Your Customers & Clients are Mobile...Are You?


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Why mobile marketing and how can it help my business? Learn more in this presentation and at

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Your Customers & Clients are Mobile...Are You?

  1. 1. Your Customers & Clients are Mobile… Are You? Pam Lehr Go Mobile Media Marketing Pam Lehr |
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • • • • • • • Stats on mobile growth Why mobile? Mobile Formatted Emails QR Codes Mobile Business Cards (vCards) Mobile Landing Pages Mobile Videos Text Message Marketing to deliver Content Mobile Optimized Web Presence Checklist Bonuses Pam Lehr |
  3. 3. About Pam Lehr • Lived in Medicine Hat most of my life • Legal Secretary for 14 years • Owned a ladies retail boutique for 11 years • March 31, 2011 started my mobile journey Pam Lehr |
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing Buzz Words Gration TOp of Mind Inte Mobilize ExpOsure Boost Sales Instant SimpLe Engagement Nt LOyalty Why wait? Relava Pam Lehr |
  5. 5. All Businesses Need Mobile • We have all heard the conversation around mobile – it is everywhere whether we adopt it or not • Most are unaware in how it effects their business • Are you communicating with your customers in their language? MOBILE IS HERE NOW! Pam Lehr |
  6. 6. The 7th Mass Media The most influential mass media of all time! • • • • • • Only media that is truly personal Consumer can be identified individually Always on – 24/7 Constantly with the owner Has built-in payment mechanisms All can be done at moment of impulse! Pam Lehr |
  7. 7. Statistics Desktop vs Mobile Searches Pam Lehr |
  8. 8. Smartphones are always on 24/7 Pam Lehr |
  9. 9. Smartphone Activity Pam Lehr |
  10. 10. Mobile Searches Pam Lehr |
  11. 11. Mobile Formatted Emails • Email read rates have increased since smartphones • KEEP IT SIMPLE – forget the fancy newsletters Pam Lehr |
  12. 12. Pam Lehr |
  13. 13. QR Codes (Quick Response) • QR stands for Quick Response. A QR code is actually a 2D (two-dimensional) matrix barcode. QR codes were invented in Japan by Toyota almost two decades ago for the auto industry for keeping track of car parts inventory. • A QR Code is simply a graphical image that stores information. A 2D barcode holds information in 2 dimensions and can hold a surprising amount of information, giving it greater flexibility for different uses. • QR codes are read by software which scans them and then links to the information they contain and they are designed to allow content to be decoded at high speed, providing desired information/content. Pam Lehr |
  14. 14. How Do QR Codes Work? Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Go to your phone's app store. Search on your app store for a "QR Code Reader". Select a 4 or 5-star rated QR Code Reader. Install the QR Code Reader (this make take 4 or 5 minutes). Step 5: Once the app is installed, go to your apps and click on the QR Code Reader. Step 6: Find the QR Code you want to scan. Step 7: With the QR Code Reader open, make sure it is set to "scan", and point your phone's camera towards the QR Code. Once the QR Code is in focus, the phone's camera will capture the image, and open the URL. Pam Lehr |
  15. 15. Are People Scanning QR Codes? Almost 16 million scans in Q2 of 2012 - 140% increase in scans from Q2 of 2011 to Q2 of 2012. Pam Lehr |
  16. 16. Pam Lehr |
  17. 17. QR Codes are companies most used mobile component for ENGAGING customers. Pam Lehr |
  18. 18. Why Will Someone Scan my QR Code? Give me a reason to scan • A strong call-to-action must be printed with the QR Code. • The #1 mistake business owners make when encouraging their customers to scan their QR Code, is that the QR Code is directed to a desktop website. Pam Lehr |
  19. 19. Pam Lehr |
  20. 20. CREATE, ENGAGE & MEASURE • QR Codes are a convenient way to deliver content. • A scan must maintain a mobile experience. • Make sure you TEST, TEST, TEST to ensure it works before printing. Pam Lehr |
  21. 21. Static vs. Dynamic QR Codes • Static - Content of where the QR Code is directed and cannot be changed • Dynamic - Print the QR Code once and change the content as often as required Pam Lehr |
  22. 22. Pam Lehr |
  23. 23. What information could I offer when using QR Codes? Pam Lehr |
  24. 24. Mobile Business Cards (vCards) Scan Me to Download Contact Information Pam Lehr |
  25. 25. Scan for a FREE Report Scan & Download FREE Report Pam Lehr |
  26. 26. Mobile Landing Pages Pam Lehr |
