Spray Dryer By PM Industries, Pune


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PM Industries specializes in the design, development & manufacturing of various equipment used in different Process Industrial units like Food, Pharmaceutical Sectors, Chemical Industries & Steel Industries.

We endeavor to provide personalised engineering services to our customers. For this, we also offer our services for complete maintenance, installation and service support for spray drying plant, at the client's location. We provide turnkey pharmaceutical plants, turnkey chemical plants and turnkey steel industry plants.

The equipment devised by us are configured, fabricated and designed in confirmation with the client's requirements. The selection of material of construction completely depends on the varying applications, viz. for food processing, pharmaceuticals, preparing dye-intermediates and others. Our primal strength lies in our ability to combine innovative engineering techniques with upgraded designs.

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Spray Dryer By PM Industries, Pune

  1. 1. Maharashtra , India<br />Manufacturer of Process Industry Equipments<br />
  2. 2. Maharashtra , India<br />About Us<br /><ul><li> Designing & developing equipments </li></ul> for various industries<br /><ul><li> Provide customised engineering services
  3. 3. Installing turnkey pharma, chemical & </li></ul> steel industry plants<br /><ul><li> Configuring customized equipments
  4. 4. Combining best technology with latest </li></ul> designs<br /><ul><li> Driven by technically expert and skilled </li></ul> workforce<br />
  5. 5. Maharashtra , India<br />Why Us?<br />Membership<br /><ul><li> Creating best value for customers
  6. 6. Committed to high level of precision
  7. 7. Checking quality and performance </li></ul> at various stages<br /><ul><li> Equaling international quality standards
  8. 8. Added quality assurance to custom made </li></ul> products<br /><ul><li> Pursuing in-house R&D for constant </li></ul> up gradation <br />
  9. 9. Maharashtra , India<br />Products<br /><ul><li> Air Receiver, Dampers & Turnkey Projects
  10. 10. Condensers, Storage Tanks & Silos
  11. 11. Dairy Equipments & Heat Exchangers
  12. 12. Reactors & Agitated Vessels
  13. 13. Spray Dryer, Blenders & Mixers</li></li></ul><li> Maharashtra , India<br />Spray Dryer, Blenders & Mixers<br /><ul><li> Spin Flash Dryer
  14. 14. Conical Blender
  15. 15. Ribbon Blender
  16. 16. Plough Shear Mixer
  17. 17. Nauta Mixer (Cone Screw)</li></li></ul><li> Maharashtra , India<br />Reactors & Agitated Vessels<br /><ul><li> Reactors in several designs including </li></ul> electric, hot oil and steam heated<br /><ul><li> Custom built, well engineered agitated vessels
  18. 18. Works at different temperatures and pressures
  19. 19. Made of sturdy and strong material</li></li></ul><li> Maharashtra , India<br />Dairy Equipments & Heat Exchangers<br /><ul><li> Dairy equipment with precise performance in:</li></ul> a. Pasteurization & Toning<br /> b. Malting & Skimming<br /><ul><li> Efficient heat exchangers made of stainless </li></ul> steels<br /><ul><li> Electrochemical polishing in the inner surface</li></li></ul><li> Maharashtra , India<br />Condensers, Storage Tanks & Silos<br /><ul><li> Condensers offering minimum loss of </li></ul> volatile components<br /><ul><li> Cost effective with high temperature </li></ul> tolerance<br /><ul><li> Storage tank with sterile environment for </li></ul> hygiene<br /><ul><li> Available in different shapes and sizes
  20. 20. Corrosion resistant and sturdy silos for </li></ul> safe handling<br />
  21. 21. Maharashtra , India<br />Air Receiver, Dampers & Turnkey Projects<br /><ul><li> Painted or galvanized & horizontal or </li></ul> vertical air receiver<br /><ul><li> Capacity range from 90 to 5000 liters
  22. 22. Wide range of dampers for controlling </li></ul> the air & fluid pressure<br /><ul><li> Introducing types of manufacturing in </li></ul> turnkey projects<br /><ul><li> Leveraging on vast knowledge of experienced </li></ul> team<br /><ul><li> Offering full satisfaction at competitive prices</li></li></ul><li>Contact Us<br />PM Industries<br />Mr. Pravin Pawar/ Mr. Manish Rithe <br />Gat No.53, Chikhali - Dehugaon Road, A/p. <br />Talawade Pune, Maharashtra - 412 114, India<br />