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Ju the romesburg years brochure

  1. 1. THE ROMESBURG YEARS: 2004-2013
  2. 2. He came to Jacksonville University for a new type of challenge,a change of scenery and a better shot at making that all-too-elusive “connection” with students.He got all of that, and more.A look at JU President Kerry Romesburg’s tenure as he prepares to leave office.Kerry Romesburg had just completed his second year in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, helping build Nevada StateCollege from the ground up. He’d won its accreditation and quadrupled enrollment to almost 800.A Western outdoorsman at heart who’d risen past a tough upbringing in his hometown of South Phoenix, he’d successfully runUtah Valley State College (now University) for 14 years before coming to Nevada. Earlier in his career he’d enjoyed pioneeringstints as executive director of commissions for postsecondary education in both scenic Arizona and majestic Alaska.After more than 30 years in public Higher Education, he knew his next challenge beckoned at … a small private institutionin Florida?That’s what happens when you’ve done just about everything else you wanted to do in your chosen field and go looking fordifferent obstacles to overcome, higher hills (figuratively) to climb and new experiences to soak in.In July 2004, Romesburg took on his new role at JU—and with it a daunting set of challenges: A university reeling fromseven years of deficit spending. Forced retirement of the former president and chief financial officer. Fiscal probation fromaccreditors. Troubled loans from banks. Program budgets cut and layoffs doled out. Some buildings neglected.Slowly, and not without a Herculean amount of effort on his and his team’s part, things began to turn around. What followedwas surging performance and pride among students, faculty, staff and the community. The 3,700-student university has nowbeen named one of “America’s Best Colleges” nine years running, provides a 13 to 1 student-faculty ratio with nearly 190full-time faculty, and offers more than 70 majors, seven graduate degrees and one doctorate.
  3. 3. “I’ve watched him over the years. When things were bleak financially, I appreciate that he didwhat he did to turn things around. What he did was remarkable and very timely. To say that isan understatement.” —Frances Bartlett Kinne JU Past President and Chancellor Emeritus
  4. 4. “Kerry reestablished confidence in the university. The faculty, alumnae and long-time supporters had lost sight of what JU was and what it could become. 2005 Kerry’s leadership style immediately changed that perception. His ability to lead the administration and the Trustees through a virtual minefield of financial turmoil gave everyone the confidence to believe in who we were, and where we could take the university.” —Ron A. Autrey ‘01 JU Board of Trustees Chairman2004 2005• Organizational chart restructured • Tuition revenues exceed projections• New Davis College of Business dedicated • Key top-level hires made in enrollment, finance, facilities, academics and athletics• Temporary salary freezes from faculty and staff OK’d to keep2004 student scholarships safe
  5. 5. “He has a great passion for higher education, and his personalbackground gives us a great example of a man who did notlet his circumstances dictate his direction in life. He kept hisfocus and now lives as an example that it’s not where youstart but where you f inish.” —Alvin Brown ’85, ‘89 Jacksonville Mayor2006 2006• Sale of 62 acres on north end of campus for $31.5 million completed• $5 million renovation of Swisher Theater finished after six- year mothballing• Employee retirement match reinstated; first raises in many years• Dr. Lois Becker joins as new Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  6. 6. 20072007• Davis Student Commons opens to successful reception by students• New Watson Family Tennis Complex dedicated• Negaard Rowing Center completed; one of finest rowing facilities in the Southeast “Because of my past, I recognized what I didn’t want to do with my life, and that the only way out was education. I was almost obsessively competitive in my education and career. That helped me to know that we could turn this place around.” —Kerry D. Romesburg JU President, 2004-2013
