Pmi nano touch interactive products and all-in-one solutions


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PMI Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier with its thru-glass touch core products and solutions. We continually innovate to meet our clients’ demands, widely cooperate with our partners, and apply Nano-technology to interactive system and information terminal.

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Pmi nano touch interactive products and all-in-one solutions

  1. 1. PMITouch your New Vision!
  2. 2. PMI IntroductionPMI Technologies Inc. : a leading provider of Nano touch foil &solutions thru-glass touch to enhance products interactive experience. The former PMI was Ubiquitous Computing Lab, which was founded by 6 Ph.D.researchers in 2006. We had served on GE, TOYOTA and other Fortune 500companies. Dozens of invention patents and touch foil products & solutions.
  3. 3. Patents 28 patents of software and hardwareItem Patent Title Approved No. Owner 1 Imaging touch foil manufacture method and application 201110090789.0 Liu Zejiang 2 All-in-one imaging touch table base on ProTouch iFoil 201110284873.6 Liu Zejiang 3 Intelligent mirror imaging touch all-in-one machine 201110284869.X Liu Zejiang 4 Curved screen base on ProTouch iFoil 201120095658.7 Liu Zejiang 5 Imaging & touch all-in-one machine 201120105525.3 Liu Zejiang 6 Floating imaging & touch all-in-one machine 201130065295.8 Liu Zejiang 7 Touch & imaging table 201130336233.6 Liu Zejiang 8 Mobile imaging & touch all-in-one machine 200910181699.5 Liu Zejiang Holo interactive projective multi-media system base on 9 ProTouch iFoil 200910035957.9 Liu Zejiang Imaging and touch foil and large-screen interactive 10 media system with this 200920232998.2 Liu Zejiang
  4. 4. PMI Core Products
  5. 5. Core 1:ProTouch iFoilProTouch™ iFoil® : advanced and transparent touch foil base onimproved projective capacitive touch(PCT) technique.
  6. 6. Core 1:ProTouch iFoilProTouch iFoil uses highly-transparent film as the substrate, isprinted with conductive ink(nano-size, <10nm), and manufactured byadvanced packaging technique. With the sensor controller, after the foillaminated inside the glass showcase or wall, it will turn to one largetouch screen. ProTouch iFoil has nice and transparent look, stable and durable. Itis the ideal replacement of the present interactive exhibition method,traditional interactive media, which can reduce the power consumptionand the electrical pollution.Touch through ProTouch iFoil is sensitive and smooth. The ProTouchiFoil would lead the groundbreaking development of UI.
  7. 7. Core 1:ProTouch iFoilProTouch iFoil will lead the breakthrough in UI’s interactive.  Replace the traditional interactive media & products, save energy, reduce power consumption  An anti-static transparent touch foil made of Nano material, printed circuit, integrated chip and software.  Stick the ProTouch iFoil to the back of window, it will become one large touch screen.
  8. 8. Core 1:ProTouch iFoilThe latest Nano Sensitive Laminated totouch technique touch,<1mm transparent materialUnframed,thin, 9 years, 3.5 times Largest size:167cool and transparent than others inches
  9. 9. Core 1:ProTouch iFoilProTouchinteractive foil
  10. 10. Core 1:ProTouch iFoil Precise interactive < 1mm No drift 17 to 180 Inch non-splicing
  11. 11. ProTouch Competitive Advantages
  12. 12. Core 2: SWPF Software PlatformVariety of exciting display. Easy coding helps to satisfy variousrequirements. Support various High-speed chip, Easy operation, operating system 3D image function easy background management Remote control, Centralized control Open platform cloud power on/off supports management
  13. 13. Core 3:ProControl  Mini-PC for ProTouch interactive foil.  HDMI 1080P & 3D Function with wide view  Could be applied in where highly-effective and interactive multimedia is neededOne key power High-speed chip, highly integratedon/off by RF remote 3D function system, highlycontrol effectiveSolid online disk, Various I/O Mini-size, variety ofstable and interface, installation methodsdurable
  14. 14. PMI All-in-one Solutions ProTouch iDesk ProTouch iStandProTouch Kiosk ProTouch iFlat ProTouch Magic Kiosk
  15. 15. ProTouch iDeskPMI Interactive touch technique changed glass table to touch table.ProTouch iDesk: Nice look with sci-fi feeling, smoothy toughened glass, all-in-onedesign, anti-water, anti-pollution, anti-explosion. Accurate and sensitive touch.Touch the toughened glass with finger and interact with the showed image or desktopgames. Meet all your needs.Features  Nice look: no frame, totally flat surface  Movable: movable to anywhere, no need to install  Long life span: toughened glass guard; pollution-proof, anti-dust  Various application: SWPF offers various modulesApplied in ● Exhibition hall ● Entertainment area ● Reception room ● Restaurants
  16. 16. ProTouch iDesk 42 Datasheet
  17. 17. ProTouch Magic Kiosk Combination of interactive touch foil, special mirror and high definition LCD. Stunning design, anti-scratch, anti-water, anti-pollution Switch freely between mirror mode and touch-screen mode. Applied in ●Retail●Shopping Mall● Theme park ●Exhibition Hall●Hotel
  18. 18. ProTouch Magic Kiosk Data Sheet
  19. 19. ProTouch iFlat42-inch ProTouch iFlat combination of interactive touch foil, special mirror and high definition LCDCan be installed outbound or into the wall Slim profile, metal material outline and stunning design Applied in ● Retail ● Shopping Mall● Theme Park ● Exhibition Hall ● Hotel
