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slides related to the Openwave Workshop on Mobile Advertising and App Stores at the MMF in Singapore

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  • India – adding 10M subs to mobile market each month (= Verizon every 8 months)EM suffer from lower Internet / Broadband penetration so mobile is even more importantContent differs locally - -> Azan app in UK and Muslim worldDictionary apps in India / EMCricket Apps in India
  • US App usage higher per session then Asia (30%) or EU (22%)Top categories varied with Asians being heavier users of Games then AmericansAmericans also used Sports apps (20%) more heavily then Europeans (12%)Consumers will eventually embrace mobile even more then Web  particularly in AsiaConsumers will use apps across devices  tablets, phones, cars, TV’s
  • 47M iphones sold last year and 55M Android phones vs. over 1 billion Internet enabled nowABI estimates 3.8 billion will be internet enabled by 2015Web is cheaper, provides reach, works across handsets, easier to maintain and easier to distributeFacebook has done over 110M downloads on GetJar of the shortcut to it’s mobile siteNOT SO MUCH ABOUT PLATFORM VS WHAT THE PHONE CAN DO
  • 200 million Android phones next five years (OVUM)Smartphones to be 32% of market in APAC by 2016 (OVUM)38.7% market share for Android by 2016, followed by 22.6% for Win7 and 19% for iOS (OVUM) and BB at 9.2%
  • Apple still leads market due to seamless CC ability and IABGoogle moving now more decisively with IAB announced a few weeks agoAmazon still unknown but has massive CC base as well for US market  more focus on paid apps / retail price settingBB and Ovi will suffer from quality / depth of content offering given stagnancy of platforms - Ovi to move to Windows Mobile - BB moving to Android on Playbook. Possibly phones?TREND IN FREE TO DOWNLOAD / PLAY FOLLOWED BY IAB FOR MONETIZATIONIN APP ADS ALSO CRITICAL TO MONETIZATION BUT WITH AVERAGE CPM’S BEING LOW REMAINS A CHALLENGE WITHOUT RICH MEDIARICH MEDIA MIGHT COMMAND 5-6X REVENUES ON ADS VS. STATIC BANNERSEM COUNTRIES PROVE TO PRE-PAY SO WILL BE MORE AD FOCUSED OR ALSO RETAIL / CARD FOCUSED
  • Free to download In app ads: easy to implement, multiple vendors, now allows rich media and video on certain platforms. Challenge is around CPM’s which range from $1-6 on rich mediaFree to use In app billing: bills within the app and allows for micro transactions. Challenge is around global billing and carrier revenue share which can vary from as little as 30%-70%Last model is around pre-paid cards sold by individual merchants or at retail kiosksThings that need to happen though: Carrier revenue shares must come down; app stores must roll out global solutions; different markets require different approachesCulture is also a barrier since some people will not want to pay for content on their mobile phone bill
  • 47M usersCross platformOver 35M downloads on GetJarMerchant program allows individuals to buy credits in bulk and resell to consumers (cases of $4000 / month merchants)Biggest market is IndonesiaRecently partnered with Gree in Japan for game developement
  • Recently acquired by Facebook for 70M USD
  • Phase 1 – Premium deck placement key, pre-installs with OEM’s Downloads driven by placement not marketingPhase 2 – Premium deck placement in App stores, still some OEM pre-installs, Incentivized purcahses to App Store using Tapjoy and othersPhase 3- Sponsored placement within app stores, cost per user ad campaigns, social integration in app stores, off / outside app store purchases directly from publishersSome key points:Google Android not overwhelmingly in Asia (not in China)
  • Everyone will go mobile! Don’t miss the boat!Keep in mind though US market still only about 1/3 smartphones – lots of other users out thereStay on top of changing landscape – use NPD, IDC, Comscore and other data sources to see where platforms are headingPlatforms only as strong as their content base  keep on top of which platforms have momentum
  • Get jar mma forum singapore workshop 2011

    1. 1. Understanding Apps / App Stores in Asia<br />Patrick Mork<br />Chief Marketing Officer<br />GetJar Inc.<br />
    2. 2. GetJar – who we are<br />Largest free app store (’05)<br />1.8 billion downloads to date<br />144,000 apps<br />190 countries, 2,500 handsets<br /> Distribution / AppVertising™<br />$42M funding: Accel / Tiger Global<br /> Silicon Valley, London, Vilnius<br />
    3. 3. App usage is becoming universal<br />Over 8 billion apps were downloaded in 2010<br />The global industry will be worth over $30 billion by 2015*<br />56% of users are male<br />Largest age demo is 25-34 year olds<br />Followed by 34-44 year olds and 18-24<br />Over 600,000 apps across the known apps stores<br />More then 3,500 apps are being downloaded every second<br />*Juniper research Q4 2010<br />** GetJar consumer poll of 2,500 consumers in Q1 2011<br />
    4. 4. GetJar + Asia = BIG opportunity<br />GetJar top countries by downloads – April 2011<br />
    5. 5. How do Asian consumers engage with apps?<br />79% download apps once / week<br />36% using apps more then 1 hour / day<br />Top categories Games, SN, Entertainment, IM/SMS, Productivity <br />54% using apps more then once per day<br />34% claim to use mobile web more then Web<br />GJ AppMeter Survey, March 2011<br />2,500 users<br />
    6. 6. Where are the platform wars going in Asia?<br />
    7. 7. Currently Symbian and J2ME still dominate on GetJar with Asian consumers…<br />*App Meter market research April 2011 platform users on GetJar<br />
    8. 8. But Asian purchase intent shows a vastly different possible outcome..<br />*App Meter market research April 2011 purchase intent by platform on GetJar<br />
    9. 9. How are app stores monetizing content?<br />2010 = $2.1 bln in app store revenue<br />Apple alone 1.7 bln<br />25% est. games<br />47% of games IAB<br />Others significantly behind<br />Percent share of app store revenues 2010: IHS Screendigest<br />Does not include revenues from carrier portals<br />
    10. 10. Monetization options in Asia: 3 possible models<br />
    11. 11. Success stories -Mig33: Leveraging communities<br />Mobile & Web community service<br />Chat, IM, SMS, Intl calls, Games, Avatars<br />47M+ users (20M in Indonesia)<br />Cross platform<br />Monetizes premium services<br />Mig33 credits / merchant distribution<br />
    12. 12. Success Stories -Snaptu: The iPhone of feature phones<br />Over 10M users<br />Allows easy access to app widgets for feature phones<br />Monetizes through in app ads<br />Successfully monetize Indonesian market with 500k subs<br />
    13. 13. App Discovery - Evolution<br />2004-present<br />2007-present<br />2011-?<br />Carrier Portals & OEM’s<br />App Stores, Ads, Incentives<br />Sponsored placement, Cost per user, Social, off portal<br />
    14. 14. App Discovery: The new paradigm?<br />Share/Hide/Comment<br /><br />*****************<br />
    15. 15. Concluding remarks<br /><ul><li>Asia is booming but app downloads are not just from smartphones
    16. 16. Business vary widely – experiment with multiple models
    17. 17. App stores are fragmented – monetization improving outside Apple App store. Full list:
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Discovery is evolving but marketing is key for awareness</li></ul><br />
    20. 20. Thanks you!<br />Patrick Mork – CMO<br /><br />+1 650 576 1809<br /><br />