Calderon, cicero up lec


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Dr. Cicero Calderon is the first Director of the Labor Education Center of the University of the Philippines founded in 1954. The Center was later renamed Asian Labor Education Center (ALEC) and now School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR).

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Calderon, cicero up lec

  1. 1. Dr. Cicero D. CalderonDirector, UP LEC1954 – 1958Herran, Manila
  2. 2. Cicero D. Calderon A native of Candon, Ilocos Sur, he studied at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, USA in 1950 as a Methodist Church scholar. He later enrolled at the Vanderbilt University Law School.
  3. 3. A union Organizer With a Masters degree in Law from Yale University, Calderon organized taxi drivers and other workers in the Philippines from 1952 to 1954. Aside from union organizing, he negotiated collective agreements and supported strikes.
  4. 4. Director of UP LEC The Philippine-US Agreement implemented a Labor Education Center Project at the University of the Philippines with Calderon serving as Director in April 1954. He was assisted by four American advisers who had experience in labor education in the US. The UP Labor Education Center (LEC) conducted union leadership training courses in various parts of the Philippines and a two-month residential program for selected labor leaders in Manila.
  5. 5. Advisory Staff Dr. Thomas Posey Acting DirectorMr. Sol Davison Mr. David LevintowSenior Advisor Advisor
  6. 6. Government delegateto the ILO In 1955, Dr. Calderon was elected Secretary-General of the First Labor- Management Congress. He represented the Philippine government as a delegate to the 38th session of the International Labor Organization at Geneva, Switzerland.
  7. 7. Doctorate from Yale University In 1956, the Yale Law School awarded Calderon a Doctor of Juridical Science. His doctoral thesis was titled From Compulsory Arbitration to Collective Bargaining: The Development of Labor Policy in the Philippines.
  8. 8. A voluntary arbitrator As a voluntary arbitrator, Dr. Calderon promoted voluntary arbitration in the settling labor disputes instead of the more lengthy compulsory arbitration.
  9. 9. University President andConCon Delegate Dr. Calderon became the second Filipino President of Silliman University in Dumaguete City. He became a Delegate for the Constitutional Convention in 1971 where he served as the Committee on Labor Chairperson.
  10. 10. An ILO Adviser In 1973, Dr. Calderon was the regional adviser on Workers Population Education of the International Labor Organization regional office in Bangkok, Thailand; regional adviser on Labor Relations for Asia and the South Pacific until he retired in 1982; and the senior adviser to the ASEAN Program on Industrial Relations for Development from 1984-1989.
  11. 11. President of PAVA Organized the Philippine Association on Voluntary Arbitration (PAVA) in Cebu City in 1990 and became President for three terms until 1996. He was voted president emeritus thereafter.
  12. 12. A Preacher Dr. Calderon served as Elder of the Silliman University Church and later, chairperson of the Church Council from 1991 until 2001.
  13. 13. The Original UP-LEC Staff 1954