How to Create Outstanding Content Across Europe by Kevin Gibbons and Chelsea Blacker


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Find out how to create outstanding content across Europe. Every market is different, timescales are short and budgets can be tight - but there's plenty of efficiencies in creating an integrated content strategy to combine local knowledge with a centralised strategy.

This session will share experiences of how we have achieved great results for brands including Momondo and Premier Farnell across Europe, by crafting content tailored and localised towards a targeted audience and promoted to leverage relationships within your geographic region.

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  • How to Create Outstanding Content Across Europe by Kevin Gibbons and Chelsea Blacker

    1. 1. Content Marketing in Europe Kevin Gibbons & Chelsea Blacker e: / t: @kevgibbo / @chelseablacker w:
    2. 2. Who Are BlueGlass? We speak over 25 languages BlueGlass UK, London, England • BlueGlass EMEA, Zürich, Switzerland
    3. 3. Agenda Part I – How to Run Content Marketing Campaigns Part II – How to Achieve Success in Europe
    4. 4. Part I: How to Run Content Marketing Campaigns
    5. 5. Biggest Mistakes of Content Marketing = Starting With the Wrong Questions
    6. 6. If You’re Chasing the Google Algorithm Something is Wrong!
    7. 7. Tactics Get Oversaturated (It’s not about sharing content with your mates)
    8. 8. It’s Not About Creating a Buzz
    9. 9. “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business” Steve Forbes
    10. 10. Every Content Campaign Should Start With Goals
    11. 11. • Profit per Customer? • Number of Customers? • Market Share? • Customer Lifetime • Total Revenue? • Net Profit? • Volume of Sales? • Average Order Value? But It Needs to be Aligned & Measuring the Right Goals
    12. 12. Content Should be Driven by Brand Strategy, Not Channel-Specific Tactics Brand Strategy SEO PPC Social Media Digital PR Marketing Strategy Content Strategy Affiliate
    13. 13. Understanding Your Audience Monitoring Your Audience Converting Your Audience Targeting Your Audience Marketing to Your Audience Build Your Content Around Audience
    14. 14. • How does your audience interact with your content? • What content do prospects need before they purchase? • Is your tone of voice consistent across all channels? • How many channels do customers typically come from? • Do returning customers have a different behaviour to new visitors? • Can you tailor the experience to multiple personas? • What is the lifetime value of a new customer once they’ve visited content? <-- Measure this! Focus on Consumer Opportunities
    15. 15. Google Vertical Search is a Big Threat to Affiliates
    16. 16. Which Brands are Market Leaders in Content?
    17. 17. Be the Vertical Market Leader – Give users the best content experience possible
    18. 18. Get them to Subscribe, Follow & Download Content – so that they come back directly!
    19. 19. Successful campaigns require a sustained content strategy (not 1 infographic!)
    20. 20. Learn What Works & Scale Quality Content
    21. 21. Make Content Consumer-Led & Data-Driven to Have a Newsworthy Hook & Angle
    22. 22. Every Story Needs an Audience… If you haven’t got one, leverage someone else’s!
    23. 23. Promoted business card content: - Generated links/shares from authority environmental blogs - Increased ranking for “business cards” from #3 to #1 in Google! Leverage Organic Search from Overall Strategy
    24. 24. Inspire Social Influencers & Authority Authors
    25. 25. Promote via Content Distribution & Paid Social
    26. 26. Provide Unique Content to Affiliates What affiliates would contribute to the overall multi-touch profile for your brand Do the affiliates your working match your brand values? (cash back affiliates might not go with high value e-coms products) Are all affiliates updated with the latest offers and opportunities? Does your affiliate programme prioritise end of funnel activity or are you incorrectly benefiting affiliates in driving “research” activity?
    27. 27. Capture & Retarget Potential Customers Again & again (via multiple channels)
    28. 28. Don’t Rely on Google – Build an Audience
    29. 29. Part II: How to Achieve Success in Europe
    30. 30. Promoted electronic components infographic Acquired 100+ links/co-citations from 65 unique domains across 5 countries What We Learned With Content in Europe
    31. 31. Translated & promoted infographic across 12 countries: Generated over 100 quality links & thousands of social shares from authority publications. What We Learned With Content in Europe
    32. 32. Carefully Craft Content to Targeted Audiences Data Driven = More Newsworthy & Shareable
    33. 33. A one-fits all approach doesn’t work!
    34. 34. Translation isn’t good enough!
    35. 35. You Still Need Local Knowledge
    36. 36. But without centralisation it looks like this!
    37. 37. Centralised Strategy + Local Knowledge = Best International SEO Success
    38. 38. Ditch the Silos to Improve Efficiencies
    39. 39. @KevGibbo International SEO Tips
    40. 40. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Algorithm changes happen in English about 6 months before rolling out in other languages, anticipate how to improve link building issues before updates lead you down the wrong path. Don’t Wait Before a Google Penalty Hits…
    41. 41. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Many languages have very limited geographic reach, ensure content can be tailored. Tailor Your Content Specifically
    42. 42. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Low domain authority in small markets isn’t unusual, it’s simply because these markets don’t attain the same volume Quality Links Are All Relative to the Market
    43. 43. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo Build logical bridges between content in the same language. Ensure previously built links are asked to point to most relevant language page. Try to clearly separate geo-location content
    44. 44. Understand local behaviour & holiday timetables
    45. 45. Outreach is much easier when it’s personal
    46. 46. Timing is important – it all needs to line-up
    47. 47. HREFLANG Can Work Very Well – Especially for Lower Populated Countries
    48. 48. @KevGibbo Country Tips
    49. 49. @KevGibbo • Hobby bloggers or webmasters of non-commercial websites can be very sceptical of outreach requests • Good opportunities in other German speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland. • Target just a few websites and personally address them, explaining the benefit to their site to share your link. • Content/emails must be written by a native speaker. • German people are quite straight forward – just tell them what you want! Germany
    50. 50. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • Yandex has market share – and old-school tactics still work here, but build carefully, focusing on natural links if you can. • As a general rule, Russian web users are a bit younger than in other western European countries so take this into account when creating content for them. • Outreach in English can work, better than other European countries. Russia
    51. 51. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • There is very limited resource and audience compared with other markets. • Nordic users are very web savvy, but SEO is far behind. • While most users are fluent in English, they do search in their mother tongue so it’s not enough to write content in English. • Lots of consumer protection laws around sending unsolicited emails, personal relationships work better. The Nordics
    52. 52. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • When approaching French speaking webmasters, only speak in French. Make sure your grammar is correct. • Co-branded content partnerships work much better than link exchanges for content. France
    53. 53. @KevGibbo • Italian market is very small, which means you can get away building links from sites with standards below those of English language websites. • Even Italian national media websites often have very average domain authority scores. Italy
    54. 54. @BlueGlass @KevGibbo • Very commercially savvy • Building blogger relationships can be a long-process, but pays off long-term • To gain access to top quality sites, create a piece of content which shifts a niche’s standards or knowledge base. • Don’t expect quick results, the American market takes a while. USA
    55. 55. Key Takeaways
    56. 56. Integrate a Single Strategy with a Range of Local Expertise
    57. 57. It’s All Relative Understand the different market approaches
    58. 58. Focus on Brand & Audience Building Consider the Risk of Relying Too Heavily on Google
    59. 59. Kevin Gibbons e: t: @kevgibbo w: Chelsea Blacker e: t: @chelseablacker w: