Sixth Annual JU Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon program


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Sixth Annual JU Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon program

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Sixth Annual JU Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon program

  1. 1. 6th AnnualScholarship Appreciation Luncheon
  2. 2. The Jacksonville University Singers, under the direction of Dr. Timothy Snyder, Directorof Vocal Studies, performing Sorida (A Zimbabwe Greeting) and Blackbird (Paul Lennon/John McCartney). Welcome & Introductions Michael Howland,’76 VP for University Advancement Celebrating our Scholarship Donors Tim Cost, ’81, President Luncheon and One Minute Drill Jeannie Gabrynowicz, ’03 Stories of our Students Michael Howland Brittani Wyskocil Williams and Honors Scholar Alexandra Baker Jacksonville Commitment Scholar Raquel Lopez JU Music Scholar Dr. Han Duong, ’00 Williams Scholar Alumnus Closing Remarks Michael Howland The Jacksonville University Singers: Brittany Nickell, JU Music Scholar Jamil Abdur-Rahmen, JU Music Scholar Sarah Schneider, JU Honors Scholar Alejandro Rodriguez, JU Music Scholar Samantha Wicklund, JU Academic/Talent Scholar Ryan Manning, JU Academic Scholar Leanna Brown, JU Music Scholar Quayshaun Oliver, JU Music Scholar Michelle Csapek, JU Music Scholar Ciaran Sontag, Presidential Honors Scholar Jordyn Jones, JU Music Scholar Jeromy Larson, JU Music Scholar Tiffany Thomas, JU Academic/Talent Scholar Latonio Nichols, JU Academic/Talent Scholar Sara Eckman, JU Academic/Talent Scholar Marselia Smith, JU Music Scholar Raquel Lopez, JU Music Scholar Zachary Polendo, JU Music Scholar Christine Dennard, JU Academic/Talent Scholar Christopher Robertson, JU Music Scholar Danielle Giacchetto, JU Music Scholar Alec Hadden, JU Music Scholar Kelly McCandless, JU Academic Scholar Brandon Smith, JU Music Scholar Brooke Smith, JU Music Scholar
  3. 3. Thank You, Donors! Mr. and Mrs. Barkley M. Geib Mr. and Mrs. William W. Gay Diana and Jim Peaks Michael and Elizabeth Cascone Ms. Davina L. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Martineau Gil and Nancy Pomar Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pruet Dr. Rathbun K. Rhodes John and Gail Harrison Dr. and Mrs. William P. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Payne, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Clarkson Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K. McIntyre Mr. Judson J. Clarkson Mr. Rolland R. Rourke Mr. James C. Johns Mr. Patrick M. Williams, Sr. Fred and Debbie Pruitt Mr. James H. WinstonFitzhugh K. Powell, Jr., AAI, CRIS, CWCA Frank and Karen Pace Drs. A. Quinton and Susan Hite White Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Casey Braden and Annette Negaard The Hon. and Mrs. Wesley J. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Crandall Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Parisi Mr. David H. Fauss and Dr. Melissa A. Pigott Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Alexander Mr. James K. Johns Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Uhland Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne Mr. Bradley Rupp Mike Shad Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Cheney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wasdin Ron and Hilah Autrey Mr. and Mrs. Jonas H. Gredenhag Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Solomon Dr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Arbogast Mr. and Mrs. Duard R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Chartrand Jack and Beverly Keigwin Michael and Julie McKenny Dr. and Mrs. John C. Rumble Shirin and Bruce Brenick Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Pettit Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Purvis Nimnicht Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie R. Bryan Mr. Matthew R. Dobbins Mr. David Goedtke Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Bussell Mr. James Berger Mark and Beverly Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Neeley Dr. Lois Becker and Dr. Felix Frayman Mrs. Elizabeth N. Neville David K. Stephens Property Maintenance Ms. Sarah Bernstein Mr. Steven N. Bacalis Mr. and Mrs. Julian E. Fant III Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Verlander Greenshades Software, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Heller William and Barbara Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Eddie E. Farah Carolyn Munro Wilson Incepture, Inc.
  4. 4. Jacksonville Sports Group, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Donald March Fifth Third Bank Mr. Francis R. Ulrich Fidelity National Financial, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Ruckert Crowe Horwath LLC Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Dale Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie B. Rucker Retirement Strategies, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. G. Elliott Adams, Jr. Mr. James L. Trawick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wright Mr. Terry Akins Mr. C. Thomas Whitehouse Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Felker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bates Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Elkins, Jr. JAX Chamber Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lentz, Sr. Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gerry B. Rose Wells Fargo Dr. Robert R. Gillespy, Jr.W. W. Gay Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Mr. David C. Hillhouse, Jr. Merrill Lynch & Company Dr. and Mrs. Louis F. Gregory, Jr. Nimnicht Chevrolet Company Mrs. Oregon E. Lybass Ms. Ellen M. Paige Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Naiman Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Ames Mr. David G. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. George P. Scanlon Ms. Sherrill A. Casey-Bakai and Mr. Bela Bakai Rev. and Mrs. Henry R. Mann Glenn and Anita Ross Ms. Mava L. Bessette Mr. and Mrs. Len W. Worley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. William Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. David L. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Pendry Mr. C. Lamar Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weinrich Mr. and Mrs. Leslie N. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. Rodney Murray Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Robinson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Seablom Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Blackwell Mrs. Martha W. Fischer Mrs. Barbara T. Whicker Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel A. Tasso Ms. Sarah Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Tesinsky Dr. and Mrs. Franklyn A. Johnson Mr. Fred W. Wallace Mr. Dennis J. Lanahan III Mr. Arthur J. Stites Mr. Thomas J. Demkovich Mr. and Mrs. Jay J. Robinson, Jr. Mr. William S. Baisden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Rezel Mrs. Margaret C. Muenzenberger Mr. and Mrs. Clark Maltby Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Roth Dr. and Mrs. William P. Bosworth Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Frawley Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Presley, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Hal L. Lynch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Manske Mr. and Mrs. J. David Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Recely, Jr. Ms. Mary L. Green Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Reichow Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. May, Jr. Mrs. Lorraine Davis White King Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Buchholz Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Waxberg Mr. Robert H. Dietz Mr. James H. Montgomery, Jr. Mr. Andrew J. Miller Mr. Robert W. Miller