  7. 7. The next president of JU should feel blessed that he or she will be able to focus on the long-term2008 mission of the university and the needs of the students without having to deal with the firefighting that often comes with following an unsuccessful leader. I believe Kerry will be remembered as the president who got the university back on track and positioned it for the great things that will surely come in the future.2008 —Timothy D. Payne JU Board of Trustees Vice Chairman• Dolphin basketball legend Artis Gilmore appointed Special Assistant to the President• JU Athletic Hall of Fame revitalized after 10-year hiatus• JU Aviation named most outstanding collegiate aviation program in nation, awarded Loening Trophy by NIFA• Nellie’s and Waves student dining venues open• Oak Hall completed and opened• JU women win All Sports Trophy for Atlantic Sun Athletic Conference
  8. 8. 20092009• Seven championship titles won in athletics “He is focused on doing what needs to be done so the students• Campus wireless system installed are rewarded. People sense that in him … He’ll miss the• American Ballet Company hosted on campus graduation ceremony the most. It’s where he sees the fruits of his labors. It really does give him goose bumps. It’s the day• Men’s and women’s lacrosse approved as NCAA Division I sports, head coaches hired he’s always most excited about. He loves it.” —Judy Romesburg Kerry’s wife of 48 years
  9. 9. 20102010“He’s a very genuine person. He comes across at first as a very buttoned-down academic, always with that suit on, but he’s actuallyreally down to earth and knows how to make you comfortable in a discussion. He’s not micro-managing, sitting on your shoulderand questioning every decision. He was the right person at the right time.” —Quinton White Executive Director JU Marine Science Research Institute
  10. 10. • New main entrance and perimeter fence completed• Completion of $10 million Marine Science Research Institute• New turf field for lacrosse and football installed• New track finished• Attainment of AACSB accreditation for Davis College of Business• State-of-the-art piano acquired for Music Program• MFA in Dance Choreography begins• Masters in Leadership in Education, daytime MBA program and online Masters in Nursing start
  11. 11. “I remember Kerry one day telling me that the most important thing we coulddo for students is give them a campus experience. He started talking passionately2011about what we could do down by the water – an amphitheater, a running track,a beach, lights ... Now look what we have there. He saw something I didn’tsee. That was classic Kerry, not thinking about how to get someone’s name on abetter-looking building, but how to enrich students’ lives.” —Tim Cost ‘81 JU President-Select2011• New pavilion, bathrooms and riverfront beach on Dolphin • Second cohort of MFA in Choreography enrolls Green completed • 100% pass rate for American Board of Orthodontics and• Cost indoor baseball hitting and practice facility dedicated Canadian Board of Orthodontics• Student Solutions Center opens • First cohort in Masters in Marine Science enrolls• Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP, begins for fall 2011, first cohort enrolls
  12. 12. • “53” Campaign honoring Artis Gilmore and his induction into Hall of Fame held, funds raised for scholarships2012 • Construction of intramural playing fields on Dolphin Green and in the Valley finished • Swisher Golf Practice Facility dedicated • W.C. and Susan Gentry Boardwalk and Wetlands Preserve finished2012 • W.W. Gay Employees Athletic Pavilion and entrance to athletic fields completed
  13. 13. “In the end, it’s all about the success of the students. We’re dealing with people’s hopes and dreams, and it’s special to have a hand in it. It’s helping move humanity forward as best we can. Education can do that.” —Kerry D. Romesburg JU President, 2004-2013 2012• Southern Oak Soccer Stadium ground broken • College of Fine Arts celebrates 50th anniversary• JU Public Policy Institute opens, director hired • Olympic sailing and gold medalists visit campus• Nursing achieves state licensure exam pass rate of nearly 98% • MBA program makes elite list of top 100 accredited programs nationally• New Marching Band, Varsity Shooting Club and Varsity Sailing Club for 2012-13 approved • $500,000 advanced Aviation simulator installed• Strom Amphitheatre on Dolphin Green opens • Historic $85 million ASPIRE fundraising campaign unveiled• Sand Volleyball approved as intercollegiate sport • JU alum Tim Cost selected as new President
  14. 14. 2800 University Blvd. N. Jacksonville, FL 32211 • www.ju.edu