone?<br />What is HTML5?<br />Will it work on my old old Moto Rzr?<br />4<br />Confidential<br />
    8. Side by Side – what does it look like?<br />Web pros:<br /><ul><li> Reach
    9. Cheaper development
    10. Ease of distribution
    11. Instant update
    12. Requires connectivity*</li></ul>Apps pros:<br /><ul><li> Always “on”
    13. Deep engagement
    14. Leverage device power / features (touch, accelerometer)
    15. Viral!
    16. Sexy</li></ul>5<br />Confidential<br />
    17. Key questions to ask yourself in terms of strategy<br />Am I brand building or trying to get the user to “do” something?<br />Determines app or web strategy<br />Do I want a deep experience or something more shallow?<br />Determines platform strategy<br />How broad is my audience?<br />Determines app or web strategy<br />How much resource do I have?<br />Determines depth of engagement and number of platforms<br />How important is monetizing my mobile users?<br />6<br />Confidential<br />
    18. There are a number of things you should know…<br />Billing available<br />Installed base?<br />OEM’s using <br />platform<br />Number of <br />versions<br />Ease of<br />distribution<br />Size of <br />catalog<br />7<br />Confidential<br />
    19. 8<br />And the landscape looks ugly…<br />
    20. Top mobile brands today are cross platform<br />
    21. Web & Apps for Facebook<br />How do you get 500m users <br />Of your service to go mobile?<br />10<br />
    22. Using your mobile site to drive app downloads<br />Step 1:<br />Consumer visits the Facebook site and clicks a link to<br />“Download Facebook here”<br />Step 2:<br />They are taken to Facebook’s App download page on the appropriate store <br />Step 23:<br />Consumer downloads the most appropriate app for their handset<br />11<br />Confidential<br />
    23. 12<br />And don’t forget your Web site!<br />
    24. 13<br />Fandango’s approach was similar<br />Web downloads <br />More then 40% of <br />Dl’s to date<br />
    25. 14<br />Yahoo!’s strategy US smartphones + web<br />
    26. Everyone’s got a phone! What should you do?<br /><ul><li>Identify precisely your user and what they expect of your mobile service
    27. Determine brand vs. performance
    28. Select the platforms that best suit your strategy
    29. Richness vs. speed
    30. Depth vs. breadth
    31. Dive in, collect data, analyze and start over!</li></ul>15<br />
    32. Patrick Mork<br />Chief Marketing Officer<br /><br /><br />@getjar<br /><br />16<br />