The mastermind for success meet and grow rich


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The mastermind for success meet and grow rich

  1. 1. For those of you were with us on Saturday morning of 18thMay, I thank you for investing your timeto join our program “The Mastermind for Success – Meet and Grow Rich”During the meeting I raised the rational why we have The Mastermind for Success – Meet andGrow Rich.1. It‟s been said that before he left the world Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and GrowRich” put all together his philosophies and findings on success into two principles“Definiteness of Purpose and The Mastermind Group”.2. Since I met my mentor Mr. Bellum Tan, CEO of Rich Dad Asia in 2012 I got many life-changing lessons through his class and having dinners with him. One of the lessons is if Iwant to successful in business and in life I must surround myself with successful people. Theway to choose people is through using the CashFlow Quadrant as a guide. You may alreadyknow (E.S.B.I). E stands for employee, S stands for self-employed or small business owners,B stands for business owners, and I stands for investors.We will have two kinks of The Mastermind for Success meetings, the small one and the big one.The small one will be a small group with less than 10 people with different profession. This groupwill be mentored by Millionaires and Multimillionaire. We want to see this group of youngentrepreneurs to become the most Influential Business Expert in Cambodia and then we willexpand ourselves to the region. The big one, we invited like-minded people from the public to joinand share their concerns and business ideas.
  2. 2. When I was in Singapore and met three Billionaires, one of them become Billionaire because heloves creating more businesses for his friends and like-minded people. Therefore, the Mastermindfor Success is a community where people are freely to create new business ideas and get started.I „d like to take this opportunity to thank our Keynote Speaker, Mr. Darrick Saing. We need toadmire him as a young man with this level of success not everyone in Cambodia can do it.Mr. Darrick started his business when he was 21. He stopped studies for about six months becauseof his business. He is a kind of person who turned problem into opportunities. He consideredhimself as a customer who driving car in a hot weather in Cambodia and looking for a solution theproblem. Finally, he decided to do something about it. He started a business called S Cool, ArunReasmey Pharma and Huper Optik Cambodia.When I asked him to list the three qualities for business success based on his experiences. Herethey are:1. Leadership: you need to understand people and lead people2. High Quality People:3. Provide values to the marketplace and money will come afterwardHe also gave us a list of his heroes such which including Father King Norodom Sihanouk, LeeKuan Yew, Sir Richard Branson, and Donald Trump.I personally admire him as a young businessman who runs three companies.The Mastermind for Success is a community of people who love to admire each other especiallythose who have sacrificed to serve people by taking all the risks business world.Imagine you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who you do not love and admire. He/she will not staywith you longer. Riches and money is the same, if we do not love money, and admire rich peoplethen it means that you are trying to stay away from RICHES and money unknowingly.I did mention some books by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. For those of you who do not read Rich DadPoor Dad yet I strongly recommend you to read it. Here is the list:1. Rich Dad Poor Dad2. CashFlow Quadrant3. Guide To Investing4. Midas Touch5. Retire Young Retire Rich6. Why We Want You to RichBy the way, I highly recommend you to join our program on 22ndJune 2013
  3. 3. You will save a lot of time and money by learning from someone who walks his talk. Mr. BellumTan is strategic business partners of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki and of course, he is a Multimillionaire.Here is the truth “Rich People Save Time and Spend Money. Poor People Spend Time and SaveMoney.” That is the reason why the RICH GET RICHER. So let you do a test and decide whichone you want to be “Being Rich or Being the same as you are now” by clicking herePlease consider it carefully and do not let this golden learningopportunity passes away. Many people face many problems inlife and business because they are not willing to learn and grow.And the Mastermind for Success is a community of people wholove learning, growing, sharing and keep making a difference.Our team has put together some pictures of our meeting anduploaded on our facebook page. Here is thelink comments, like, share and tag your name.Our next program will be on 30th June 2013 at Eden Khmer Restaurant. We will have a biggergroup people for the program. Please mark it on your calendar.PS: To get updated information from PM Leadership please click HERE and fill in yourinformation so you will not miss any learning opportunities.I am looking forward to seeing you again on 22ndJune 2013 during the Rich Dad Asia Workshop atSunway Hotel.With warmest regards,Piseth KhamFounder of PM LEADERSHIP