  5. 5. Mr. David F. Miller, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Mura, Sr. Mr. Joseph S. Corba II Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Shavelson Ms. Suzanne Suter Mr. Clifford H. Parrish Mr. Thomas W. Titsworth Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Carey Mr. Kenneth R. Strasnick Dr. and Mrs. Albert H. Wilkinson, Jr. Mr. John J. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Dale V. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. SwanMr. Paul G. Antanavich and Ms. Pamela M. Bulley Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Fields Mr. Richard L. Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. McNulty Mr. and Mrs. William T. Smiley Mr. Ralph W. Connelly Dr. Janice K. Hunter and Mr. Frank Hunter Mr. James E. Pound, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Wells Lt. Cmdr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fitzsimmons, Jr. Mr. Donald L. Cross, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David P. Zinkan Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Ashley Dr. and Mrs. Morris H. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Tichenor Mr. Carlton C. Billingsley, Jr. Mr. Gary S. Black Ms. Christina Kreutziger Mr. Franklin K. Bunton Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Conciatori Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Vella Mr. and Mrs. John S. McCullam Mr. Carroll E. Ogburn Ms. Melanie D. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Lavoy Mrs. Patricia D. Fields Mr. Charles W. McCall Dr. Lynn Chism Drs. Kenneth G. and Anita Selke Mr. Christopher E. Rahne Mrs. Pamela Pattee Mr. and Mrs. David C. Dick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Schifanella Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rod Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Daulton Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Campbell Ms. Catharine Corbin Major and Mrs. Harold F. Muth Mrs. Geraldine Walker Ms. Sharon A. Ralston Robert and Carol Shircliff Ms. Sylvia A. Pendleton Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. Dederick Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Hacker Mr. David R. Kane and Mrs. Lucie Munger Ms. Linda Ghanayem Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hara Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. DeMeo Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Abrams Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bardy Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Glickstein Ms. Ellen M. Preslar Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Leschuk Mr. and Mrs. R. Blake Kelley Ms. Dayle Wedeking Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John T. Duff Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Levinson Mr. David W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Carr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Young Mr. David C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sakmann III Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sobocinski Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Elmaleh Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Ramon L. Day Dr. and Mrs. Norman Field Michael and Cathy Howland Mr. and Mrs. Vito N. Liloia Mr. and Mrs. James C. Zimmerman
  6. 6. Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Maier Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Gates, Jr. Mr. Scott A. Kolar Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Elliot Ms. Sue E. Hartman Dr. Joel T. BundyMr. and Mrs. Paul T. Newbourne Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rucci Mr. and Mrs. Shaun L. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Charles O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Anderson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Royce B. Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huebner Mr. Richard G. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. TateMr. and Mrs. J. Bryan Cooksey, Jr. Mr. Rene G. Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. William M. Sikes Ms. Vicki R. Kroviak Mr. and Mrs. Justin D. Hill Mr. and Mrs. John P. McCormack Mr. and Mrs. F. Andrew Moran Ms. Marie Smith-McKenzieMr. and Mrs. Robert D. Vandiver Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Dees Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hill Ms. Lisanne E. Valentinuzzi Mrs. Ellen Seward Dr. Michelle A. McLanahan and Dr. David Derbabian Dr. David C. Mayer Mr. Christopher A. Bush Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rush III The Hon. Alvin Brown and Ms. Santhea L. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. David L. Miller Mr. Stephen T. Meucci Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Morrison Dr. Phillip M. Mihm and Dr. Susan MihmMr. and Mrs. Robert K. DeFalco Capt. Michael L. Brown Ms. Amy L. Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. David E. Staplin Ms. Robyn E. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brooks Cmdr. G. Robert Scott Dr. and Mrs. Norman A. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. David A. Chappell Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Fouts Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Julius Ms. Deborah E. Buscher Nina and Lex Waters Mr. and Mrs. Gary Michel Ms. Cynthia R. Lucy Ms. Lisa A. Lewis Mr. Allen H. Ehrgood III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Majkut Mr. and Mrs. James P. Tucci Mrs. Stephanie K. Coley Mr. and Mrs. Duane V. Schifano Mr. and Mrs. Dabney R. KernMr. and Mrs. David W. Simpkins Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Spero Mr. Walter H. Wright Capt. and Mrs. Mark S. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. David C. Adcock Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. RaffertyMr. and Mrs. Steven K. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Prain Ms. Elisabeth Federico Ms. Raegan Rogers and Dr. J. Davis CuryMr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Deal III Mr. Wayne A. Hessler Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Wilkins Mr. Donald G. Tanner, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. White, Jr. Mrs. Kathlene A. Dornblaser Ms. Jeanne F. Lightcap Mr. Ronald D. Koblitz Mr. Charles E. Stanbery, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. N. Christopher Barron Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Jenkins Mr. Daniel E. Crowe and Mrs. Leslee Koch Gilbert Ms. Katie Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Pat M. Iossa Mr. and Mrs. Gerard E. Schloth Dr. Juanita M. Rivera and Mr. Lorenzo Berlanga
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  11. 11.