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Pminyc leadership org chart 07 17-2014 pdf


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Pminyc leadership org chart 07 17-2014 pdf

  1. 1. Ruth Stevens, PMP President Term Expires: 12/2014 PMI New York City Chapter Board of Directors, Directors & Program Managers July 17, 2014 Fred Stein, PMP VP - Membership Term Expires: 12/2014 Bill Rollo, PMP VP - Finance Term Exp: 12/2015 Stephen Nosal, PMP VP – Marketing and Communications Term Expires 12/2015 Henry Abel, PMP Past President Term Expires: 12/2014 Rich Phelan, PMP VP - Symposia Term Exp: 12/2014 Holly Ripley, PMP VP – Professional Development Term Expires: 12/2015 Aurie Morales PM - Community Outreach Kim Miller, PMP PM - Corporate Outreach Andrew Chmarzewski, PMP PM – BRT Inna Erenberg PM - Chapter Meetings Claudel Seide PM – CDN Pamela Young, PMP Sr PM – Volunteer Relations Gus Sanchez, PMP PMINYC Event Table & Advocate Coordinator Stephen Struk PM - Quality Management Claire Igot PM - Mentoring Yarimel Rodgers, PMP PM - Study Groups Mira Ristovic, PMP PM – Nominations and Elections Bruce Vapnitsky, PMP PM - PMI Educat’l Fdn Vacant - TBD PM - Service Outreach Dr Simon Tsang PM - Volunteer Opportunities Rajat Bhatnagar Director Governance Michal Madej Facilities Lead Maxine Gomez Content Lead Julia Murphy Registration Lead Frank Bacchus Finance Lead Karen Reynolds Communications Lead Fred Shankle, PMP PM – L&D Larry Mantrone PMP PM - Agile Program Felicia Minott PM - Networking Loretta Gadson PM - Finance Vacant - TBD Director - Technology Louis Corso Director – Social Media Billal Farhat Director – Communications Rick Titone, PMP PM - Newsletter Karen Fox, PMP Director of Marketing Clark Webb, PMP VP - Operations Dan McGuire, PMP PM – Special Communication Projects Vacant – TBD PM - Chapter News Tricia Griffith Malini Anand Co-Dir – Logistics Diane Chan, PMP PM - PDU Processing Harriet Halpern, PMP Corporate Secretary Frank Saladis, PMP President Elect Suzan Cho, PMP VP Outreach Term Expires: 12/2015 Elected Officers Voted In Ex-Officio & other Non- Voting PM’s & Directors Non-Voting Alex Zepher PM – Communication Processing Adrienne Pounds PM – Email Processing Vacant - TBD PM - Academic Outreach Vacant – TBD Vendor Lead Vacant – TBD PM – Special Technology Projects Mimi Rosenfeld, PMP PM - Outreach Communications Appointed Officers Donald Rider, PMP Facilities Director of L&D - TBD Director of Programs - TBD