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Exchange Lists for Meal Planning

An overview of the Exchange Lists for Meal Planning system.

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Exchange Lists for Meal Planning

  1. 1. Exchange Lists for Meal Planning Presented by Peter Mihelakis R.D.
  2. 2. A Very Easy Way toPlan Meals & Track What You Eat
  3. 3. Foods Split into 6 GroupsEach groupcontains foodswith similarnutrients andcalories
  4. 4. Group 1: MilkGroup 2: Non-Starchy VegetablesGroup 3: FruitsGroup 4: StarchGroup 5: Meats & SubstitutesGroup 6: Fats
  5. 5. Measuring & WeighingFoods is Very Important
  6. 6. Group 1:Dairy Group1 Choice contains: 12 grams Carbohydrate 8 grams Protein Fat varies from whole to skim milk products
  7. 7. Includes... 1 Cup of Milk (8 oz.) or180 grams Yogurt (6 oz.)
  8. 8. Excludes... • While its true that cheese is a dairy product, we do not include it into this group due to its high fat content
  9. 9. Group 2: VegetablesIncludes all non-starchy vegetables1 Cup Raw or1/2 Cup Cookedis 1 Choice
  10. 10. Group 3: FruitContain 15 gramsof Carbohydrateper choiceServing sizevaries by choice
  11. 11. 13.5 oz. Watermelon1 Banana (4 oz.) 1 Small Apple (4 oz.)
  12. 12. 1/2 Cup of Juice is also considered 1 Fruit Choice but it isrecommended that youeat real fruit as opposed to juice because you will be missing out on the fiber!
  13. 13. Group 4: Starch Group
  14. 14. 15 grams of Carbohydrate For All Choices1/2 Cup of Cereal1/3 Cup of Pasta or Rice30 grams of Bread90 grams potato (not fried or mashed)
  15. 15. And 1/2 Cup of all beans,peas & lentilsBecause theselegumes have sucha high proteincontent, we alsocount them as achoice from theMeat group as well!
  16. 16. Group 5: Meats & SubstitutesContain 7 gramsof Protein perchoiceFat grams varyby choice
  17. 17. 1 Choice = -30 grams (1 oz.) of beef, pork, poultry and fish. -1 Egg -1 oz. of Cheese -1/2 Cup of Legumes (which is also 1 Starch Choice)
  18. 18. Group 6: Fats5 grams of Fatper ChoiceIncludes oils,nuts, & butter
  19. 19. 1 teaspoon Olive Oil1 teaspoon Butter6 Almonds
  20. 20. Now lets try it out!!!
  21. 21. 1200 Calorie Meal PlanMilk 2 ChoicesVegetables 2 ChoicesFruit 2 ChoicesStarch 6 ChoicesMeat 4 ChoicesFat 2 Choices
  22. 22. Suppose I Wake Up in TheMorning and I Want To Have Corn Flakes With MilkI look at my Exchange Lists and see that 1Choice of Corn Flakes are 1/2 Cup. This meansthat 1/2 Cup contains 15 grams ofCarbohydrate.My allowance for the day is 6 Choices for theStarch Group
  23. 23. I Start with 1/2 Cup but I see that the portion is too small so I add another 1/2 Cup giving me a total of 1Cup. So how many Choices do I have here?
  24. 24. Thats right! 2 Choices! How many do I have left for the rest. Of my day? 4 Choices! What about my Milk?I add 1 Milk Choice (8 oz.) and subtract it from my Choices. We are allowed 2 per day for the Milk Group, therefore I have 1 Choice left. I may have another cup of milk or 180 grams of yogurt at some point during my day!
  25. 25. A few hours later I get hungry and want a snack. I grab a banana! Its very large and I weigh it. Its 8 oz. I look at the Exchange Lists and see that 1 Choice of banana is 4 oz. If Im really hungry I can eat the whole banana and countit as 2 Fruit Choices and I will have exhausted my allowance for Fruit for the day! I can also eat half now and half later!
  26. 26. What does our Meal Planlook like after breakfast and snack?
  27. 27. The important thing about this system is tokeep track of what you are eating!
  28. 28. Dont be discouraged by the size of 1 Choice from any group!!!! What do I mean?
  29. 29. Look at 1 Choice of Pasta!
  30. 30. It seems small by itself but we have 6 for our day! Heres what 3 Choices look like... Its a decent portion for a meal.
  31. 31. Alternatively, here is a 1Choice of Ground Beef (1 oz.) Small by itself but remember that each meal has more than 1 Choice!
  32. 32. Here are some easy ways to estimateportions when you cant weigh them such as when dining out.