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Facebook case study adp


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case study on how Facebook used GetJar's App Download Page solution to drive 60 million users of its mobile site

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Facebook case study adp

  1. 1. Facebook Apps it! On GetJar<br />
  2. 2. Background and strategy<br />2<br /><ul><li>Up until early 2009 Facebook’s mobile strategy had generally focused on:
  3. 3. Developing apps for only for smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry)
  4. 4. Pre-loading these apps with handset vendors
  5. 5. Pre-loading access to the mobile site with carriers
  6. 6. Non-smartphone users generally had to search for or browse to the Facebook mobile site in order to access the service
  7. 7. This limited Facebook’s ability to reach mass market consumers not using smartphones
  8. 8. In addition it meant Facebook users had to go to different “stores” to get the most appropriate app for their phone</li></li></ul><li>Strategy and tactics<br />Confidential<br />3<br />Make Facebookaccessible<br />Market it<br />Leverage Facebook’s existing traffic<br /> GetJar created a mobile site shortcut (MSS) for non-smartphone users<br /> The MSS is a link to the Facebook site that is uploaded and marketed on GetJar just like an app<br />Once downloaded it appears as an icon that launches the browser when clicked and takes the user to the Facebook site<br /><ul><li> GetJar created a high-impact, HTML page to promote the Facebook MSS on
  9. 9. The MSS was subsequently given promotional visibility in premium areas of and
  10. 10. GetJar piloted it’s APP IT! service with Facebook
  11. 11. APP IT! is a hosted page on GetJar which auto detects the users handset and serves the most relevant app
  12. 12. APP IT! leveraged Facebook’s own traffic to get downloads without having to worry about handset detection </li></li></ul><li>MSS & Marketing<br />Confidential<br />4<br />Facebook product page<br />Facebook MSS visibility on GetJar<br />
  13. 13. How to promote using APP IT! on your mobile site<br />Confidential<br />5<br />Step 1:<br />Consumer visits your mobile site and clicks a link to App it! Or <br />“Download XX here”<br />Step 2:<br />They are taken to your page hosted by GetJar<br />Step 3:<br />GetJar serves them the most appropriate app for their handset<br />
  14. 14. Results / conclusions<br />Confidential<br />6<br />Creating a Mobile Site Shortcut was essential to provide a mass market downloadable “app” for consumers all over the world not using smartphones<br />Many feature phone users didn’t differentiate between an actual “app” or the MSS and were simply happy to have faster, easier access to the Facebook mobile service<br />Marketing was important to position the MSS as the ideal solution most mass market users. By positioning the MSS as an app and marketing it, consumers were made aware of it’s existence and downloaded it<br />APP IT! was critical in leveraging Facebook’s own mobile site traffic. By making the link to their hosted page on GetJar visible across their mobile site, Facebook encouraged consumers to download Facebook to their phone in large numbers which made access to the site easier and increased repeat usage<br />Results:<br />Adoption of MSS and marketing: From 80k downloads per month in May 2008 to 250k by March 2009<br />Launch of APP IT!: From 350k downloads per month in July 09 to 6.7M per month by Feb 2010<br />
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