  20. 20. ProTouch Magic Kiosk FeaturesBoth Mirror and Fashion design, multi-touch screen functionPerfect combination of ProTouch iFoil life span:touch foil and LCD screen 9 yearsAccurate touch Remote access, cloud management,No drift, tolerance<1mm Stable & reliable,All-in-one design, anti-water, 24-hour-long run w/oanti-pollution, anti-explosion failure
  21. 21. ProTouch iStand Combination of ProTouch iFoil and high definition LCD, Supporting cross screen display 16:9perfect outline, toughened glass material 2-point interactive module, Supporting multimedia and video games Applied in Exhibition Hall ● Restaurants● Product Exhibition hall ● Business hall
  22. 22. ProTouch KioskCombination of ProTouch iFoil and high definition LCD  ProTouch Kiosk has high stability and low power consumption. The operation is controlled by “SWPF” with remote access.  Create multimedia scenarios such as video, images and flash, where people can interact immersively.
  23. 23. ProTouch KioskApplied in● Entrance ● Hall ● Elevator exit areaBenefits Stunning and interactive design create immersive multimedia, where people caninteract with the showing products. In the UI, there is Navigation of interactive message, and various layouts such as video,image, flash can all be showed. New interactive functions such as AR and photo can also be realized.
  24. 24. ProTouch Kiosk Datasheet
  25. 25. ProTouch Outdoor Kiosk Features  46-inch industrial LC screen, resolution 1920*1080, luminance1500 lumen, contrast 4000:1, viewing angle 178 ° , color gamut 72%, color 16.7M,max work temperature 85 ℃  with 600W mini industrial air-conditioner inside, adjust work temperature automaticly  Inside thermal retardation design: with fan inside and special air flow channel  IP65: totally sealed shell, rain-proof, snow-proof and anti-dust.  Shell with cold-reduced sheet which is stoving varnished, water-proof, sun-proof, and explosion-proof.  The front shell’s material is AR glass, which can prevent the optical reflection  Internal AMD dual-core 1.6G discrete graphics, support DX11 2G memory 320G hard disk.  WIFI & wired & 3G(optional)
  26. 26. Specification Function Details SolutionAnti-water, anti-dust Sealed Shell, dust-proof, IP65 standard sealing tape Shell is cold-reduced sheet, which is Sun-proof: the surface paintedSun-proof, explosion- stoving varnished, water-proof, sun- with outdoor powder, armed withproof proof, and explosion-proof. special glass. The front shell’s material is AR glass, which can prevent the optical reflection. transmittance >95% , reflectivity <4%,Anti-UV AR glass material glass hardness >7H; it can stand various cleaners. The image showed is vivid and colorful. Anti-theft is installed to prevent machineAnti-theft Installed with lock and CF stolen, or illegal operation. Constant : air conditioner andConstant temperature Temperature-adjustment design can fancontrol and insulation ensure normal run whether cold or hot. Insulation: cotton insulationShockproof Stable structure.
  27. 27. ProTouch iDeskTouch Window Touch WallFloating Touch Holo Touch
  28. 28. ProTouch WallProShow HP is the outstanding member of the ProTouch interactive family. With thestate-of-the-art capacitance touch and optical projective imaging technology,ProShow HP can make a silent glass wall one interactive touch wall with image floatingand dimensional sound.Features  Safe Operation:no wire or accessories outside the window;  Immersive Image:light transmission up to 75%, image floating like in a science fiction;  Flat Screen:no frame, totally flat with the installation wall;  Huge Screen:screen up to 167 inches, touch resolution <7mm;  Accurate Touch:unique sense & calculate technology, gloved touch is ok
  29. 29. Touch WindowProShow HP is the outstanding member of the ProTouch interactive family. With the state-of-the-art capacitance touch and optical projective imaging technology, ProShow HP can make asilent glass wall one interactive touch wall with image floating as in a science fiction. Besides, theresonance technique can turn the glass window to one stereophonic sound. Then, the glasswindow becomes one large-size screen with lowest cost. Features:  Installation is behind the glass window, no wire or accessories outside the window, both of which assure safe operation.  Light transmission up to 75%, image floating like in a science fiction  Unique sense & calculate technology make accurate touch, golved-finger touch is ok.
  30. 30. Float Touch Images floating on the window artistically; small-size and movableFeatures  Image Floating:scientific & art style  High Resolution 1920x1080;  High Light Transmission: special interactive touch styleApplied in ●Exhibition Hall, Science hall and Museum ● 4S Store ● Retailing
  31. 31. Holo TouchPeople can see through the screen while image is showed; immersive 3D Hi-Fiimage interact. Features  Image Floating: scientific & art style;  High Resolution: 1280x720;  High Light Transmission:the scene behind the screen can also be seen Applied in ●Exhibition Hall, Science hall and Museum ● 4S Store ● Retailing
  32. 32. Software Customization Imaging areaProTouch Driver Touch area Customization UI i-animationNew Module Based i-page on SWPF 3D i-page AR-like 3D AR module Software Kinect module
  33. 33. PMI Cooperation Brands  PMI touch technique with infrared The largest touch screen all over the Kinect world: 4-meter-wide touch screen.  Photographed & signature in the Unique curve-surface touch touch area technology in China  Send Email by finger touch 180-day, 24-hour-long operation w/o  Flicking photo from the small screen failure to the big screen.
  34. 34. Thank you