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Succeeding at International Expansion


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A key trend for many delegates is on international expansion, but where do you begin?

Planning a roll-out strategy for your country expansion, timelining and prioritising country launches and understanding the part channels like search play are crucial to success.

Designed with retailers, publishers and agencies in mind, questions from the floor on all aspects of expanding internationally will be welcomed, plus you’ll hear the big mistakes and lessons learnt from our topic-qualified panelists.

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Succeeding at International Expansion

  1. 1. Day 2 11:30am - 12:15pm Succeeding at International Expansion
  2. 2. The panelists Simon Bird General Manager International Michael Long Senior Partner Marketing Manager Eugene Lomize Head of Monetization Dominik Johnson Executive Manager Savoo Yandex Explido Alwin Viereck Int. Director Product affilinet moderated by
  3. 3. Why grow? How to grow? Where to grow? Strategic framework Lessons learned Agenda
  4. 4. Why grow? Growth Competition Market Economies of scale
  5. 5. How to grow? Market entry strategy (Innovation/Integration, Diversification, Outspending) M&A, Joined Venture, Alliance vs. Own Operation (Make, Partner, Buy) Scale of entry, Single vs. Multiple Market approach Timing The role of technology and digital advertising Risks to consider
  6. 6. Advice from the panelists
  7. 7. Russian Internet landscape E-mail service Blogging platform Social network Electronic payment system Auction platform E-shop GEO and location based service Worldwide RussiaService Social news Search engine
  8. 8. Search engine usage difference Share of customers who use search engine to discover a product before buying it 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Russia Ukraine USA Germany UK 56% 60% 28% 41% 33%
  9. 9. Where to grow? Competition Online market attractiveness Differences per Industry (Retail, Travel, Agency business) Laws and regulations Infrastructure, logistics & transportation Personnel (Education, Natives) Culture
  10. 10. Audience questions
  11. 11. affilinet GmbH Alwin Viereck director product management e.
  12. 12. Resources International Expansion Market Research eCommerce Research (Retail, Travel)
  13. 13. Resources International Expansion International Expansion Framework SouthAfrica/Local%20Assets/Documents/Market_Entry.pdf Crossing the border: business expansion/emerging markets business-expansion.jhtml Media Expansion Report, Grant Thornton International-Expansion-Index-Media.pdf H&M to push on with global online growth strategy 530-hm-to-push-on-with-global-online-growth-strategy IKEAs International Expansion
  14. 14. Resources Market research IAB Europe eMarketer comScore BVDW, OVK AGOF Google (Dev. Internet Users)!c type=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=it_net_user_p2&scale _y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=region&ifdim=region&tdim=true&hl=de& dl=de&ind=false
  15. 15. Resources Market research Global Retail Development Index products-retail/global-retail-development- index/full-report/- /asset_publisher/oPFrGkbIkz0Q/content/2 013-global-retail-development- index/10192
  16. 16. Resources Market research E-Commerce is the next frontier in global expansion /asset_publisher/dVxv4Hz2h8bS/content/e- commerce-is-the-next-frontier-in-global- expansion/10192 Blogs worth reading Retail Travel Travel Market Research, Germany