  27. 27. • • • • • • Thumb Friendly Keep It Simple Strong CTA Stay on Purpose - Be Focused Match Your Message with Your Ad Be Compatible – everything must work and maintain a mobile atmosphere • Consider your Audience – action takers • Test & Tweak – like all marketing Pam Lehr |
  28. 28. Scan to Take Survey Pam Lehr |
  29. 29. Pam Lehr |
  30. 30. Scan to View Testimonials Pam Lehr |
  31. 31. Scan & Enter to Win Pam Lehr |
  32. 32. Measure for Effectiveness Pam Lehr |
  33. 33. No other form of media has been able to take print material and turn it into an interactive experience – bridging offline with online. As soon as you integrate a QR Code into your advertising, you are allowing people to engage with you and that is critical in all the “noise” today. Pam Lehr |
  34. 34. Mobile Videos Pam Lehr |
  35. 35. Pam Lehr |
  36. 36. Video Considerations • • • • No flash Ensure your video is viewable on all devices Hosting – You Tube Pam Lehr |
  37. 37. Text Message Marketing • Text message marketing; same concept of email marketing • 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email; whereas it takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. (source • Text message open rates are 90% in the first 3 minutes • Email open rates on average are 20% • 8x the response rate as compared to emails • Optin and optout – MMA • Simple-Instant-Timely-Relevant • Engagement Pam Lehr |
  38. 38. Content Delivery • Build your email list; have customers opt-in to your email list via text message. (Great for converting people at live events.) • Send links to videos with exclusive content . • Send audio clips directly in the text • Connect with conference attendees; announcing speaking times and locations. • Poll your audience; get feedback on products or services. • Update fans on new posts, eBooks, and products. • Create contests to engage your audience and give away cool prizes. Pam Lehr |
  39. 39. Few Examples • Health Coaches — send tips for healthy living • Finance Consultant — Send money-saving tips • Life Coach — Send reminders or inspirational quotes Pam Lehr |
  40. 40. Promote Text Call to Action • • • • Website Social Media Email List Mobile Business Card Pam Lehr |
  41. 41. Mobile Optimized Websites Less is Better • Desktop websites were not designed for smartphones! • Mobile searchers are not surfing, they have a specific need, seen a print ad, trying to contact you, etc. • Mobile sites need to be thumb friendly, easy to navigate, click to call, click to email, directions, hours of operation – no pinching and zooming – loads fast • Same domain name Pam Lehr |
  42. 42. • Ensure that your mobile viewer can always get to your desktop site, if required • Ensure the mobile site is developed and will work on all the 5000+ devices in existence and not just the iPhone • Maintain branding and look feel of desktop • Update easily • Tablet considerations Pam Lehr |
  43. 43. Non-Mobile Sites Hurt Reputation • 48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when a site is not mobile friendly • 52% say that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage • 48% said that if a site didn’t work well on a smartphone that the company did not care about their mobile users • Want it now mentality Pam Lehr |
  44. 44. Questions to Ask Yourself • Have you checked your analytics to see how many views are coming from a mobile device? • Have you checked your bounce rate on those mobile views? • What happens when you post your blog post on Social Media and it is being viewed on a smartphone? • Missed opportunity? Pam Lehr |
  45. 45. Before 85% of sites are not mobile friendly Pam Lehr |
  46. 46. After Not Finalized by Kim Pam Lehr |
  47. 47. The Mobile Purchase Decision Funnel (turns prospects into buyers) Pam Lehr |
  48. 48. As you have seen everything evolves around the mobile web presence. Pam Lehr |
  49. 49. Checklist to Get Started • • • • • • • Mobilize your email Mobile business card (vCard) QR Codes Mobile videos Mobile friendly website Text Message Marketing Mobile App, if there is a need Integrate in all Marketing, Mobile is not a one shot wonder Pam Lehr |
  50. 50. Canadian Marketing Association Mobile Marketing Assessment Tool Pam Lehr |
  51. 51. Bonuses • Draw for a QR Code leading to a mobile business card ($99 value) • FREE report on 3 Ways To Make Money With Mobile Marketing • 30 Minute FREE Mobile Strategy Session Text SoLoMo to 70734 • My slides and audio recording Pam Lehr |
  52. 52. Thank You for your Time Contact Information • Toll Free 1-888-544-4639 • Connect on Facebook • Website • Email Pam Lehr |
  53. 53. Missed Opportunity Let your customers choose you they want to engage. Mobilize Today! Pam Lehr |