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Project Management Toolkit for Youth


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A four-part guide to implement a project management program at your local school

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Project Management Toolkit for Youth

  1. 1. Project ManagementLife Skills for
  2. 2. Our lives, and the lives of students are, in part, a set of complex projects.A project is a temporary endeavor, having a definedbeginning and end, undertaken to create a uniqueproduct, service, or result.
  3. 3. Some students are given projects in preschool or kindergarten, and…by the time they’re in elementary school, students are givencomplex projects. Yet we don’t consistently teach the skillsthey need to be successful in completing their projects.
  4. 4. Teachers conduct projects as part of their jobs, and lead and mentor on student’s projects Project Management is a professional competency for teachers and administrators and a tool they can bring to their students, yet teachers, typically, are not trained in project management skills, tools, or techniques.
  5. 5. Project Management covers a wide array of skill sets* Management Interpersonal Technical Skills Skills SkillsConceptualizing Leadership School SubjectsPlanning and Team BuildingPrioritizingExecuting MotivationControlling CommunicationPresentation InfluencingNegotiation Decision MakingWriting Political and Cultural AwarenessPublic speaking Negotiation
  6. 6. Educators are recognizing the value of project management skills for themselves and their students• Students need skills to complete state required projects• Project-learning-based classrooms are beginning to yield positive results• Some states are offering project management training for teachers
  7. 7. States and Countries Recognize Value • State of North Carolina - Pilot a 4 Course PM Program in 2011 - Part of the SREB a 16 State Coalition • Washington State – Project Management Framework in 2011 – Career and Technical Education (CTE) • PMI Members are starting to work in Ministries of Education in other countries
  8. 8. Employers Value Project Management Skills• Project management is results-focused• Project management is one of the few fields delivering people who can lead work and others• Good project management includes 21st century skills• Project management is a universal professional skill
  9. 9. Project-Based Education and Project Management Training benefit youth• When students participate in a project team they learn and practice 21st century skills.• Students are more active and engaged in their learning• Students gain a deeper knowledge of subject• Students have an opportunity to work on real problems• School attendance can be higher and standardized test scores can improve
  10. 10. The Project Management Institute Educational Foundation Can HelpWe are the Project Management Institute EducationalFoundation and can provide resources to help youimplement a project management program in your school orfor your teachers.We are a member of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills,working as a collaborative partner with a “Who’s Who” inindustry, to position 21st Century readiness at the center ofUS K-12 education.We are a non-profit organization that brings the benefits andthe power of project management to local communities andto the farthest reaches of the world for social good.
  11. 11. Resources We Can Provide to ImplementProject Management for Youth Programs• Mentors• Curriculum• Scholarships• Grants• Career Resource Information and Presentations• Program Development and Implementation Guides• Networking and lessons learned from others who’ve developed similar programs• No cost resources
  12. 12. MentorsMentors are a valuable resource forboth students and teachers. Manyproject management professionalsvolunteer in youth programs.
  13. 13. Curricula and Classroom Resources for Ages 6 - 18 PM Toolkit For Youth • Curricula • Guide to Leadership • Presentation Skills • Program Development Handbook • Power Point Presentation
  14. 14. ScholarshipsWe provide academic scholarshipsfor students and training scholarshipsfor teachers.
  15. 15. Grants for Primary and Secondary School ProgramsWe fund thedevelopment oftraining seminars forteachers, curriculumand classes forchildren in third worldcountries.
  16. 16. Careers in Project Managementis a career resource • Salary Information • Industry Career Examples • Career Paths
  17. 17. Project Management Skills for Life is aresource that can be used as a 4 – 8 hourintroduction for students Examples: • After School Programs or Clubs • Student Competitions Including Robotics and Future Cities • In Partnership with Youth-Based Organizations including Junior Achievement and Public Color
  18. 18. Project Management Toolkit for Youth Pilots At Various Stages Canada England Poland Belgium Seattle Chicago Italy Israel Philadelphia Kansas City Bahrain Mexico City IndiaSingapore Nigeria Brazil South Africa Sydney
  19. 19. For Resources, Contact: Diane Fromm Administrator, PMI Educational Foundation +1-610-356-4600 ext. 1128